wife looking for playmate

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I make you breathe harder... your toes start to curl....you arch your back...your body jerks as you desperately claw at my back. My tongue darts over your clit..my fingers slide deep inside your hungry pussy...my free hand pinches your nipple hard..your mouth opens as you squeal in delight. I slide my wet fingers in your mouth giving you a taste of your own excitement. I feel my own pussy throbbing as you beg me for more... But don't you worry my darling ..we have all night...and you will cum again.

Wife looking for a woman to join me for a little getaway...a night away.. Maybe a hotel, sex club, toys, a quiet retreat...? Let's plan it together. Would you like my husband to watch? Or perhaps you'd like both of us to fuck you? Whatever you decide..lets cum together soon!