Jun. 5, 2020

This is Ellen’s account of the January 2020 soirée. She was there with Mark, Dana and Trevor

We were expecting another hard cock which would have been even better ratio 3:2 but we ended up in an even number. I don't ever remember meeting Trevoir before. He was certainly eye candy Hard muscular body with proportionally matching thick thighs and arms, nicely shaped buns and o la la a boner of a long thick cock.

As a group, we introduced ourselves and Trevor remembered meeting Susan and Mark at least 6 years earlier at a packed Sunday afternoon Bytown soirée. He had fun at the time, but couldn't get his partner to come to any events and so he drifted away.

Tonight, we talked a bit but then broke off the conversation and started stripping our clothes and wasting no more time. Trevor’s hard member was poking through the briefs and made us girls quiver with anticipation as to who was going to be the first to get a taste of his manhood. I won!

TRevor was sucking Dana’s tits and I was working on Trevor’s cock and balls, Mark was ruining his cock between Dana’s legs from behind.

We all quickly got to the bed and Mark was eating Dana. I was on the bed with Trevor in the doggie position. His hard member was thrusting in and out of my cunt and I was trying nibble on Dana’S breasts and nipples. She was over the moon!

We changed positions again and both couples were fucking like crazy. Mark and Dana were laughing and saying that between the motions that Trevor and I were going through, they didn't have to do anything as they were carried by the thrusting we were doing. Trevor was trying hard not to come, getting more red and sweaty. I finally got him to lay face up on the bed and I rode him like a mechanical bull.

At a change in position again, TRevor was strattling my face and Mark was eating me. At another moment, I found myself underneath Trever giving the fucking of my life.

At the final round, Trevor whispered "where do you want me to cum?" I responded ..."all over my face" and he lost his load after that. His cum tasted delightful.

We all took a break and after a round of water and more chitchat, Trevor bid us all adieu and that was that!