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London Bi Swingers

Club Name
London Bi Swingers
London, Ontario
details on request
details on request
Club Info
London Bi parties was founded in 2000 and id the only on premises event that encourages singles in the area, All clothes are left at the door and parties are on a monthly basis
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Your Reviews of London Bi Swingers


On the weekend, one registered couple hosted their first gangbang. She wants to try it again with more single males this time. Her husband is bi and so he was able to play as well. All those interested can go thru me, to have them contact you.


The neighbour was over today to do her laundry. We share laundry duties as nobody wears clothes in the house. Part of the swinge lifestyle - we have already seen each other naked, so she has nothing to hide. Her friends female wanted more video of me masturbating to download and share. Guys always do it in private and wives like to watch their videos of what guys do. The London Swingers are enjoying the lifestyle.


There are advantages to being a bi-male in the swinger lifestyle. I know that all guys would rather get a blowjob rather then wast their cum masturbating. I have a cock too so can appreciate that. Monthly members have been over for blowjobs often. I've lost track of how many blowjobs I gave last week to registerd members. In this lifestyle, the wives just send their hubby over here as they know they can have a beer, watch TV and get completely drained. The wives feel no competition as I am a bi-male and suck cocks all the time, just as they do. In my case, I am not looking for love. I just know all guys want to have their cocks sucked and the members are getting blowjobs more and more often.


We are still hosting events on the first Sat of evey month. The monthly Membership is $60 and that includes all events during the month. Summer is here and guests are now over for nude tanning on the patio. Nobody wears clothes in home and the ladies are over daily to take more video for their collection. Their goal is a 10 DVD set to give the female guests at the next swinger event. (Sun taning between events) (for the ladies to download)


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