Jul. 27, 2016

Hot Jamaican Afternoon

It was a normal afternoon at the resort in Negril, rubbing up to many naked bodies and flirting like crazy. I noticed a tall black man approaching the pool and nudged my sweet wife Lizzie to take a look. She quickly appraised his assets, smiled and saluted him with her drink. He went to the bar, chatted a bit and wandered over with many ladies eyes following him. Lizzie and I introduces ourselves and found out that his name was Roger, he was 35, he was a professional living in Kingston and was just in for the day. After some more chatting I reminded Lizzie that she should give him a proper resort greeting. This is one of our code expressions, used by many people at the resort. She smiled and snuggled up to Roger, kissing him full on the lips and stroking his cock. For Lizzie this is the moment of truth: she will have nothing to do with a poor kisser, no matter what else he/she has to offer.

The kiss lingered and Roger was fully erect when they came up for air - a very good sign. She turned to me and I took her drink she and played with both our now fully erect cocks. After a minute of escalating banter I said “I think Roger likes you” and she replied by leaning over and slipping her hungry lips around the head of his cock which was reaching above water level. I stroked down her ass and over her pussy, playing with her vagina and was not surprised to find Roger’s fingers playing with her clit. I smiled at Roger and he looked very surprised but he certainly smiled back. Looking at our friends around us I saw some looks of surprise, amazement and arousal. Lizzie continued to stroke both of us while she shared a few moments quiet conversation with Roger.

Turning to me, she says “(giggle) He says I want “it” and he’s right, but maybe we should wait for a while?” We have never picked up a single guy for a threesome before.

I replied “We have talked about this. We want this and we should do it now.” Turning to Roger , I said “Our room is nearby and we would like you to join us. Condoms are necessary, are you ok with that?”

He looked surprised and said “Really?!! Lizzie already told me about the condoms and that’s fine with me.” I looked at my blushing bride (she really was blushing at already starting that conversation) and I laughed out loud. This was going to be fun! Time elapsed since first spotting Roger? About 20 minutes. I love this woman. Cougar? Yeah.

We walked to our room with Roger keeping a discrete distance because we did have vanilla friends staying at the resort. Entering our room, Roger excused himself to use the bathroom, followed by Lizzie and then myself. As I exited, I find my loving wife sucking furiously on the cock of her new, black, young friend. I walked up behind her and slipped my cock right up into her pussy, already wet and slippery. After a few minutes of sucking and fucking, we relaxed onto the king size bed and I suggest to Roger that Lizzie might like her pussy licked. He agreed that it deserved some loving and had tongue and fingers going soon. Meanwhile, I fed my hard cock into her waiting mouth and oh she sucked me so good I had to be careful not to cum, not yet. This was the first time she had sucked me while another man ate her pussy.

She was close to coming when I suggested that she needed a big cock inside her and Roger was happy and ready. Fortunately he had brought his own condoms as I am not sure mine would fit. I am not small, but his dick was that big.

I watch as he slips his huge meat into Lizzie ’s quivering cunt and begins to pound away. I return my cock to her mouth and she tries to suck me in between gasps of lust and pleasure and at least 2 orgasms. Again I am close to cumming, so I take a walk around the bed to watch his big black cock sliding into her bald, beautiful, juicy pussy, and her beautiful full breasts swaying with his thrusts. From behind, his shaved black balls slap against her puckered asshole, a beautiful sight! I tell him we want him to cum inside her, just let us know and he responds that he is about to shoot. I return my cock to Lizzie ’s mouth just in time to watch him press her knees to her chest and slam his cock deeper and deeper as he cums inside her. After a few minutes Roger rolls off the bed and says he will leave us to finish off. Hot, huge and intuitive - what a great bull and a charming man.

After her last fondle and kiss with Roger, we return to bed for some more fucking with Lizzie coming a couple more times and I have an incredible, noisy orgasm deep inside her. When we returned to the pool, Roger was rarely to be seen as he was much in demand. Lizzie would have fucked him again, but she smiled thinking that had him first.

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