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When we touch

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Published 4 weeks ago

Author's Notes

"My personal thoughts of how I would want to please"

Our bodies crashing into one another.  That sound filling the room.  The moans.   The smell.   The lust taking over.   I thinking about 📌 you to the wall. You are wearing a summer dress.  My left hand pressing on your shoulder.  Pinning your upper chest against the wall.   I take my right foot and pull your right leg a foot away from your left.  My right hand reaches under your dress. Getting a hold of your thong.  I give it one hard pull and rip it off your hips.  You gasp loudly.

My right and traces along your neck.   I lean in and kiss your neck.  Just behind the ear. You can feel my hot breath on your skin.  Sending goosebumps all over your body.

My hand travels along your right ridge of your body.  Over your breast.  Stopping only for a second to pinch your nipple between my forefinger and my thump.   You squeal a little.

I press my body into yours.   My hips on your ass. You look over your shoulder and see my cock ready to  rip out of my jeans. You whisper.   I want that cock. You can feel my hard member pressing between your asscheeks. Even with my jeans on you can feel me throb against you. I pull you into me.  Away from the wall a few inches.  But still keep you pinned. I come in close.  I whisper into your ear.  “Don’t fucking move”My hands slide down your body.   Along the soft like silk yellow sun dress.  It looks amazing on you.   Your arch in your back makes the dress slide between your asscheeks. God your ass looks amazing. I give you one good slap on the ass.  Then another.

I slide down your body.  I slide your dress up over your ass.   Resting it at the upper part of your ass.  Your back arched.

I am on my knees.  I start to kiss your left cheek.    Then slowly slide my lips across your bum.  Right to your crack.  Placing a soft kiss right in that soft crack.  Then continue to your right cheek. Kissing every inch I move along that ass. My hands caressing your cheeks.

I love your ass.  As I spread your cheeks. My tongue instantly finding your entrance.   Slowly taking my tip and tracing your tightness. God you make me so hard my cock hurts.

It’s throbbing.   I can feel the precum dripping off my tip.

My tongue slowly and firmly pushes into your tightness.

You moan…….

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