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CD ectasy!

"A dream cum true?"

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Deep hunger. I go to Vancouver- book into the sandman hotel on Davie st- in the center of the hot action, I settled in my room- then across the street to a pub- that seemed mostly gay guys. But- off to the side- I see a nice looking “ gurl” - lots of mascara- eyelashes- medium short wig- but nice- she seems lost? Lonely? I ask if I may have the pleasure of buying her a drink- she willingly agrees. I’m a lot older- on the chubby side- but courteous etc etc. Turns out that “ she” is from Nanaimo - just in for 2 days- cuz her wife and their life is totally straight. But wife gone to Alberta for a week. She just came out of a $200.00. makeover- to feminize her etc. I complimented her on how hot “ she” looked. Worked out that she was booked into the same hotel. I invited her to my room for a couple drinks- she willingly agreed to my happiness. Well, took her in my arms, deep kissing- and soon we were on the bed smooching. In kissing I slid her panties off- her nipples were small- but I suckled- which Stephen seemed to like. Well- it wasn’t long til I slipped a couple pillows under her middle- ass raised in the bed. I had lube and rubbers on the night stand- but was sooo hot,just used the lube to slowly enter her pussyass— she was sooo feminine sounding- with a lovely moan. That made me hotter- as I seriously started pumping her tite pussy- then I pounded into her til I flooded her insides with my seed. She was surprised- saying- “ you bred me- you didn’t use rubber”— I said- you were sooo feminine and hot- and I know I’m safe. That eased her worry. I lay on my back,having her lay on top of me- to show my appreciation, I locked my legs around hers— surprise- she had a long ( about 7”) thin clitty with a nice curve and a large head.— AND- her clitty was erect— after the pleasure she gave me- how could I say no to a lady? I was soon on my belly over the pillows— wow- it took lube for the head to squeeeze in— but once in as she pumped- it felt heavenly. She had stamina- drilling in and out til a lovely sweet feminine moan- then I knew- that she didnt use a rubber either. I held and kissed her again, as we kissed- she got excited again ( she was 40). Happily I was on my belly again— being “ bred” by a horny woman. My insides were totally flooded. After we hugged and kissed more - she had to leave for her room- because she had to catch the first ferry to the island. Cuz she’s married- I just left her my email. Hope she call when she can visit. CD. lady gave me “ deep” pleasures- that I’ll always remember.


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