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"Physical attraction is definitely important, but personal chemistry trumps all..."

Swinging is a attitude, not an action.

We're just your average mid-30s couple looking for a friends-with-benefits type couple. Clean, professional, discrete, intelligent and attractive. Strong relationship, madly in love and looking for new swinging experiences with another like-minded couple. We're non-smokers, social drinkers and drug free. Straight male and bi-sexual female (yes, actually likes girls).

We are an experienced couple seeking same.

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

New to this site..Looking for some down to earth people,looking for bi females and couples to get to know and have fun with..He is straight and the female is Bi-selective...We are d&d free!!!We are looking for friendship that can turn into FWB..Not looking just for a 1 time thing..Hope to hear from you and maybe we can meet over a coffee or a drink..Have a good one?!!!!! IF YOU ARE ATTACHED/MARRIED OR SINGLE

Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

We are a couple who have a great sex life but are looking to expand on that. We are looking for women and couples to share in some new adventures and fun with us. Looking for real people first of all and people who are actually looking to meet others

 We would like to first of all chat then send face pics and if all are interested meet for a drink to see if there is any chemistry between us then hopefully share in some fun together at a later date if all are in agreement. So don't be shy drop us a line or two and say hi and we can go from there.

Nova Scotia, Canada

One more fish in a big pond, we fall into the 90% couples category. That being straight male, bi female. As just about anyone will tell you, unicorns are just like ninja's... can't see them, can't find them. Do they exist? Who knows, but we still just keep looking.

Having become more acclimated to the scene(s), we've come to accept that we may have to open up a little more in search of good times with good friends. We're happily married (18 years), and still devoted to each other. Couples are not out of the question, provided it's the right couple, and under mutually agreed upon circumstances.

Single males, not to discourage you in whatever it is you're searching for, but it's almost guaranteed... it isn't here. Good luck and happy trails. :wave:

Single females, if you're looking to be lavished with plenty of attention, I encourage you to send a message. I know it's going to be hard sifting through the thousands of profiles of couples looking for the same thing, but at least you get to pick and choose at will. The rest of us have to work for it. :lol:

As far as profiles go with no pics... really? Unless you are a pre-teen adolescent, or simply just a pic collector, I'm pretty sure you have access to a decent camera. Even smartphones and cheap webcams take good quality pics nowadays. I understand one's desire for safety and privacy, but if you aren't prepared to show anything yourself (whether publicly, or privately), expect the same in return. We have plenty of pics, but only friends are going to get to see the good ones.

Now, about us. We both work full-time, and it's more or less shiftwork. Our free time is few and far between, and when our scheduled time off does coincide, well, frankly, we'd like to make the most of it. We attend some functions locally, some are public and some are privately held, but we're more or less learning as we go along. Don't be shy, we're not once we get to know you.

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada
Looking for FWB -
Looking to fulfill some fantasies with a couple or single females with similar interests. Would be nice to find a couple that we could hang with and also enjoy all aspects of swinging. looking for a long term friends with benefits relationship. Were not just in it for the sex, good friendship is more important to us.
Lower Sackville, Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

NOTE:   SINGLE MEN - we are not interested in you unless WE contact YOU. We appreciate your comments on our photos/videos, but please respect our wishes and do not message us.  If you cannot read or are too lazy to read our profile, you will be blocked.  

**Hedo complete - the best playground in the world

She:  50 years old, 5’5”, in good shape, bi, and very cute.

He:  52 years old, 6’0”, in good shape, and bi 

We are both professionals and well educated. We are clean and very laid back. Sexually very open,  we are enlightened to most activities - we have experience in multiple encounters such as 3somes/4somes/orgies, both as a couple and in our past history before we met each other. Additionally and importantly, we are completely free of jealousy.

Basically we are just lots of fun and enjoy sharing our fun and pleasure with others. Additionally, you'll see lots of photos here...she loves being sexy and having her photo taken, and he loves capturing his subject, so enjoy and please don't take them too seriously.

We are currently not interested in single males.

We are not interested in smokers

Eat in, take out, or delivery? happy.gif

WARNING: Any institutions or other using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

I'm a straight disease free male. My playmate and I are looking for single ladies, couples and groups for fun times and exploration. She is very submissive and loves to serve her Master.  She's curious about sharing playing with another woman again.  If you'd like to play with us, let me know. 

Being receptive to a woman's subtle cues is so important. Some of this comes with experience, but intimacy and passion can only come from the heart and mind. You either have it or you don't. I am evolving and I like it. Lately I've been exploring my Primal side, indulging my more animalistic instincts of taking my Prey in a forceful but mutually playful way. If you're looking for a Dom who puts your pleasure first, hit me up. I'm all about being receptive to what my partner needs and making her feel safe and at ease with me before we play together. Crossing a hard boundary can kill the fun as quickly as holding too much back too much of what a woman needs. I love creating a fantasy scenario together and then acting out every part. I want to learn more about my dominant side with a sub who wants to be taken in this way. Also, I'm finding that I'm not a traditional Dom. Sure, I have many dominant traits, but I so value the softer moments. I also want to pamper my sub. I love giving her the blissful stinging pain of a good spanking or paddling. I'm excited when I restrain her, take control of her orgasms or be forceful during play time but I also desire to care for her, caress her body, give her a bubble bath and cuddle afterward. Without accepting labels, I acknowledge that I lean toward being a Daddy Dom. I'm on a journey of discovery, in search of "The One". I plan to have great times along the way bringing pleasure and joy to a few great ladies. Take a chance with me. You won't regret it. happy.gif style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;">

Ladies first.  Foreplay and after play are essential parts of hard or soft sex. Finding that spot that sends her to heights of ecstacy is extremely satisfying. The elusive G spot is really not that hard to find if you're receptive to her reactions and know what to do when you're there. Like a treasure hunt, each one is a new adventure with different rewards. Nothing puts a smile on my face more than when my girl loses control of her body to my touch time after time until she she's totally exhausted, then taking her there one more time.

Giving relaxing caresses or deep tissue massage to an appreciative recipient can be its own reward and I'm told I have a real knack for it. Finding that knot between her shoulder blades and watching her wince with pleasurable pain when I make it dissolve gives me a rush.

Shibari rope play is more of a curiosity, slowly becoming a passion as has paddling or spanking. I'm still mostly learning vicariously what I really want sexually. I'm forming a basis from which to explore. Right now, I prefer to be a dom or Top. Not yet ready to explore being a sub or bottom, but I hope to change that as time goes on.

I am excited to explore  with toys, exhibitionism and voyeurism, and multiple partners. As you can see from my pics, I love being naked. Especially outdoors by the lake. Making love outdoors under the sun has always been a huge turn on to me. Part of my primal nature. Rope and suspension play excites me. I am strongly Hetero but wouldn't mind sharing a woman with another man with strict boundaries, or (and I think this goes without saying) another woman. I still love the idea of DD/lg play and want to explore it further. I want to be clear. I have no interest in under age girls. I want an adult woman who is child like at times and needs nurturing that way for whatever reasons she has. I have a lot to give and don't judge anyone for their varied kinks or sexual interests.

I simply love giving G-spot massage and find it very rewarding. If she's very receptive to multiple orgasms, I enjoy giving her that pleasure even more.

Privacy is something I both value and respect. For this reason, I don't post a face pic on here and have no issue with others doing the same, however, if we make contact and there's some interest, I will share mine privately with expected reciprocity. I have accidentally discovered people that I know in the vanilla world here after chatting a while. Rest assured, your secret is safe with me. Again reciprocity and mutual respect are assumed.

 I don't judge someone who is in a committed relationship but are missing the sexual component, who can fulfill that need with another while staying together with their partner. It's a privilege to be a playmate with mutual satisfaction and respect. A relationship doesn't always have to exist outside the bedroom, although it's special when it can.

Check out my list of interests below for more information and hit me up for more if you like what you see. 

B3N, Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi how is things hope they are going well I am a fun easy going guy like to be meet new friends or a one time thing. I am open minded but am very striaght lol. I am always good for a adventure love the outside or some times watching or being watched I am all about the fun and excitement sex is to be enjoyed and I want friends to enjoy it with. If you like to know more or chat you know where I am

Halifax, NS, Canada
who's in a horny mood -
up for pretty much anything, if any takers send a pm
Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Updated: Feb 2017

We are a professional, well traveled, easy going couple who like to explore our adventurous side.  We have been exploring for some time now, and although we have had a few rendezvous, we still consider ourselves “newbies”.  We have a very busy home life and do not get out a lot or often.  When we have the chance to get out we like to look at it as a night away from "regular" life and a chance to explore our naughty side.  We like to meet up with other couples for a coffee or social drink, possibly clubbing, and just see where that takes us. We have no expectations other than enjoying the experience.  If we had to categorize ourselves we would say we are a same room, soft swap couple continuing to explore our limits.    We are looking for friendly and respectful couples who share similar interests and outlooks.

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada
Kinda new to this... -
We are extremely new to this. This will be our first experience. Looking for compatible couples or bi-curious female to see where it takes us. Male is straight, female is a bi-curious.
Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi to everyone looking at my profile!

That is my first experience in meeting with people here, in Canada. I am Russian, came here five years ago.

First of all, let me be honest. I am not alone, I have a partner. But she is totally against of swinging activity, doesn't even want to hear about that. But for me life without that feeling, when you are giving a pleasure, giving that pleasure to someone and helping other to receive pleasure as well - that feeling is something that I am really missing in my life. I have quite much experience in classical swing (couple with couple), threesome and groups in my mother country and hope that I'll get back to that fun here, in Canada.

My limits are, actually, pretty wide. I really like everything that looks and smells exciting: hot couple or group in a bed with slippery silky linens; feeling hot body under my hands; taste of the woman cumming into my mouth; eyes of people having sex when you're starring at them and eyes of the people starring at you... BTW, I really like to watch and feel the smell of sex.

Another fun I want to try is to stream video while having a sex party, to let people all over the world to see how we please each other. happy.gif

What I do not like is everything that smells bad (golden shower and other similar things), and I do not like hard BDSM, neither as a submissive, nor as a master.

I position myself as bi-curious. I like to please woman, but some my fantasies include giving oral sex to a man when having sex with his woman, or being in 69 position with woman when she's penetrated by another man. I like when woman prepares his holes and assists me in opening them. I do not like giving anal sex, and I do not like when the man cums into my mouth or on my face... I just do not feel that exciting for myself. happy.gif

Well... That's pretty much it. If you have any questions, I am always ready to answer!

Ah, last thing. As I said above, I am not alone, and she doesn't know about that I'm looking for fun. That is why I am relatively limited on time and I can't invite you to my home...

Sorry for so many words, but I wanted to be as more open as I could. happy.gif



Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Update: Will be living in separate provinces as of January so we may not be responsive. Our apologies. To the right couple we may meet up but since our time is limited it's less likely.

A little about us:
We are a friendly couple who have been together for ~7 years and are currently engaged. We are both professionals who live an active lifestyle. She’s a yogi and he does CrossFit. We like to play board games and go out for sushi when we aren’t cooking at home.

Looking for/rules:
We are looking for an open, friendly couple for a full swap, same room with some girl play or separate room, depending on comfort level. We are looking for a couple that we can get along with outside of the bedroom and possibly have repeat meetings if all goes well. Please have recent pictures of both partners. Attraction is important and we can’t tell if we could be interested if we can’t see both of you.

Conversing and Meeting:
We’d like to have a brief exchange of messages to see if we are both looking for the same things and possibly share some extra photos to ensure mutual attraction. First meet would be for coffee or dinner to get to know you and see if there is chemistry and then if all goes well we can see where things take us. ;)

Single guys:
If you are interested in the Mrs. we are open for separate play. Be aware that the Mr. runs this account, so please be respectful and she would much rather see your body than your genitals.  

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

We open minded couple in their 40's that are seeking some extra fun in our relationship! We are confident in our marriage; we have been together 16 years and love to spice things up! We enjoy meeting new people and are looking for fun, easy going single females or couples, who are in a secure relationship that we can establish connection and attraction with. We are still fairly new to this scene. We are selective about who we play with. We take a no-pressure, fun and casual approach to both meeting people and playtime. Chemistry is the essential no matter who we meet but we always laugh and have a good time regardless of clothes on or off Respect and discretion is a must. We enjoy the summers on south shore at our cottage, watching movies. We'd love to meet another like-minded couple. D & D free. Let's discusses how we might meet safely to see if there's a connection.

*** We aren't looking to swap naked pictures, or just chat forever.


Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada
Couple... 30's hot wet and ready... New to this -
Actively exploring our sexuality!!!!! Long term couple, clean, discreet, secure and family oriented seeks other like minded people for good times. Traveling companions, sex partners... Seeking bi females, bi curious men, preferably couples, a small group we can hang out with no pressure, who knows maybe a key swap! I have fantacsies to fulfill and a spouse who excited to take this exploration to the next level. We want to be more then ass.... But if the right "just ass" we would consider Fantasies; peeking, watching while I rub my clit... As a couple have fore play Bi female experiences, as guys watch no touch Full couple forwplay no penetration Full couple penetration Bi curious males as my man has never had his cock played with, sucked by another man Blind folded sexual experience Opencouple
Middle Sackville, Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hello! We're a straight couple looking to find another fun couple to see now and again for friendship and sexy times!

She's a BBW and he a BHM, we don't have a preference for size really, though she does like taller men. She is into younger guys and he older women, she also likes friendly, confident men who take charge with a nice smile. He likes strong, confident women and goes bonkers for women with short hair, it's funny, he gets all awkward. She's spoiled by a man who lasts too long so five minute men need not apply.

Send us a hello and let's chat! We don't meet unless we see a photo first, and no dick picks and titties! We want faces people, faces!

Take care and thanks for reading, you're awesome!

Lower Sackville, Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

 In both NS and PEI....Single guy.  Very sensual and sexual.  Looking for good friends...NSA FWB fun with whoever shares common desires for fun and adventure.  Looking for close friends as well as the other fun. :)

i like exchanging dirty dirty emails or texts, photos.  I must be a true Canuck....I am most turned on by beavers with lotsa nice fur, but I also love eating them raw too....

Interested in most anything fun, including mf mmf mff .    Would love to find a couple bi females sometime. ;). Happy to act as your personal boudoir photographer.  Have an artistic streak and take pretty good pictures.

Respect, cleanliness and discretion provided and expected.  I need playmates!   Let me help you do your wife, or have me do her while you watch!

Halifax, NS, Canada

Currently working in Halifax for the next month and looking to meet up with like-minded souls. So if you like your men tall, sensual and discreet come and say hello!

I'm here to try new things and expand my sexual horizons with like minded people. Not into anything too extreme. Just really like erotic sensual sex with different people.

I'm an intelligent, articulate, caring, professional guy. I've had a few meets and met some really lovely genuine people. Private party invites are always welcome and I definitely find the more intimate surroundings a great turn on.

If you are interested please drop me a line and I would love to chat and see where things go.

Halifax, NS, Canada

I've been on this site for a little bit so I figured it's about time I make a profile! I'm relatively young and inexperienced but I've got a high drive and a list of fantasies waiting to be crossed off. Help me out! :)

Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada
New to the scene -
Curious couple who would like to find another couple to fulfill our fantasy. We are very new to this but are very excited to have some fun and meet new people. Would likel to start off slow and are willing to go further with the right couple. We both are very easy going, enjoy having fun and like to explore our fantasies. We play together/same room at all times. We're not looking for single guys right now.
Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada
She is 5'9", 22 years old -

She is 5'9", 22 years old. He is 5'6" 30 years old. 

We are a fun couple, who like to have fun and enjoy life. We are looking to meet straight and bi\bi-curious couples for a night out and see what happens. 

Still new in the swing lifestyle so we are taking things slow. 

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Big & Tall guy, in a sexless relationship, looking elsewhere to have my needs and desires met.  Interested in hearing from anyone who would like to chat or get together for some fun.  Hit me up, don't be shy.

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

well i am 33 male new to this site. i am just looking for friends and more.

very sexaul guy with a nice cock and i have done orgies threesomes and swinger before.

i live in halifax ns and i am working full time right now plus i am looking for friends.

sorry about the short profile i am lil shy

Halifax, NS B3K 3B4, Canada

Male 5' 8" 215

Female 5'6" 110

Happy private couple, we enjoy quiet evenings at home.  We get out to movies a bit and could enjoy some extra company.  We are both heteroflexible under the correct circumstances.   Looking for friendly swinging couples or select bi males or females.

Halifax, NS, Canada

Single female, bi, looking for bi female or couple as friends with benefits. Not interested in anyone with extra weight, and only locals. May be interested in two men, have never tried it but would like to knock a few things off my bucket list before settling down.

B3M, Fairview, Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am an active guy who likes outdoors. Easy going, like to be friends. 6-2", hwp are my stats. I live in Montreal and travel all around Canada and USA for my work. Like to meet couples and single females for 3some.  See you.

Halifax, NS, Canada

Just join this site , will take a look around , and will see what the tempo is and then write something more in-depth here.

If you dropped by say Hi etc i don't bite.



Lower Sackville, NS B4E 1R7, Canada

average couple just looking for other couples or single females for fun times. We are soft swap and like to meet a few times before any play happens

Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada
Love to meet new, interesting people -
We love to meet people and have fun! Have had some exciting and positive experience, would like to explore our bi side more
Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

HI i looking for one night or more for hot sex.With female,couple.I open mind to anything.

Halifax, NS, Canada

we are a happily married couple !! We both love the lifestyle !! she is bi he is straight ! love to see him play with ladies it really gets me turned on ! i love playing with women also myself an men !  we live in halifax now :-) are willing to travel  an exchange pics  u must to ! hubby works away alot an we dont like each other to be lonely so why not join couples an still play!!! SO EXCITED BOOKED ARE 1ST HEDONISM TRIP FOR APRIL 25 SO EXCITING !!!

.To: Sydney University and all other institutions using this or any site or its associated sites for projects - You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action. ( I suggest the rest of you post this notice)

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada
bisexual couple -
looking for friends and partners for fun in and out of the bedroom
Halifax, NS, Canada

Professional and attractive.  We are new to this site.  we are very open minded and discreet.   Enjoy nights out with good wine and food. Hoping to meet like minded people for friends and progress to more interesting fun if we all connect. We are very highly sexual and always up for fun. Clean and confident is a must.  

Eastern Passage, Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada


Married fun loving couple looking to add some fun to our sex life . We have been married 29 yrs. We like hosting dinners , going out to dinners , hanging out with friends over drinks and traveling near and far . We are a full swap couple same room and sometimes play separately  .We are hoping for long-term fwb's that we enjoy being with in and out of the bedroom  . She likes men that are not shy about what they want and she is  submissive in the bedroom within limits .She is not opposed to being with another female if the right situation presents itself . He is bi-curious has had previous oral experiences . He likes women of all shapes and sizes as eyes are his biggest turn on . What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom .We are very discreet and expect the same. If you like what you've read and seen and would like to meet for coffee or drinks to see where things can go send us a message.

Ideally would like to find people that we can enjoy in and out of the bedroom and enjoys traveling to the Caribbean once or twice a year . We have been to Hedo three times and are looking forward to going back.

 D&D free .We can host . Not looking for bed hoppers. Don't mind 420 couples .

Serious people only please. 


Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties using this site and/or any of its associated sites for studies or projects, and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have our permission to use any of our profile and/or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of our privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other.

Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hello, I / we are new to the site & lifestyle, just checking things out, 

Dartmouth, Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Married Bi curios guy whose interested in experimenting with both males, females and couples.

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

HIM(as described by her)-Handsome, keeps going and going like the energizer bunny,motivated
to please,always up for anything and kinky.

HER(as described by him)- Gorgeous,great ass, playful attitude,awesome smile,phenomenal oral skills and kinky.


D/D free                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

We are a good looking couple in our mid 40s  and we are new to this lifestyle and  are eager to meet other like minded folks in similar circumstances. Chemistry is a must! We are happy,healthy and horny. If pleasure is your middle name we are the couple for you. We prefer fun,honest and intelligent people without baggage and drama.

We are open to a  bi woman who becomes our friend as well as a play partner on an ongoing basis.

If this appeals to you. Feel free to message us. We won't bite unless you ask politely



Nova Scotia, Canada

Happily married couple with great sex life looking to add some new fun into the mix. We're educated, well traveled and enjoy a good glass of wine. Looking for like minded people to get to know. 420 friendly.

WARNING Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties using this site and/or any of its associated sites for studies or projects, and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile and/or pictures, whether static or during live web casts in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other.

Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

SINGLE PEOPLE pls read closely. Nothing wrong with being single we were once too. HOWEVER if we want a single person WE will reach out to you ourselves if you keep sending messages you will be blocked and have no chance of ever meeting either of us. 

Happily  Married couple, looking to spice up our sex life with a little fun :) we play together, and the odd time alone.  Dont request it.  We will let you know.  

420 friendly, but zero tolerance for any other drugs.

We DO NOT answer *winks*. Real messages only so don't waste your time sending them.  We aren't interested 

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

athletic. ..attractive. ..educated professionals. .happily married looking to find ppl like us for casual encounters.

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

just your average horny guy looking to have fun with others looking to play with couples females I'm open to just about anything will try anything twice lol like joining in with couples or he can watch and join in love all females size doesn't matter I'm bi  curious too im curtious and respectful of boundaries have a few fantasies I would like to happen but who doesn't lol give would be nice to find fwb for on going thing I'm clean disease free expect same I love being outside in the summer I also like to roll play if anyone is into that.also lol if I look at your pics more than once it's because there sexy pics I have had a bunch of couples and singles message to play but that's it lol would be nice to have serious players message it's all good clean fun hopefully everyone ends the day or night smiling good luck everyone say hi I do like meeting and chatting 

Lower Sackville, Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi everyone. We are new to this lifestyle and are looking for a couple with a bi curious female or female to join with my husband and me for some fun. We are professionals, discrete,  D&D free, and looking to make friends with benefits. He is 42 short brown hair, in good shape, athletic. She is 36, brunette, sexy, slim, good shape. looking for similar qualities in a couple.  No single males. Look forward to hearing from you.

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

I am interested mainly in couple and group sex. I have been with several couples and enjoy being part of their mutual excitement.  I love the taste of a mans cum mixed with a ladies juices.  Like most guys I am very sexually interested and willing to try just about anything.  Email me at 

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

We are very committed, fun loving couple who are interested in exploring the lifestyle. We are quite new to this and would like to meet other couples to hang out with - in and out of the bedroom! We prefer to start things off slow - get to know each other first, hang out, dinner/drinks etc. and see where things go from there..we are looking for a good fit.

A little about us - we enjoy both quiet nights in and going out dancing. We love cooking delicious food, and enjoy great wine and craft beer. We are easy going and are usually up for anything - as long we are having fun with like minded people. 

We are not into single males, one night hookups, or pushy people!!

Discretion is an absolute must and we are D&D Free. 

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Uncomplicated, honest, professional, sexual, romantic, open minded and like to have fun

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

We are a couple in our late 50's/early 60's looking for age appropriate swingers for parties and/or group sex. We are not new to the swingers lifestyle. We are an open minded couple and enjoy trying new things. We also like some bondage play but not a must. We enjoy outdoor activities such as dogging, exhibitionism/voyeurism, photo shoots (indoors and outdoors)... We are discrete and keep our activities private and will respect your privacy as well. You can view my male companion profile...username, Greywolf59.

 We will not accept friend requests without first having a chance to chat. 

No professional was paid to photograph us. All photos (and videos)  are take by either him or her. 

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hello I have never been here before but I am a middle age man vary busy with my career and would love to be able to Live, laugh and have fun.

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

We are a couple looking for fwb

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

Happily married couple (20 years), looking to explore some fantasy and fun with other like minded couples. We're in our early 50's, fairly fit (not like gym fit) and enjoy outdoor activities like motorcycling, skiing and walking the dog. We're open-minded and like to try new things! We have had some great swap experiences and looking for erotic couples to play with. We love watching each other with other new, different and interesting sex partners and we enjoy the sexual energy and fun of same room full contact play together. We are both straight, but very open and bi-friendly, no single males, not into major pain but we do enjoy mild bondage and are very open to trying new things. Prefer to have a couple of quick e-mails/chats and then meet for drinks to see where things can go.  420 friendly.

My Ideal Person We'd like to meet an adventurous erotic couple who like to have a few laughs and who enjoy full same-room swap.

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada

just here to check it out  for now maybe have some fun with a sexy couple

Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada