Nov. 10, 2020

My bride and I had booked a week at Desires RM and were nervous about how much Lifestyle it would be, but looking forward to finding out. At a party, we were chatting with some VERY non-lifestyle (vanilla) nudists and they realized we were going to Desires about same time. She was so excited to be going with some “normal” people. Sigh. We’re not that normal, they know lots of our vanilla friends and this couple is not noted for their discretion. Crap! Of course, we go anyway and while they could be fun, she, in particular, was very critical of any social interaction beyond a hand shake.

Generally, I am sort of shy with beautiful women, but after our wonderful adventure with the Russian couple, I was feeling more confident. I noticed a playful, beautiful woman in the pool and liked her immediately. Pushing aside my usual fears, I walked up and introduced myself to Maryanne and surprisingly, I didn’t say anything regrettable. Later that day, lounging in the pool, our friends from home were getting increasingly critical of the naughty behavior around them and were really being bores. Using the excuse of going to get drinks, I escaped and who did I find, but Maryanne and then met her husband Vince. We hit it off very well and eventually Julie followed me to meet them. Pretty quick, shots were ordered and shared (see previous story for “dirty shots”), tits were caressed and cocks too. We agree to find some place drier and more comfortable, but we stipulated soft swap only. We had, just that morning, moved our play limits from fingers and feeling to full oral and we both were hot to try out our new limits on some new friends. If you know Desires, the hot tub is surrounded by nice big beds, but, all the beds near the tub were busy or messy so they suggested their room. Certainly more discrete. But we did walk away from the pool giggling like school kids and cocks at full mast. Not discrete.

We arrived at their room, and looking and feeling nervous, I asked “So, what happens now?” Maryanne looked at us and said “Really?” and laughed to her husband Vince: “We got us a couple of virgins!” We chatted with these lovely people about soft-swap and agreed that touching and oral was all good, but no vaginal (or anal) penile penetration. Maryanne commented that while they were comfortable full swap, but this should also be fun because no one is in a hurry to get to the Boom-Boom and we can really enjoy all the touching and oral.

Maryanne was close to our age, but looked younger with a very firm body and medium length blond hair, tied up and perfectly natural B cup tits, blue eyes and a mischievous smile that had originally attracted me, with a smart and bubbly personality. Vince was the same age and while shorter and smaller than me, he was a real pleaser and he clearly loved Julie's full figure and soft brown curves. Within minutes Maryanne and I were in 69 and just lapping each other up. Maryanne was very vocal and was constantly encouraging my technique, etc. We also laughed and played a LOT. She was sooo much fun. She came a couple of times while fucking her clit into my face and I was about to cum and warned her in case swallowing wasn’t her thing. Meanwhile my tongue was lapping from her clit all the way through to dive deep into her vagina and stroke back to her clit. I was literally eating every bit of her that I could reach. With her lips planted firmly around the base of my dick, I came my full load right down her throat, not a drop was missed. That was an amazing first for me. Then we played and laughed some more. Julie and Vince were a bit slower to get going and were distracted by all the noise Maryann and I were making. With help from Maryanne and me, they got off very well too. Watching Julie lick and then suck her first dick since we married (35 years then) was really hot and before long, I was hard again. Julie noticed the proof that I was okay with what she was doing and licked and sucked with more vigour. While she pleasured Vince, I played with her clit and pussy bringing her to a wonderful climax. Then Vince took over the oral pleasures and Julie had another tongue licking her pussy for the first time ever. Meanwhile Maryanne slipped under Vic so that he could fuck his wife’s pussy while licking my wife’s cunt. I added that to my bucket list. I reclined over beside Maryanne and looked into those baby blues, she smiled back, glowing with a huge grin, staring at my hard cock while we shared looks that said “wish we could FUCK!” I lowered my cock back to her mouth and fucked her lips, tongue and throat while kissing my beloved bride. Heaven!

Vince came in his wife and we all relaxed and cuddled for a few minutes, and then I looked at the clock and sheepishly said, “Umm, I know this is kinda slutty, but we have a dinner date and wer are already late. We gotta go.” Maryanne looks at us and says “Not even staying for dinner with us?” “No, really sorry.” Feeling profoundly slutty, we rush to clean up and join the vanillas for dinner. We were late, they were pissed and suspicious. That didn’t matter, we were glowing with sexual satisfaction and we did catch dinner and more with Maryanne and Vince later. Didn’t get their email, one of our few regrets in these fun times.

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