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Dogging in Quebec

Main dogging sites and directions for Quebec, including major towns and cities: Montreal, Gatineau, Laval, Levis, Longueuil, Quebec, Saguenay, Sherbrooke, Terrebonne, Trois-Rivieres, Windsor.

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cape saint jauques

Walk in after park closes Follow paths toward the beach. You will usually find something going on. Make sure you bring off at dusk as the bugs get bad.

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cpl interested of trying dogging we r frome montreal......

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ile charron

ile charron boucherville in quebec city. mt-royal to in montreal

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ile charron.

been there a few times,mostlymen driving back and forth. sees to be a gay spot. never seen any couples

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Île Visitation, close to Papineau bridge


From the Papineau bridge park entrace. Lots of action around there at night. Mostly in the Visitation church side, either in the church parking, or for most on the damm near the water and the surrounding Woods, for exterior lovers. Mostly couple some time with a thrird wheel or swigner couple. Rarely M2M action had been notice in the area.

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Lachine / LaSalle / Montreal West Island

Hello, Looking for [b]ANY [/b] decent places to try dogging. Girlfriend is very much an exhibitionist and really wants to give this a go. Would love for a few young men to tell us where to go .....and when.......and we;ed be there! Thanks in advance for any possible replies.

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Bird sanctuary at 6th Ave and Lasalle Blvd is now off limits. Undercover cops now hanging around there due to increased drug activity and general mayhem by teens.

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Hey any couple want to do something outside today or tomorrow ? Montreal only !!! We can do it in a car

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Municipal park, by the river, close to highway 10. Google coordinates: 45.41167,-73.24171 As a couple, we had some good experiences there, not in the parking but in the park itself, close to the river. Police is hanging around a little bit more since a year, but still usable. Best time to be is in the evening, before 11:00pm

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old rest area close to a mcdonalds

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on the service road by hwy 640 close to sobeys i have seen some men and couples but be very discreet because a bicycle path is near and you have children sometimes ( we like our lifestyle but let's protect the kids )

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Under the Concord Bridge

Nice area under the bridge heading towards the Casino and also the small park behind it.
I caught a few couples there at lunch times and in the evening. Also I like to give a show with my girlfriend when she is available. We stay in the car but allow others to park next to us.
Be discreet because sometimes couples don't want to be seen as they play in their car. 

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Please let us know of any Quebec dogging locations that you know of by clicking here.