Jul. 18, 2019

Based on my recent real life experiences giving massages. If you have any questions I would be happy to try to answer them.

I dim the lights in my bedroom, turn on relaxing "spa music" and then ask you if you want to strip in private and let me know when u r ready, or if you want to strip in the room while I am there.

You strip, perhaps a bit teasingly, in front of me, and you see a smile of approval on my face as you show me more and more of your attractive, sexy body, eventually only covered by your panties. I likewise strip down to my blue nylon jogging shorts. I then ask you to lie face down on my bed, getting into a comfortable position. I ask you if the music loudness is just right to help you relax, and then I take a bottle of olive oil and pour some into my hands, making sure it is near body temperature before I start applying it.

I start by straddling you with my legs on each side of your hips, and then by applying some lotion between your shoulders. I then spread the oil with gentle lingering strokes, first above and between your shoulder blades, then over all of your back, asking if you have any areas there that are tense and need extra attention. After a few minutes of stroking and kneading that area, I then start to stroke your right arm, slowly working down to your hand, and then start stroking the palm of your hand, then the back of your hand, and then with my thumb and forefinger I stroke each of your fingers. I also stroke the "V" between your fingers and thumb in a very sensuous and seductive way that gets you imagining where else I might stroke you like that. I then do the same with your other arm and hand.

You then feel my hands start to slowly progress lower and lower from your back, gently spreading the oil over the top of your firm butt cheeks, and exploring ever so slightly in between as well. I start to gradually lower your panties with each stroke and then ask, by whispering in your ear, if it would be OK to remove your panties so that I don't get a lot of oil on them.

I say that I am pleased with what a good girl you are. I then slip your panties down your legs and then pull them right off, leaving you lying in my bed totally naked. I comment on what a nice bum you have, and then I pour some more oil on the back of your thighs, and apologise for "accidentally" adding a bit too much. I then start to spread the oil downward on the outside of your thighs and legs, with my hands gently returning on the inside of your thighs after each stroke. I progress down to your feet, covering them in more oil, paying special attention to your toes and the bottom of your feet, making sure I do not tickle you. I ask if you want more time spent on your feet, and respond according to your preference.

You then feel my hands returning to your thighs, and then I gently massage your bum with more oil. I would then again mention that I seem to have put a bit too much oil on your legs, and would then ask if it is Ok if you could open your legs a bit wider so that I can spread the oil better all over. I pay special attention to how you respond, and how wide you spread your legs, as my hands continue to explore more and more sensuously between your legs, starting to brush against more sensitive and intimate areas, striking a balance of trying to be respectful but also trying to create very teasingly "tingly" sensations.

Paying close attention to your body language and breathing, I proceed to get the back of your entire lower body glistening with oil. I then lean over and kiss both bum cheeks, and give little teasing kisses down towards your thighs. I then let my massage strokes increasingly brush near and on your pussy lips, causing you to start trembling. I pay even closer attention to making the trembling increase until you start to squirm as waves of warm energy spread thru that part of your body.

I then lean over and whisper in your ear that the best is yet to come, and then invite you to roll over, which you are more than happy to do, exposing your well proportioned breasts. I then compliment you on the attractiveness of your body and breasts.

I notice the nipples on your big beautiful breasts are erect and excited, which gets me thinking about all the things that I might consider doing with your nipples and breasts. Then I remember that this is supposed to be a massage, and some of those other ideas would have to wait, or just remain a fantasy .

I then start to apply oil over the entire front upper portion of your naked body, using long seductive strokes to get your upper body and arms glistening. Once again, I make sure that I stroke each finger on both sides and also explore the "V" between your fingers in a teasing way. You have your arms stretched upwards in a "hands up" position, so I have to almost lie on top of you to reach your hands. I have no shirt on, so my chest would rub against yours a little bit while I am stroking your arms ..., and hands ..., and fingers. I then change position so that my face is getting very close to your nipples, "accidentally" brushing against them a couple of times.

As I continue to spread the oil around your belly and chest areas, my hands and arms get closer and closer to your breasts, with occasional touching. This combination becomes very arousing for you, so I then alternate stroking your breasts and nipples with my hands and mouth and tongue, resulting in your breathing becoming varied and your body starting to tremble at times. I then use some more oil from the bottle, and focus on liberally spreading oil on your legs, with my circular motions getting more and more into the areas between your thighs, and invite you to open them even wider for me. Your beautiful body is now totally glistening and covered in oil, willingly awaiting my touch wherever I want to stroke and massage it.

Seeing your totally naked, beautiful oil glistened body lying in such an open position gets me very aroused and I then see you turn your head and you notice the very large bulge in my blue shorts. Seeing you approvingly look at my "bulge" gets me even harder and bigger, resulting in an expanding wet spot starting to seep thru the blue nylon covering the end of my "bulge".

After seeing how much you liked my attention around your breasts, to add more to your anticipation, I then proceed to focus again on your upper body, first with gentle seductive circular stroking, with more and more attention to your breasts. You then gasp with excitement as I then start to tease your nipples with my mouth, gently and teasingly licking, sucking and nibbling on them, adjusting to your signals to make sure I was doing it the most pleasurable way for you, but just for a minute or two. I then start to move downward with my licking and kissing, slowly advancing, and then retreating, then advancing even further to your belly and lower, all the while caressing other parts of your body with my hands. By now your body is trembling much of the time, especially as my kisses start to progress to areas previously covered by your panties.

I then start to explore your inner thighs with kisses and touch, brushing ever so seductively at times, your engorged outer lips, and start to experience the wonderful fragrance that your pussy creates that can be so arousing and intoxicating for me as a man... . I continue to explore all areas between your thighs, with my fingers and lips, until they start to brush against your lips more often, at which point you became even more aroused, with your body now starting to twitch and squirm with anticipation of the sensations and pleasures that are to come next.

I then start to place my fingers alongside your now very wet and swollen pussy lips, stroking and teasing and adjusting to your responses, building on your excitement and spreading your wetness to all the sensitive areas that I am about to attend to.

I then start to explore slowly, teasingly, in just the right ways, in just the right places ... with my tongue and lips, ...

and adjust my finger positions to outside, and "special places" inside, you in ways that soon have you

arching your back,...

gasping, ...

twitching, ...

and then ...

experiencing wave after wave of powerful energy and bliss,...

causing you to vocalise so loudly I wonder if the neighbours might hear.

After each round of waves of energy, you seem ready for more and we continue in this wonderful "dance" of pleasure for many many minutes until your hips finally start to get sore and tired from the powerful contractions.

I then slowly taper off, and finish with a few gentle final "grounding" strokes to complete your first erotic massage experience from me.

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