Oct. 22, 2019

Halloween at a sex club. If you have not done this, you MUST!

Everyone in sexy, maybe scary, often funny, but always sexy costumes.

We picked up our friend Sarah on the way to the club. I should share a bit about Sarah. She is what is known as a Unicorn: a single woman who is fully into the Lifestyle, who plays with girls a bit but definitely prefers cock. She is nicely rounded with full tits, tight pussy (no kids) and a generous, sweet nature. She is dressed as a French Maid, complete with feather duster, my wife Lizzie is a dirty cop looking for bribes and swinging a nightstick, and I am zombie Hugh Hefner. Damn, I have never arrived at a sex club with two hot women and I am floating. We meet some other friends there and hang out for a while, chatting and flirting with everyone. We have been to this sex club before with Sarah and she amused herself with a few other folks, but tonight she is sticking close to us and flirting and playing with Lizzie.

A little later John appears, but without Steph, who is not feeling well (darn!). She dropped him off with a hall pass at a sex club, knowing he had playful friends inside. That is an amazing wife. John and I start playing in earnest with Sarah and Lizzie and there are hands and lips and tongues everywhere. Hint: for a sex club, always choose a costume that is easy to get into and out of. I suggest we take the activities upstairs where there are a variety of beds and benches and everyone agrees this is a good idea. There is no ambiguity where this is going. On the way up, we visit with a dozen friends/playmates/acquaintances and Lizzie and I get separated from John and Sarah. We find a round bed and start playing, expecting the other two to find us. They couldn’t find us and start their own session on another bed. Yeah, it was that crowded. Lizzie and I are having a great time sucking and fucking and playing lightly with another threesome who joined us on the bed. We both cum with enough enthusiasm to draw applause, but we miss our friends so we go looking for them.

We find John and Sarah fucking on one of the other beds looking so hot and nasty. They have played every other way, but this is the first time the two of them have fucked. We caress them all over, enjoying their skin, their energy and their juices. They gravitate to us and soon the four of us are playing every which way, again. Sarah pauses the action to look directly at Lizzie and asks permission to fuck her husband (me!). So, to be clear, we have known Sarah for years, played in many ways, but never intercourse, so this is a moment I have dreamed of many times. Lizzie smiles and replies “Yes, my darling, fuck him good” and kisses Sarah deeply while I slip on a condom. Sarah lays back with a smile of long anticipation on her lips and with a final look and thank you to my wife, I slip my hard, aching dick slowly into a new pussy. I begin to pick up speed but I want every moment to last forever. She shifts her hips in a variety of ways to give me the best penetration and to give herself the fullest fuck. Soon she is groaning and shaking with her first orgasm, but I have a ways to go - I want this to be memorable for both of us.

Lizzie has had an orgasm fucking with me and was not inclined to play more until that question and long kiss with Sarah which got her really excited all over again. John continues to play with her and initially Lizzie is reluctant, but John knows how to seduce her. Kisses and sweet talk, in a variety of languages gets her juices flowing. John assures her that his wife Steph knows what is going on and has specifically given permission for him to fuck Lizzie. Lizzie is a little miffed at the presumption but also turned on that everyone knows John will have his way with her when he wants. “Kinda fun being known as a slut,” she says. God, I love this woman.

So, this time John slips on a condom and Lizzie assumes doggy position. John does me the courtesy of tapping me on the arm, twice because I am, like seriously busy. He is looking for my permission, or just bragging. I draw Lizzie’s ass cheek to one side exposing her ass hole and dripping cunt to John’s hungry eyes. Previously, I had sloppy seconds at my wife’s pussy with his cum. This time, he enjoys the extra lube from my orgasm earlier. He slides in and proceeds to pound away at my now sighing wife. That’s all I can tell you about that because my attention is fully absorbed by Sarah’s clean (waxed) tight, amazing, hot pussy. As this is my second orgasm I take longer than John to finish and I have the pleasure of gazing alternately into Sarah’s and Lizzie’s eyes as I cum in our Unicorn’s pussy.

By this time most of the club has emptied out and each of us has the smile of good sex with a new partner. All four of us climb into my car and I play chauffeur getting John and Sarah to their respective homes. The next day as we recount the previous activities (and fuck more) I ask Lizzie a question. I love to ask challenging questions: “So, you have fucked John twice in private and once at the club. Was it hotter to fuck in public?” Lizzie pauses, bites her lip, considers lying to me, but knows better than to try that.

“Yes,” she admits, “in public with him was way hotter.”

Oh oh, this could mean trouble.

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