Sep. 8, 2020

A couple months ago I chatted with a couple online and they invited me over. I am always a little bit apprehensive meeting new people but that adds to the excitement. I pulled into the visitor parking and the mr met me at my car. He walked me into the apartment where the mrs was waiting. She was probably early to mid 50s and took care of herself. They were an upscale couple and active in the lifestyle. We all had a few drinks and chatted a bit to get comfortable. Before too long I was touching the mrs who was sitting in between us and she said "do you like what you see?" I said definitely. She undressed and the mr and I pulled out cocks out. She had a gleam in her eye and you could tell she loved getting attention from two men. She asked us to get closer so we did. She began sucking my cock very well. You could tell she was an expert at sucking. Taking me all the way in her mouth and rolling her tongue around. While she sucked me she was stroking her mr. This was definitely not her first time. She alternated back and forth sucking me and stroking him, then stroking me while sucking him. She was in heaven. The mr sometimes would grab the back of her head while she sucked me making her suck me deeper. This was hot. I reached down and played with her nipples. She went back and forth and always had her mouth on one cock and her hand stroking the other never missing a beat.

The mr suggested we go into the bedroom. We went in and I laid down on the bed. The mrs was sucking me while the mr fucked her from behind. He kept grabbing her head and made her suck me deeper. The scene was really hot. I held my cock up so she sucked my balls. She was excellent with her mouth. After a while the mr asked if I would like to fuck her. I said sure so I got up and put a condom on. I took her from behind while she sucked him. I slapped her ass and they both seemed to like this. I kept fucking her hard while she sucked him and the mr suggested a DP. She got on top of him and I went in her ass. We couldnt really get the rythm down that well so we only did this for a little bit and I suggested she go back to sucking me. The mr happily fucked her from behind while she came and I had her sucking my balls again while she stroked me. I came all over, she came and her mr came I believe inside of her. We all laid there for a bit naked. I cleaned up got dressed had another drink and went home. Overall it was a very fun evening.