Sep. 23, 2018

It was our first time at Hedonism in Jamaica. We had heard the stories and knew the reputation of the resort so we were looking forward to see it for ourselves…and we weren’t disappointed, we had a pretty wild week.

Our 2nd day was spent in the nude area of the beach, enjoying the sun and meeting people. In the evening we spent time at disco but we eventually made our way to the jacuzzi; we were told this was the place to be later in the evenings and ended up having many fun evenings in there!

Anyway back to our first visit. We got there, got naked and found a spot to sit. It’s a very large jacuzzi and there are just enough lights to see and create a fun ambiance. There was about 30 people in and around the jacuzzi. We saw a couple fucking, lots of oral sex and others just enjoying the atmosphere. With all the drinking we had done earlier, I had to go to the washroom which is not very far, Minnie decided to stay in. Yeah I know, leaving a hot green eye brunette alone naked in a jacuzzi…

As I walked back towards where she was, I noticed that she was talking to a guy. As I got back in, she noticed me and smiled. She said ‘he saw me alone and came to me and asked if I wanted to fuck, I told him I had to wait for you to come back, what do we do?’. I said ‘well he asked you not me, what do you want to do?’. She was a bit hesitant but then I saw a shy smile appear on her face which was followed by ‘yeah I’d like to’ as she turned towards him. He had heard our quick chat and her response, so he was all smile once he heard her say yes to his proposal.

He moved to her right away and they started to make out right in front of me, tongues all over each other. This was so hot. He quickly had a hand on her ass and one slowly moving towards her tits. I could see he was having his way with her when her hand moved down reaching for his cock, she put her hand around it, I could see that he was already hard and ready to play. They eventually moved towards the side of the jacuzzi, he sat on the bench and she climbed on top of him with her legs on each side…and she slowly moved her body down. When I heard a moan come out of her mouth, I realized that she had gone down on his cock…and that he was now in her pussy enjoying my wife in a very intimate manner!

She turned to me and said ‘he’s so big’. I sat beside them and started to rub her back and ass while she went up and down on him. I could hear her soft moans as they kissed, the whole scene was so sexual and erotic. There I was watching my wife with another man, it was not the first time I was seeing her with another guy since we had been swingers for about a year by then, but it was the first time where I was not involved and for some reasons I found it to be just as hot if not more. She picked up the pace at one point, her moaning got louder and they now had a few more people watching them as well. He went for her tits, rubbing and sucking them, she’s got a nice 36c pair of tits that most guys absolutely love.

He eventually lifted her as he got up, she was holding on to him, he was still in her…’lay on your back, I want to fuck you some more’. He ended up placing one of the mattress that everyone use to lay in the ocean by the side of the jacuzzi and she just went on her back. He looked at her naked body for a bit, she was laying there with her legs wide open just waiting for him to penetrate her again. He put his cock on her clit and played with it a bit, he looked at me ‘you’ve got a hot wife man’…and he pushed it all the way in her, she made a loud moan as he did. And he started to fuck her, changing pace but non-stop. When he felt he was about to make her cum, he began to go harder which did magic because the next thing we knew, her whole body started to shake as she came on his cock. I knew she was in heaven because she rarely has an orgasm from just a penetration without her clit being stimulated. He gave her time to recup but he went back at it…and made her cum again…and again, I couldn’t believe it but it sure was hot! He looked at the both of us as she was catching her breathe and asked if he could cum inside her. She didn’t even hesitate and told him ‘yes cum in me please, I want you to cum in me’. So he went back to it, all along I could see his cock going in and out, but now we were taking this to a new level and watching his cock going in her knowing he was about to leave his hot load in her was beyond being hot. They were both looking at each other in the eyes as they fucked, both breathing heavy now as they were about to share an intense moment, then he said ‘oh my, oh my, oh yeah almost there’…’oh yeah cum in me’ I heard her say in return…’oh God, I’m cumming’…and you know from the way a guy thrusts his cock when he cums, well he was definitely leaving his load deep in her, he pushed deep a few times giving her his cum. He stayed in her and put his body on top of her, they were now kissing again, enjoying this intense moment. I was beside them in awe of what I had just witnessed. We all stayed like this for a bit, he eventually pulled out, both saying how amazing it was as they sat down on the edge. We talked about it for a few minutes and then we parted ways, we never saw him again as he was leaving the next morning, but we had memories for the rest of our sex life! This was such a hot encounter, we still talk about as one of the best sex she’s had and that I’ve seen!

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