Feb. 3, 2019

I am a very lucky woman, I get to have my cake and eat it too, or should I say I get to enjoy my hubby's cock and my lover's cock too! Let me explain...

My husband gets off on watching me with another man so I have a young male boyfriend who is 14 years younger than I am, he is young and hung ;) Mmmmmmm so yummy! I call him my young stud and he calls me his cum slut.

We often invite him over to our house to play in our king size bed with me while hubby watches and plays with me too. My hubby gets so turned on as he watches me suck my lover's huge cock and gets so turned on as I deep throat him, taking it so deep that I gag on it, it makes me so wet and horny!!! I take it all and believe me he has a large, throbbing cock. I love to taste his precum. I lick and suck, my tongue swirling around his beautiful cock.

He loves anal so he will usually flip me over to fuck my ass, I love when he is aggressive with me so I obey and present him my tight asshole. He then proceeds to insert his big dick into my ass, slowly and deeply. Oh God! I moan and groan so loudly as his huge cock fills my hole, he then begins pounding my ass. I scream, HARDER! FASTER! It feels so good, he is balls deep in my ass. After thrusting a while he then tells me as he is cumming in my ass....SO HOT!!

By this time, hubby has been watching and is rock hard, it is now his turn to use my ass for his pleasure. My hole is now gaping from being fucked hard and leaking with the first load of hot cum, hubby slides in nicely due to my lover's juice in my ass, after a few thrusts he then shoots a second load of hot cum into my ass.

I love being filled with cum, hence my lover calling me his cum slut...I am such a naughty wife...such a bad girl.

I think next time my lover comes over we will try double penetration...keep an eye out for the next story ! To be continued....