Oct. 22, 2019

Another true adventure, with names changed.

Our last trip to Jamaica we met and had fun with, among others, two delicious couples, Carla and Manfred, Sherri and Jim. Manfred is tall and very laid back but intelligent and engaging and he knows he is lucky to have Carla: Hispanic and HOT. Frim body, nice curves and she loves to flirt and play. Sherri is tall, more rounded and gives head better than a pro. She is thinking of starting classes (seriously!) and her hubby, Jim, is tall and has a big, thick cock; pretty good for a white guy. We had been flirting over a couple of days when we found them at the pool, the men sitting at the side getting blow jobs, from the other’s wife. This looked like fun and I gave Manfred a head’s up and he called us over. I sat on the pool edge and Lizzie starts giving me a lovely BJ. After a couple of minutes, Sherri raises her head and calls “rotate” and the girls take a step right, bringing Sherri to my dick and sending Lizzie to Jim’s thicker cock. This goes on for a few more minutes and more rotations, great fun getting head from 3 women and watching Lizzie suck on two new dicks. We are chatting a bit later and Carla says that she is not Bi sexual, although she likes friendly girls. Lizzie takes up this challenge and begins to kiss Carla, deeply. These two could boil the pool with their kisses. After a few minutes, Lizzie follows her hands with her mouth, licking and sucking on Carla’s lovely, perky and natural breasts. Lizzie has played with a couple of ladies, but just kisses and tits, but I see that she is stroking Carla’s pussy with slow fluid motions, just right. After a few more seconds, I place my hand under Carla’s butt and gently lift her toward horizontal with Lizzie working her tongue and lips down Carla’s belly to her labia. Without hesitation, my darling wife begins to lick and suck this beautiful pussy. So you know the situation, we are in a pool with maybe 30 people in the water and as many sitting on the side or wandering around the deck. I break my amazed and fascinated gaze from my wife giving her first cunnilingus to look around the pool, getting happy smiles and thumbs up from friends, strangers and staff. Surprisingly quickly, Carla cums with quite a bit of noise and cheers from the crowd,

Sherri had been helping me keep Carla floated at the surface. After Carla’s orgasm, we let her drift slowly back to upright and I held her a bit as she was not yet stable. Sherri had other ideas and grabbed and kissed Lizzie and they drifted away. After a couple of minutes, I hear more moans and look over to see my wife, knuckles deep in Sherri’s cunt, finger fucking her to orgasm. After all of this, Lizzie was VERY horny and I considered letting Manfred and Jim fuck her, but I was hungry too so I grabbed her and pulled her pussy to my very hard cock and fucked her hard by the side of the pool. Her wandering hands found another cock to play with and she made him cum on her tits just as I exploded inside her. We don’t know who he was, never met.

We shared some other good times with these folks that week, but none so public. We LOVE Jamaica!

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