Jun. 15, 2020

I first came across D and A’s profile when I first joined the site. How could I miss it. She is absolutely breathtaking. Being an unpaid member at the time, I couldn’t initiate contact. Finally late last year, I bought a membership and said hi. To my great delight, they replied and we started to chat. We got to know each other a bit.. D shared a few snippets of some videos he had taken of A. They were incredibly hot and exciting. Took a little while but finally I was able to get away for a few hours. It was an hours drive to their place and all the way I was thinking about what was going to happen. The videos kept coming back to mind so it was a long, hard drive.

Finally, I arrived at their beautiful home. D met me at the door. Very friendly and welcoming. Looked just like his pictures. He invited me I and we sat down at the table. Moment later, A came out of the washroom where she had gone in to freshen up. She did not look at all like her pictures. She looks beautiful in her pictures but in real life is absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous. She was wearing a little sexy top, black miniskirt and sexy knee high boots. Also, She was tiny. I was immediately aroused but we took it slow and had a drink and got to know each other.

After a little bit we decided to head down stairs to the playroom! The rest is a bit fuzzy only because from that moment on my mind and body were engulfed in sensory sexual erotic glory. A removed her boots and when I said she was tiny, it was not an exaggeration. We started kissing and she knows how to kiss. I almost came right there but was able to control myself. She broke away and knelt down before me and undid my pants. It was hard to get them off because I was so hard and a bit tangled. She got them off and seemed to like what she found. She started to tickle and lick my cock. My brain was on fire. This exquisite little woman was extremely talented.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and stood her up. I removed her top and slid down her sexy little mini skirt. She was wearing a very sexy, matching set of underwear, but I didn’t take the time to properly appreciate them. They were removed and tossed on the growing pile of our clothes. D, through all this was watching and taking some pictures, previously agreed upon. I had forgotten that he was there. What stood before me was this tiny, perfect little porcelain doll. Don’t remember the exact order next but I do know that I did pick her up (very easy to do) and layed her out on the pool table. I also know that at this point I was able, with fingers and tongue, to play, tickle, lick and taste the most spectacular, juiciest, tastiest, most cum inducing little cunt I have ever had the opportunity to tickle, lick, and taste in my life. She had perfect little tits with perfect little nipples. I was in heaven. We eventually moved off the table and on to the couch. Again. A blur but we did continue to play. The moment I will never forget is that moment (and guys know it) when your cock slides deep into that, wet, sensational pussy for the first time. That first deep push and stroke are almost as good as cumming itself. Almost. I was afraid to hurt her but I needn’t worry. My cock slid right into her tight wet little cunt. Animal passion took over and I started to fuck her hard while still trying not to break her. I tried to time our orgasms but I’m not sure I was very successful. When I did cum, it was mind blowing. It felt like it would never stop. I emptied my balls into her. I rolled off of her and she rolled into me into a very comfortable snuggle position. That’s when I remembered that D was there. I felt bad that he didn’t participate but he told me that I got to have her all to myself that time. I very much appreciate that. We layed there for a while chatting and trying to recover (I’m not a young man anymore ☹️), her tickling and toying with my cock and me gently toying with her perfect tits and nipples.

Unfortunately, my time was short and I had to start getting dressed to go. I stood up and picked her up again and held her in a long kiss. I promised D that next time he would be well taken care of. A said that she is looking forward to sucking both of our cocks and I am looking forward to licking her perfect pussy on one side and sucking his large, thick cock on the other.

As soon as the time is right, I hope to return to their lovely home for another game of pool.