Jul. 21, 2020

About six months after Anne and I began living together, I found out that she was messing around with a mechanic at the gas station where she bought her petrol on her way to work, teaching in high school.

We had an enormous row about this, with me eventually grabbing her by her hair, dragging her onto the bed, ripping off her knickers, and sitting on her back, giving her the spanking of her life!

When things eventually calmed down and we began talking about it, an idea presented itself that we both seem to like, open marriage, where we could both enjoy other partners! I didn't realize it at the time, but this is not quite what she wanted. What really turned her on was treachery, she wanted to be able to cheat on me. That she now had permission to do so took all of the fun out of the situation!

Two nights later, I met up with a pal, Art Laurin, for a drink. He was at the meet with another buddy and two Trinidadian girls. After a couple of drinks, we went up to the apartment of Art's buddy which was nearby. They took one of the girls into another room, leaving me with Anne Marie!

She was a tall girl, half Negro half Chinese. And she had that beautiful leaf-shaped Chinese body. It looked obvious to me that she was expecting to be fucked. We chatted for a while, and when I put my arm around her, she melted into my body. She was wearing a blouse and a long skirt. I stood her up, unzipped her skirt, and dropped it to the floor, to be followed by her knickers. I sat her down again, spread her knees, and dove in for some cunt lapping. She was very responsive, and soon came. I then commenced to remove her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra, as she didn't need to. She had very small breasts, but large nipples! She was now totally naked. I looked down at her sprawled on the couch, and marvelled at her beauty! I then undressed myself, got between her legs, lifted her ankles onto my shoulder to give me good access to her cunt, presented Rufus, my prick to her labia, and slowly slid up into her. She began to quiver as I very slowly fucked her. She was already quite juicy, and I enjoyed the lubricity of her. I fucked her for about half an hour, until I came, shooting my spunk up into her!

I then made sure to gather some of our juices, and smeared over my pubic hairs and parts!

After this we dressed, and I walked her to her apartment which was in the same building. Asking if she wanted to see me again, she said 'oh yes, please yes.' I took her phone number, and saying I already know where you live, I'll be seeing you very soon! I left and went home. She became my mistress for the next couple of years!

When I got home, I had Anne-Marie's cunt juices all over my face, in my beard and moustache!

Anne, looked at me hard, and said you've been fucking somebody else, haven't you? I just looked her straight in the eyes and shrugged. She didn't look at all pleased! I told her that it was she that had initiated all this, and had agreed to it!

When we went to bed, and undressed, she said, my God you stink. At least go take a shower and wash that other bitch off you!