Mar. 28, 2016

Hi to all, I just wanted to tell a story about Living in a small farming community. Living here everyone has heard about me in some certain way, but the greatest part is, I love all of their assumptions. I love Leaving all the men clueless and me thinking how easy it is to tease them into a fantasy of wanting to know if the chemistry is true or not. I love to tease.

Yes it’s true to characterize myself! I believe to be a mysterious, classy, prerogative woman who always gets what she wants. Being five feet five inches weighting 130 pounds, I have never had any complaints on my figure in any way, perfectly shaped butt, back bottom length dark brown hair, blue eyes. What man could resist the temptation? Am not a bragger but just saying on the comments I have received in the past. The observation I get every time a car drives by when I’m gardening or enjoying the sun, I can’t seem to control myself to intentionally dress sexy and provocative. I think it drives the guys wild every time. I amuse myself for I know that they are very curious and will go home and fantasize about me. I can see the men who drive by are very nervous but when they do stop to say hello they don’t stay long enough I think it is because they feel their wife or girlfriend would get upset about the situation. As for The ladies in this town, they just don’t seem to give me the time of day to truly get to know me. They all know if something were to happen in this town everyone knows who talks to whom... So being the newcomer for some time now I slowly figured out most of the people in town, so I used this to my advantage. Every weekend there’s a social get together of some sort.

So here! This is what happened!!

But on this typical Saturday afternoon I decided not to go and wash my car. Hose in one hand a lathery sponge in the other.my mini skirt, high heel and half buttoned cropped top was what I was wearing, as I was leaning down to put the sponge in the bucket a glare flashed in the corner of my eye. What was that! Being sun blinded I could only see a shadowed reflection getting darker and closer to me... Oh it was my local farmer. I’ve seen him many times from distance doing his thing in open fields .I never really paid much attention for he had a wife and children. Everyone knew he was off limits and his wife was deranged, her actions were bitter. The town adored him; every woman’s dream... a real ladies’ man. Maybe I was hallucinating? Why would he come see me? It didn’t make sense perhaps a figment of my imagination or was I sleeping for I had dreamt about him many nights for as the long I could remember.

As he is approached me I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart started skipping faster and faster. Feeling very nervous and anxious at the same time, my mind was in over drive in hunger for his body, while at the same time restraining myself. He is tall, all natural muscular body, very good looking with that rustic look. Dark brown hair, beautiful blue eyes! He came face to face with me and asked in a blushing way if I had any water to spare. He has never seen me up this close before! I think it took his breath away. Apparently he was not noticing the running hose on the lawn... With a little chuckle I pointed to it... in that heated moment as I was getting the hose as he leaned in from behind me

He started to kiss and caressing my neck with a little bite, I was worried that someone would drive by and see! He then put his hand on my head stroking my long hair; the other hand is manly pushing on my back seductively putting his muscle body against mine.

Standing there with my plaid mini skirt I slowly feel his hand working his way down my back, he grabs my ass cheek putting a forceful but not too aggressively grab, he gave me the feeling he wanted more.

I couldn’t seem to resist of going further. I slowly put my hand on his biceps craving more and more .I slowly unbuttoned his shirt kissing his sound chest. His scent was addictive; the look of eagerness was getting stronger towards each other.

I took a quick look down and could see he had a long hard bulge in his jeans! I then thought this is the best time to grope his thigh, so unbuckling his buckle I could see he was undeniable prepared! he was voluminous;

I could see in his eyes as he was slowly undressing me. He would undo a button and caressed the spot and continued until I was shirtless. Fondling on my breast he slowly lowers my bra strap down my shoulder leaving all the cleavage in site. He reached the back unstrapping with one hand; it fell to the ground, my nipples exposed to the hot humid air. I could feel intense wetness between my legs intoxicating my arousal to the max.

As He gripped on to my hips pulling towards me, he slipped off my red laced g –string, and then quickly turned me around bending me over as he was embracing the backside. Just seeing Standing there bent over almost naked, just my skirt and black heels, I felt hypnotized into his soul of lust.

I then felt I should dominate the situation as I turned back facing him looking deep into his gorgeous eyes ,swayed myself down to his jewels , licking up on his shaft massaging his balls and sucking it , making him feel thirsty for more. His hand on my head pushing down onto his cock trying to go deeper with every push he gave me. His cock was hard and solid like a rock. He spontaneously grabbed me held me up into his arms my legs wrapped around his warm sweaty body. I then carefully inserted his manly cock into me , going slow up and down I couldn’t resist any more the more I felt him inside the more I wanted the harder and faster, he sat me down on the hood of my car where there were still some foamy bubbles. I started Squirting like I never squirted before he was hitting my G spot many times. My pussy was overly wet from so much excitement that I have never experience before in my life. He rapidly pulled out his cock and went down on me and swallowed all my juice, his tongue on my clit with his fingers penetrating my insides at the same time. He then stood up and grabbed a hold of his cock, masturbated while his finger still penetrating me full force until he reached the point of no return Cumming all over my dangling leg.

He then Took my hand and helped me stand for my legs were so weak and shaky, held me in his arms like he never wanted to let go. Giving me a passionate kiss on my forehead thereupon got dressed and left to go home. As days and months went by we would always find a way to secretly meet to nourish our demanding needs for one another. We were so captivated by one another!! Not realizing the consequence that would eventually catch up to us.