Dogging is when interested parties get together to have group sex in semi-public areas for select others to view. This sexual activity fulfills the desires of those who want act out their fantasies of group sex, public sex, and to watch or be watched while having sex.

The term dogging was coined in the U.K. where the activity first began on the 70s. It was in reference to the men who watched couples have sex outdoors. They were said the "dogged the couple's every move and then watched them perform sexual acts."

Today most of those who participate in dogging do in semi-public places and do so late at night. This is in an effort to keep them from being seen by minors or those who may be offended by their sexual s acts on display. Planning these activities in semi-public places also offers more safety and protection for those who are dogging.

The Rise of Dogging

The popularity for the activity of dogging saw a sharp increase starting in the late 90s and is still rising in popularity. The activity has become so popular in the U.K. that recent laws have been passed which require law enforcement to ignore the activities of doggers.

Dogging has even spread from the U.K. to many areas around the globe. There are different laws for different countries concerning those who participate in the act of dogging. If you are considering getting into dogging you want to find out what the specific laws are concerning it in your specific area or the area you are considering dogging in.

Laws for Dogging in your Area

Some areas have laws which are vague when it comes to dogging. Other areas have it listed as minor infraction of the law for things such as indecent exposure or an illegal public display of affection. Still other locations may have laws against dogging which consider it to be a more serious offense which could carry jail time. Knowing what it is you are risking by dogging on a particular area is good idea. Although there are some who like to do their dogging in high risk areas because of the added thrill of potentially being caught.

Where to Meet Doggers

The dogging trend has grown in popularity in Canada in recent years. Many people meet others who are interested in dogging on many websites designed for doggers to meet up. These sites can be a great resource not just for finding people to participate in the sexual acts dogging but those who are interested in viewing the event.

The internet is also a great resource in finding places which are ideal for dogging. Most dogging takes place in or around a parked car. The car in parked in a semi-public location such an car park after hours or other location that is similarly abandoned at the time the dogging is to take place. For many reasons, doggers do not usually want to be caught on video tape. The internet has helpful lists complied by other doggers to assist people in finding locations which meet their requirement, and are free of security cameras.

Many of those interested on dogging activities can meet other also interested at swingers' clubs. Typically those looking for others to go dogging with will go to an off-premises club. These are clubs which do not allow for sex on the premises. These clubs are ideal for doggers to meet those interested in both group sex and voyeurism.

Meeting first in these locations also gives those involved more control over who will be invited to have sex. It also gives more control over who is invited to view the sexual acts which will be taking place in a given location.

A recent way some doggers have begun to advertise for other doggers is by placing a sticker of a dog in their car window. Doing this can look very innocent but is all telling for those in the world of dogging.

Rules of Dogging

No matter where you may go to meet others interested dogging there are a few things you should keep in mind. First you need to be able to discuss with those who are to be involved about what exactly you are looking for in terms of sex. It is important that all involved are consenting adult who agree on sexual parameters prior to entering into a dogging scenario. While this activity has the element of reckless abandon, all parties still need to feel safe and comfortable.

Once you decided where you will be meeting for dogging you need to prepare the items you will bring with you. Always being condoms along with you. Do not rely on others to bring them unless it has been previously discussed. Remember the idea is be safe while having fun therefore it far better to be over prepared than not have what you require.

Other items which come in handy on these situations can be containers of wet cloth wipes. All parties involved will be happy to make use of these after the event. You may also want to bring some bottles of water along as having sex can work up quite a thirst.

Make sure that anyone who is dogging does not leave any litter behind, such as used condoms or other items. Keep in mind that others do use the area during regular business hours and should not have to encounter a mess left behind from those dogging in the area. If that and being good to the environment are not enough of a motivator, then let being run out of a location be the reason to clean up. People being messy after dogging have caused local law enforcement to crack down on dogging in a given area. This has happened after people have complained the next day finding litter left behind.

Additional Safety for Dogger

Be sure to lock all valuables away somewhere on the car before you start dogging. This will ensure that any potential passers by will not steal anyone's valuables. Another precaution can be to locate the doors of the car of all parties have agreed to have sex inside the car. This measure can ensure the safety of all involved. With safety being a key factor for you and the others involved be sure to never drive a direct route home after dogging. You want to be careful that you were not followed by anyone. To add to this may people who are go out dogging will call or text message the others to say they made it home safely.

By following these steps and having respect and courtesy for those you are dogging with you should have a safe and fun experience.