Written by lilsub12do

Dec. 14, 2012

I was once(yrs ago)cheating on my guy, I went to a park to meet a guy I was going fuck with(not knowing hubby and his pal followed me. So we started and a car pulls in the lot, a few guys pile out, and here I am with this guy slamming his long cock in my throat. He does not stop and gets really excited as they are walking near us. Then I see him motion them. Well next thing you know I am in a circle of 6 guys, on my knees being passed around. they did me so hard both orally and other wise & were very dominant about it, so I wne with it all and loved it......every drop, as they made me finish all of them orally and swallow. Well my guy and his pal come over as I getting my clothes gathered, and take them all away, both use me right there, and toss away my clothes. I told hubby i wanted to be a sub, so they said ok, kept me at park all night and passed me around, then hubby gave me over to his friend....for two days and nights. I was treated well but GB'd at least 10 more over the weekend there. :) loved it!!!