Dec. 27, 2016

At a resort in Negril, Jamaica, we met a nice couple I shall call Suzie and Ron. We shared dinner and conversation and thought they were lovely people but not swingers. The next day, we met Suzie in the pool and she seemed much more affectionate. I noticed that Ron was in another pool and getting a lot of attention from a number of ladies. Noting to the wife that they clearly were players if not swingers, we both did our best to make Suzie feel appreciated. As a diversion and because drinks do run out, I headed off to the bar for refills. My wonderful wife asked Suzie if they would consider a full swap and they had things settled before I got back. She let me know and our attentions to Suzie accelerated appropriately. Within a few minutes I had Suzie riding my cock in the pool; my first intercourse with another woman since meeting my wife of 35 years. Sweet! The wife then decided that she needed to attend to Ron and proceeded to dismiss the other ladies and pleasure him by hand, lips and tongue. After a while of oral play among all of us (at poolside, exhibitionist, what?), I suggested we move to our private hot tub. With nerves fluttering and hardons waving, we walked over to our room and slipped into the tub. Within minutes the wife was sitting on Ron’s lap, grinning with lust. I asked if he was inside her and she said “Oh, Oh, yes!” I grabbed Suzie and sat her on my cock for a few amazing minutes where we could each see the faces of our spouses and the new friend fucking them. After a few minutes of pushing waves out of the hot tub, we moved to the bed. It took only another minute before Ron was pounding the wife’s pussy like crazy. I was mesmerized watching this other man’s cock sliding in and out of my wife’s pussy that had never known any other man’s dick. It was awesome to watch the multiple positions (including Suzie diving in to lick clit) and hearing my wife’s groans of ecstasy. After viewing from a few angles, Suzie and I fucked like bunnies. She could suck my whole cock down and still lick my balls! I’m not small but she was practiced with her bigger husband. We all screwed for a long while until everyone was worn out and sat and giggled before separating to dress for dinner.

Suzie and Ron were both our juniors and seriously cute. Ron is a charming black man with a huge dick and all the fucking was, yeah, bareback. Hell of a start to our full swapping experiences.