Aug. 30, 2020

Another Step in our Progression in the Lifestyle, or, Rushing with Russians, another True Tale

Early in our Lifestyle adventures we were staying at a Cancun Resort with nudity and Lifestyle playing in the pool and adjoining beds. There, we met a neat Russian couple from Patagonia (exotic!) that I shall call Ivan and Natasha. They spoke Spanish, but, almost no English. My wife, Suzy, speaks a little Spanish and our Russian was nyet, so communicating was difficult. We were in the resort pool with many other casual voyeurs, playing with this couple and one of the Mexican entertainers, sharing shots and flirting. This was where we invented (at least for us) the fun of what we call “dirty shots.” These are like the usual shots, except you take turns, one person taking the shot and then kissing and sharing the shot. Always an excellent ice breaker – hands always start wandering during the lingering shot. The Russian lady was shy about getting fully naked, although the string bikini bottom she was wearing was hiding nothing. Finally, she stood on an island in the pool and with a flourish she slipped off the thread bikini, jumped into the water and latched onto me with a deep kiss. Checking in with Suzy, I saw that she was sandwiched between the big Russian bear and the smaller Mexican athlete. I could see through the water that she had hold of a dick in each hand and she was a happy girl.

At this point in our Lifestyle adventures we had agreed to playing with hands and kissing, but not oral sex or intercourse, so a pretty short leash. Suzy had told me she felt that seeing me licking another pussy would be too intimate and could cause jealousy issues.

Natasha had no such concerns. For the next while she tried everything she could with me. We did some titty shots, always a nice way to initiate boob licking. Bending down to lick nipples always makes for a good reach to a pussy and she dragged my fingers down to her clit. Nice. I glanced at her husband to make sure he was ok with this, but he was busy kissing and fingering Suzy, so I guess he was. Our Mexican friend disappeared before he got fired. Natasha grabbed my cock and started to jack me off, feeling so good. A few minutes later, I was chatting with Ivan, as well as possible in his earnest but broken English. He was caressing Suzy and Natasha ducked down into the water and gave me my first underwater blow job. Really Nice. Suzy and Ivan were impressed and apparently receiving oral was ok! Eventually, I dragged her back to the surface and gave her a big thank you kiss. Natasha was HORNY and done with the preliminaries and wanted to fuck. Bad.

Natasha stuffed my hard, aching cock between her thighs, tried to orient her vagina to push me in. With our understanding and being early in the LS, I was not going to break the No Fucking rule, so, with extreme difficulty, I shifted my hips to keep out of her pussy. Now, I could have just said “no” or “nyet” and tried to explain, but this never occurred to me (too horny to think straight) so for the next while, Natasha tried every way she could to get my cock into her pussy. Ivan tried to fuck Suzy, and got really close, but she did say no, and happily continued to wank his large dick while they watched Natasha “dance” with me in the water, which kind of hid what was going on. At this point, Natasha had her butt up against me, trying to push my dick in. All this time, I was very hard and could slip into her wet pussy really easily, but I kept angling to not insert and kept my cock rubbing her vulva and clit, driving her crazy and her humping did get more and more frantic.

I looked over at Suzy, cause this looked pretty crazy, and silently mouthed strange words: “really, I’m not fucking her” with eyes pleading for her to believe me. Suzy later told me that with it looking like I was fucking Natasha, she thought seriously of sitting on Ivan's lap and letting his big Russian cock into her virgin (mine only!) pussy, but she barely held back.

I am not sure Ivan understood or believed this, or cared because he had the biggest grin and at that moment ejaculated into Suzy's hand. Just the second time any other guy has cum for her since before we were married, 35 years! That distracted me and my dick slipped into Natasha’s cunt. Fuck that feels good: warm, wet, engulfing and throbbing Fuck Fuck Fuck! Just one thrust in and I pull back out. SHIT THAT WAS NOT EASY. We dueled a while longer, and finally, I cum on her tits by the side of the pool. Also a first for us.

For the rest of the week, Natasha and Ivan tried to get us to play more with them but I honestly told Suzy that I was not sure I could keep myself from fucking her given another chance. So we were friendly but not intimate. But, they want us to come visit in Patagonia. Now that sounds like fun . . .

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