Written by Arnie

Dec. 1, 2012

Have you ever had the thought, the first time you speak to someone on the phone that they are hot, only to be disappointed when you meet them. Well the first time I spoke to Kathleen I had that thought and I was not disappointed. I met her at the appointed time and was very please to see that she was attractive, had a slim body and a nice pair of tits, she was also married. Over the next few weeks I showed her and her husband several properties and came to learn that he travelled extensively and was often away for several weeks at a time. I did not give it a lot of thought, but like most men harboured a desire to fuck her at least once. After closing the purchase of their new home, the husband immediately left to go to Korea for several weeks. One day Kathleen called to ask me if I would help her with a problem. The sump pump had seized, flooding the basement and she needed the name of a contractor that could clean up for her. I went to the house to see if I could be on any assistance and we ended up chatting for a couple of hours. As I was about to leave her at the door she suddenly leaned over and kissed me. As I responded she became extremely aggressive, wrapping her arms around me and then she started to fuck my leg. Within minutes she came twice, the dropped to her knees, took my cock in her mouth and gave me a magnificent blow job. I came in gobs in her mouth and she sucked it up and then asked for more. We went into the family room and she sucked my cock back to hard, rolled over on her stomach and yelled "fuck me in my ass". I slowly slid my cock into her ass until I felt her sphincter muscle grab it and pull it in. I started to pump her slowly but she begged me to fuck her hard and deep until she came screaming in ecstasy.

Over the 19 year that we were fuck friends I have fucked her in her office in a major hospital, in the car, in her driveway, in a parking garage etc. Without a doubt she is every mans fantasy, multiorgasmic, bi, anal, public sex you name she is into it.

She recently moved away and I will never see her again, but the memories of the experiences we have shared will stay with me forever.