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Dogging in Ontario

Main dogging sites and directions for Ontario, including major towns and cities: Brampton, Hamilton, Kitchener, London, Markham, Mississauga, Ottawa, Surrey, Toronto, Vaughan, Windsor.

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take stonechurch going west... just before you get to mohawk rd make first right and follow dirt road all the way around very nice and secluded. if you need more info ask me.

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Please....fairgrounds in Newmarket...lets fuck.....suck from Gorham

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anyone know any spots in barrie

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Let's make one in barrie, form it they will cum!

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try centenail park south of barrie

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if your looking for a plce you can go dogging and see anyone before they see you go to centenial park there you will enjoy what you want and please others

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vanderwater park conservation area off 37 between belleville and tweed lots of diffrant areas need directions write pitch111 on here will tell you moore

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vanderwater park lots of places write pitch111 for details

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Hello, I am looking to meet with a couple for some dogging at the Puslinch Track!!! When is the best time to go there?

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blair river

go to blair river before if gets dark then take offafter ur done cops will be there at 930

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Boat Launch Kalmo Lake

"Parking" For Couples: At the lights at the top of the hill going towards the valley. Turn right and take Lake Shore rd to the boat launch. There are two secluded boat launches that are great for f@#king up against the hood of your car. During the summer the view of the lake is just beautiful.

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Off Yonge st. north of Bradford, 10Th line east of Yonge st. 3km. at the end of the road. You can see and hear anyone coming down the road for more than 1km.

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Elderado park tons of areas great for daytime!!

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We need some in Brampton

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Meet a couple who was having some fun at Creditview and Sandlewood in the large Park. They were'nt shy and allowed me to watch and enjoy the show. I will be checking this area more frequently> Maybe anyone reading this is they are up for fun should wear red (for Hot)....

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Powerade Centre. Tons of Land and parking lots to park in. I see people there on the regular. Even out in the open on the grass

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Brant Trac Trail in Bruce County

Wondering if there are any people out there in Bruce County looking for a dogging spot. The Brant Trac Trail just off county road 3 is a great place after dark. Very private and easy to get to. It's on concession 12 in Brockton.

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Anyone play in Brantford?

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Please change "Puslinch Track" to Puslinch Tract"

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Caron Ave. Windsor Ont.

There is a path leading to a run down area and underpasses where I have seen a couple of couples go to meet guys for dogging all summer. I bike and saw them at night at least 10 times.  Wilder type scenes for sure...even saw bondage on one slut and she was gangbanged while blindfolded and tied out wide.

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Are there any dogging couples in KW, Cambridge area. If so please contact me. Thanks

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Thames Grove Conservation area, mostly men looking for man/man fun but couples do go on occasion. Bi-guys always looking for couples. Go to back corner of park and walk paths along the river.

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chute a blondeau

a little dead end road near the ottawa river guys gays and couples also the rest area on rte 417 near the quebec border

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Citibank car park

401 and Renforth, Citibank building corner of parking lot furthest from building

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Citibank Car Park

Security is TIGHT there now.....they'll come up to fast ..... might want to move this location!

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Car park off the 401 and hwy 45

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parking lot , west church sideroad, by the bruce trail

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This location is hot off west church side road. Might want to give Bruce Trail off of grey road 19. Usally action there also.

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Guindon Park near the power dam (large parking lot)

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courtice road all the way down or in parking on southside of 401. good for oshawa and bowmanville.

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curtis pineo

hay creek in port dover off of radical road going towards port ryersy.. 226 567 0064

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I live very close  to centenial park innisfil hit me up totally in to dogging fun I'm a good looking 46 year old single male.

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Dunnville Beach

Ive been out on a local beach, with secluded areas.  While walking along I have noticed lots of men sunbathing nude, and cpls hanging around the area.  Lots of hidden trails off the area too.  Does anyone know if this a new dogging spot?

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Durham Region Dogging Club

Anyone interested in forming a Durham Region Dogging Club with specific days and times. If you're interested let me know..

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Elliot Lake

There are probably hundreds of perfect spots around here. Anyone interested in setting something up for the summer or 2013

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Fingal Wildlife Centre

This location is the old Fingal Airport (used for WW2 training). it is now a very large onservation area. it is located west of St Thomas on the Fingal Line. There are two parking areas One right in front on the Fingal Line and one in back, found by turning south on the road on the western edge and going to the far southwest corner. This is a good dogging area.

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friendship gardens

a wife sometimes takes on all cummers orally and takes facials in the german site. email if you want more info

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Guelph needs some locations!

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Jerome Cres. near Delawanna. Nice park and benches on Delawanna.

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COUPLES ONLY. Best during the day or evenings. At the end of Old Mud St. On the Stoney Creek Mountain. Take the paved path down the mountain where the old "Now closed" Mount Albion Rd was. Right under the Red hill bridge to the left of Mount Albion.

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Hamilton Dogging

Looking for a dogging spot in Hamilton for daytime action. Any leads?

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Anybody know of any dogging in oshawa area??

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High Park

Down by the waterfront at dusk or even after dark. This male/female married couple (late 50's) give and receive oral sex to both male and female. You can recognize us by the very overt eye contact we make while we caress our groins. (Sounds gross, but it's pretty sexy to see)Once you touch your groin, we know we have a green light from you. My wife will approach the male(s) and sink to her knees, then she will give you one of the best blow-jobs in your entire life... and yes, she DOES swallow. Ladies both hubby and wife will give you oral and anything else you like. He is a master at stimulating a woman's clitoris to orgasm with his hands and tongue. (He's had plenty of practice). So, check out the water front at High Park in Toronto just before sunset. We will give you our contact info if you like. Then you can meet us indoors for hot sex, where we respect your limits.

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High Park Toronto

High Park Toronto near the tennis courts. Weekend nights, good weather only

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Huron County

a great new dogging place in huron county for real! just drive north on hwy 4 north of blyth towards belgrave and turn right on morris road 16 towards Brussels. just before town the huron forest will be on the left. pull in and the car will hide and doggers can meet and get together. anytime of day or night. it is very secluded and open. anyone interested say hi. swing bi and say hi.

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Huron County ( Blyth nature trail)

This is a Dogging location for Huron County. A very good place in Blyth. The nature trail along the river. There is never anyone there in the evening! It is also great for straight and bi dogging people to share. Just park at the entrance and wait for others to arrive then go for a walk along the secluded river trail. The perfect time is evening around 7pm and after. just park and wait for others to arrive. Anyone there straight or bi just needs to wink at the people there parked at the entrance and then go for a walk and share. Great place!! So if your in huron county and into dogging try it out. lets get huron county dogging this summer. Ill would also be open to dogging swinging friends. ;) Happy dogging Huron County!

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Huron County Forest

The place is Huron County Forest near Brussels Ontario. It is a great spot and always vacant. You can pull yoour car off of the road and not be seen. Fall is upon us and it is a great place for a nature walk  and meeting up for dogging in the evenings and on weekends.

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Huron County Nature Walks ;)

A new DOGGING place in Huron County. Hi everyone. Like going for a nature walk wearing as little as possible and sharing fondling, oral, mutual masturbation and even fucking? Be a couple, single, straight or bi? Just go for a walk and meet up with dogging friends? if this is you at all lets go for a walk along the river in Blyth in Huron County, meet up in the evening and on weekends and start a new group of sharing dogging friends. if anyone is truly interested in this lets connect and start a nice summer of dogging. Say hi.

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Found a fantastic place just South of Barrie called Centenial Park. Ten Sideroad and 7th Line, very close to hwy 400 and Innisfil Beach Rd. Not a very large park, but very secluded, good view of the parking lot so you can see if anyone is approaching. The best part is that there is a giant pavilion so you can get out of the weather. Have been there 3 times now and have had fun every time. (twice met up with dogging couples) It looks like this is a great parking place for both couples and cruising men. (have seen guys in there both in the morning and night. (thinking the best time is around 4:30 onward but could be wrong) Give it a try

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Jessup's Falls

Not a bad spot but not all that busy and you have to be wary of the people whom are just there fishing.  The spot to meet is by the gazebo and then move into the woods, lots of paths.  Evenings there are couples in cars as well.

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john mcrae school

north of englington. on mcowan. theres construction going on there by the park. perfect spot, any couples intrested

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Ken Reid Conservation Park

Its a Great park for meeting and afternoon sun tanning naked. Also lots of trees and trails for good times .

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King st west conservation trails

There is a big area to park and see others who park there . and make connection. When the weather is good ,, you can walk up the trails and " bump into" other like-minded guys a few cpls go there too

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Steckle woods (wooded area with parking corner of Bleams and Homer Watson), Victoria Ponds (corner of Victoria Rd and Shirley Ave). Both areas have parking areas.

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There are a few places Kaufmann Flats, Columbia Lake, Bechtel Park, Homer Waterson Park, Hillside & Forwell trails that I know of.

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we need a spot for dogging any one around town agree?

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Lisgar GO Station

Or rather, the parking lot after 9 pm. No traffic there after 8 pm.

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london needs some spots!

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Meadowlily Woods. just east of Highbury Ave south off of Commissioner road east, down Meadowlily road south (it only goes south to the river).(near the rona) once parked walk the path till you get to the first little foot bridge after you have crossed the bridge make a right (not a left as the main path goes)kind of head to the top of the little hill with the bean field you should see a little path take that around the side of the field to the top(south end)of it. it's nice and private there.

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Today I found a little path that leads into a wooded area off of Proudfoot Lane just past the bus stop before it turns on to Oxford Street that leads eventually to a path and footbridge directly behind the Sears at Oxford and Wonderland that would be ideal it even had benches and part ways up some picnic tables going to go for a walk soon and check it out now that it is dark

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Kawanis park off trafager. Lots of good spots there but under the bridge by trafager would be fun. And someone could hang a scarf or something on the railing of the bridge to let people know that there's fun going on down there.

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London, Ontario

Theres a little forest entrance on Millbank Drive off of Southdale where I met a group of five, four female and one male, and they were all topless and even two of the girls fully nude, getting ready for some fun. I think this would be a good spot as it doesn't get too many people passing through as it is summer and kind of out of the way.

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Looking for dogging in west Hamilton.

We want to find guest to watch and of course join near us. we live in the west end of Hamilton. Anyone doing it here, or any suggestions.

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Mallory Cr

There are always people parking on Mallory Cr in Leaside TO 
Anyone know if there are people dogging here or close by?

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McKeough Dam Floodway

I don't know if its being used but, would be a great spot.  Its secluded only a couple houses on the road.  Has a big parking lot once your back in.  Surrounded by trees. Its on Holt Line between the Kimball and Hwy 40. Between Wallaceburg and Sarnia

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are there any locations around here if so where and when ?

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Hwy 115 to county road 10 exit, follow to Millbrook to 4 way stop continue straight road dead ends at the gates of a 5 km hiking trail. Lots of good looking couples here. Try around 7 pm. I have also seen people at it early am around 7- 8. This is a great place to stay fit. You know what I mean.
im new roo millbrook, message me and we can meet there??
lookforward too hearing from you

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Hwy 115 to county road 10 exit, follow to Millbrook to 4 way stop continue straight road dead ends at the gates of a 5 km hiking trail. Lots of good looking couples here. Try around 7 pm. I have also seen people at it early am around 7- 8. This is a great place to stay fit. You know what I mean.

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we need locations around milton anyone know any

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Small park just outside of Bracebridge known as Kirby's Beach. There are two smaller parking lots in wooded areas by the lake that provide very private parking. Frequently used by couples in the early, early, morning and evenings after Labour Day when people stop coming to the beach. Also just a favorite spot for folks who are "playing" around in general.

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 Highfalls north of bracebridge take Cedar Ln. N. last left before hwy 11, jog right on Brodie Cr. to highfalls conservation/picnic park. Lots of cosey areas and paths. Our favourite is a small secluded spot at the end of a trail that leads to the nude beach area of Highfalls Resort, we have always scored there without any invitations. It's worth the trip and a stay at Highfalls Resort & Water Park is another another unfogettable pleasure you will want to experience.

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near the blufffs

Wife from the friendship gardens will be around bluffs this summer watch for notices

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Newmarket - Eldred King Woods Parking Lot

Off west side of Hwy 48, south of Davis Dr, north of Aurora St. John's Side Rd. Hard to find the driveway to the parking lot, lot is set well back from the road and quite secluded. Occaisional person walking their dog or going riding in nice weather/early evening. Much better after dark. Most of the York Region forest area parking lots are pretty good spots. Anyone with other spots in Newmarket area, let us know! ;)

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Niagara Region

Anybody ladies or couples in the Niagara Region looking for some dogging fun. Interested in watching or joining, your call!!! I know of a bunch of perfect spots, both private and semi public. let me know if you are interested.

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Looking for some hot spots around Niagara Falls for us to go and play and find other couples....please share if anyone has any hidden locations to share...

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North bay waterfront

Towards the end of main west there is a beach that ppl love to fuck on

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Let's get more dogging going in Ottawa!  Post here if you know of locations (such as Bate Island and Petrie Island).  Post here if you are interested in getting something organized.

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along the Ottawa river like at the lookouts like the Deschan rapides in the evening days also

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Warmer weather is coming time to get out and play where we wont freeze out balls off  lets post some meetings along the Ottawa River Parkway hope its a hot summer and some of the movies on the beach  could be fun too

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Well the new warmer weather is here anybody up to go dogging along the Ottawa river Parkway hope to hear from you ladies and couples

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Needs updated info for Ottawa!

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there are also places like Dechane rapids and  Britannia beach and park  lots of hidden corners

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there Is also Britania park and Beach  good place for Dogging also lots of away places

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ok stating April I will be  traveling the ottawa River parkway on the weekend and some evenings looking  for some dogging  groups at the differnt parking spots along the river  hope to see/play with you. Leave some times and locals  if you plan to be out  for some fun

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In the summer there is a lot going on around the nude beach in Gatineau Park

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Ottawa locations

anyone have any Ottawa locations? have a couple of ladys interested in wanting to go but  dont want a spot where there are nothing but jerking cocks want a location where couples go aswell

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owen sound

East side boat dock between the bayshore open parking lot other doging spot parking lot front of the old RCA plant at the bay

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Crawford Drive car pool lot near tim hortons at the back

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Mark S Burnham Provincial park. on hwy 7 just east of peterborough

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Port Burwell

Go to the proviencial park and walk to the far western end . . past where the regular beach is located . .perhaps a 1/2 mile walk . . Really nice beach and lots of nudists . .and a good opportunity to enjoy outdoors sex with others watching or joining in. Get it out on Google Maps to find where the park is located exactly.

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Port Dover

When you are coming into Port Dover on Hiway 6 (from Jarvis) or on CockShutt Rd. as you near town . .turn onto Concession 2 Woodhouse. From Cockshutt Rd . .head east on it . .from Hiway 6 head West . . .there is a nice little dirt laneway that leads to a parking area right at the Lynn River. Look it up on Google Maps and then do the Satelite view and zoom in right at the river and you will see it. Nice quiet area . . tell me if you are coming . .Love to join in. - Alan_Rhodes

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Any other dogging spots in windsor ,ont.

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Proffesors Lake - Brampton

Nice parking lot to play around in. We'd love to know of more places couples go to play at in Toronto or the GTA. lafun Oct 26 2012

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Looking for dogging friends and locations in kawartha lakes fen falls area..

Puslinch Track

Located East of Cambridge, south of the 401. (RR32) An old quarry. Enter from main road, as you walk in go left and go into the tree's in front as the path bends right. Singles, couples, gay & Hetro meeting. Watch & join be noticed. As early as 10am If you see them there walk in.

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Hoping to go dogging today in London or close by

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Ross Lord Park TO

There are three areas popular with the alternative sex crowd. Two of them are forest trails in which gay men roam looking to give bj to other men. At the far end of the park is an open area surounded on one side by a river and one the other side by a dense forest through which wind the trails mentioned above. Between June and September the area is very animated averaging about one couple per hour or so. In winter is mostly men giving bj to other men in their cars.

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someone please give us a good spot for dogging would love to see and try in ottawa kemptville area

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Any dogging locations in Markham ON?

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Wawanosh Conservation Area, lots of action after dark, mainly guys looking to play, couples do attend also.

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sauble beach

Try the sand dunes Between the north washroom and the river or on the beach in front of the dunes

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Sauble beach

Any dogging or nude beach's in the Sauble Beach area?

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My girlfriend is looking for a spot to give good looking men a BJ. She loves oral and the thought of a random stranger is enticing..... Message us

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Cedar Street. Drive on Cedar heading west . . there is a baseball complex with 2 ball parks I think. i have never seen anyone playing ball there. Anyway, go on the road past the ball parks to where it ends in the park like setting. Its quiet and you can see if anyone is coming for a bit.

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st catharines

hi everyone!! There is a great spot behind Tim Hortons on Ontario St(secluded corner) wife and I are planning on being there this friday early evening.Couples only. we r clean and attractive

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St Catharines

Of Glendale Ava nu in the dip turn right into a little park. and take a walk through the woods and you will find what you are looking for.Mainly gays doing what gays do

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St Catharines

The Linwell Rd entrance to Walker's Creek Trail is pitch black at night and can easily hide people doing naughty things. Write to hawkins667 on swingingheaven for more details if you're a female or couple where just the mrs is involved.

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st thomas

great place in st thomas is far back of soccer fields off george st past train tressel deep in the woods, have been there twice in the past years and was very secluded and had great time with a lady friend.....also many descrete trails at waterworks park, i found late evening is best time for fun there....cheers

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stoney creek

back parking lot of tim hortons near winona rd  ... black guys who want oral from married white woman and other like minded couples  ... could lead back to our place  very close by

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Stoney Creek Mountain

COUPLES ONLY. It's dogging season. ;) Cum join us at the end of Old Mud St. On the Stoney Creek Mountain. Take the paved path down the "Now closed" Mount Albion Rd was. Right under the Red hill bridge to the left of Mount Albion. there's a path. We like it behind the big cement walls under the Red Hill. It's nice and private there too. 7PM-9PM M-F

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Looking for dogging places, and people willing to enjoy the company of a couple. Females or couples preferred. Any comments appreciated

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The Conservation area in Strathroy I think would make an awesome dogging site. Lots of trails and places to step off and sex it up. I walk there often and am always on the lookout for some action. Say "hi" if you wanna start something or are planning on going there. :) This post has 25 views. There must be some people interested. let's get it started!

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fielding park just off highway17 west turn right on fielding road

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Looking for my first dogging experience in Sudbury,Ontario.
Can anybody help me with that.

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Looking to set something up with another couple before weather turns too cold. Most likely just watching and being watched for now. Available most evenings weekday or weekend. Let us know.

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sudbury ontario

BELL GROVE park off Ramsey Lake Road across from the hospital and next to science north.good during the summer late mornings and afternoons.evenings are also good

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Just for a view, no swapping, young couple much into exibitionism kalmo beach rd. ...parking lot up and down the hill past the little building

0 2771 views  4 comments View


anywhere along the parkway near aviation ..or huntclub rd in the rest areas

0 54 views  1 comments View


I'm curious to try this. Fantasy of mine any places in tbay?

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Thunder Bay

Mostly gay and bi guys but have had fun there with couples!

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Thunder Bay

The Bluffs are a great spot always gay and bi guys!!Also couples on hot sunny days ,just get out of your car and walk down one of the trails and you will almost always have some fun!!

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Thunder bay

Friendship gardens after dark on warmer nights, at least one wife has frequented the german display there, its the most private

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In Milton rattle snake point after closing they also have a camp ground Kelso and the ski hill  Downtown mill pond lots of places to have fun

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Looking for some dogging in toronto

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Metro Theater A few of us "ladies" are planning a get together on Monday (Aug 20) afternoon at the Metro Theater. Been there a few times over the year and was saddened when I heard that they were closing it down. Will be there between 11 - 2, and of cource will be wereing something sexy. Come and join us for some real dogging fun. (to the other doggers out there, spread the word, tell your friends, lets make it an afternoon to remember)

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Toronto - Riverdale Park

Not only does this park provide one of the best uninstructed views of downtown Toronto's cityscape, there is plenty of sex going on at night.

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Toronto - Saulter St. Parkette

Located just off of Queen St. in Riverside, this little spot is ideal: situated at the end of a dead end street, it's quiet (after 11PM ), secluded, and not far off the beaten path. I have not tried the spot myself but have heard that from time to time a couple of ladies can be found there, eager and willing. I may begin to frequent this place soon so if any ladies/couples are looking for late night fun, swing on by! If anyone reading this has anything to add about this spot please feel free to share.

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Toronto - Scarborough

Skagway park, at the end of the street. There is a parking lot there, also a playground where I have seen several sex scenes going on. I, myself, have walked through that playground naked at times, looking for some flashing headlights! Mostly at night, usually around midnight. Also McRae school on McCowan, just north of Eglinton. Usually some action going on at night as well (midnight)

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Toronto - Withrow Park

In withrow park by the tennis courts there is a water fountain next to a splash pad. If you're a female, bi female or a couple, take a drink from the fountain at exactly 10:30 pm. Any evening.

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Toronto- Downtown

Looking for someone to take me by surprise, potentially using force and teach me how to please a man, woman or couple. MSG me directly if interested.

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Toronto- Sunnybrook, Serena Gundry and Wilket Park

I`ve walked through most of the trails at different times of the week in these three parks and discovered so many good spots but one particular spot is Serena Gundry. Best time is during the weekdays as weekends are full with families picnics. Each time I`ve walked have never seen any action other then in cars.

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Marie Curtis park south west side. Lots of places to dog. Great during the weekdays! If your interested make yourself noticed!

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Glen Miller Park

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Tyndale Park (Barrie, Ont)

Excellent place for dogging in the summer and sometimes in the winter. Lots of parking and great hiding spots in the forest area. I have ran into 3 couples there in the past and all of them were more than inviting.

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Waterdown Joe Sams Park

Take the path from the main parking lot away from the soccor and baseball fields towards the wooded area. a few small trails that are private.

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Quarry rd east of the 400 car park and nature trail

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Whitby Harbour Green P Parking Lot Seems that there is always action there. Some gay but a lot of couples as well.

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Winchester - Gypsy Lane

Area just south of Hydro office! Connects St. Lawrence Street to Hwy 31! Three small bush areas with trails where you can take a woman to meet men. Best time is once the warm weather arrives, just around dusk!

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We need some Doggers in Windsor or Essex county

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I have some good dogging sites in Windsor. Im looking for a dogging partner. Rob

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Mckee Park, mainly gay spot, but cpls. do go there for this on weekends late night.

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Mckee park late night friday and saturday nights, some cpls. Make yourself known to cpls. parked on the west side of lot.

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Please let us know of any Ontario dogging locations that you know of by clicking here.

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To search for a dogging location simply type in any Canadian area, town or province/territory within the search box at the top of the page then press the search button. Alternatively, browse our regional lists of dogging locations by clicking on a state on the Canadian map.