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Once shared passion with a man (MFM)

"The passion was unbelievable- when we as a couple shared with a man."

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Back in 2016 - Ferne and I shared a happy love life. Tho we were older- sex was great. She- very passionate- truly “ sensual and sensuous”— Her sensitive breasts were like a “ switch” to start her hunger and passion. Lovely still firm 38C cups- when fondled and suckled- literally made her pussy “ gush” with lube- opening in hunger. To the story- we were together since 2011- I took cialis daily- being in my 60s - still capable of 2-3 times. BUT- I noticed I was “ slowing down”— head over heels in love with her- and her “ ectasy” was what I wanted. We were on a holiday to Kelowna for a week- a nice motel on the lake near a golf course. We shopped in a nearby mall where she bought a most sensual yet classy skirt and blouse— I joked that the skirt said “ fuck me”. Anyway- that evening we dined, had a few wine - were relaxed and at ease. Then surprisingly, a small band cam on to play dance music- we danced- enjoyed. When out of nowhere came a tall grey haired man- politely saying- If I may- I’d be honoured to have a dance if your lady will give me the pleasure. We were both pleased at the gentlemanly way he spoke. I nodded- he took her in his arms and they melted together. He returned her- with rosy cheeks- beaming on such a gentleman. I said- Ferne, if he invites you again- have him join us. She seemed hesitant— I said— we are not in White rock or Surrey- no one knows us— and we are not doing anything- just enjoying our holiday. Yes

S, he returned and accepted her offer. The wine was flowing,so we were all relaxed— so when I suggested- we go to our motel for a drink- she hesitatingly agreed and he was yes. On the quiet,I said to Ferne, we are just having a good time- you know me- you are safe- nothing you do t want will ever happen. . We had music on the TV- they had a danced- we talked- as I sneakily fondled her breasts. She was squirming- I could tell she was getting horny.n I said to her— before Trevor leaves us- please let him and I each kiss a breast good nite? She slowly agreed- her top off. Well with each of us fondling and suckling- in just a few minutes we carried her to bed. They kissed- as I slipped her panties off- the moaning and screwing was hot- he pumped a huge load of cream into her pussy- and the minute he pulled out- I was in for my turn. She was still a little restrained- so when he entered to “ breed” her the second time- I raised her legs and locked them around his waist. WOW— that was like a light switch as the fucked- her hips raised to meet his thrusts. The squishing sounds were sooo sexy dirty and hot. I popped another cialis. late evening- I had enjoyed her pussy 3 times— he had flooded her sopping pussy 4 times. Cream had flooded the sheets- we all were in heavenly bliss- her cunt ooozing seed. I laid towels under us to fall asleep - me clasping and squeeezing her cunt as we both fell asleep in passionate ectasy. Though she had enjoyed- she wouldn’t do it again. I think maybe our old ways of sin or she felt like a slut- though I encouraged it. Sadly it never happened again- but I still get horny- seeing her pussy open and hearing her cumming— because through our breeding- both him and I would be suckling and fondling a breast as the other fucked her. Oh the memories- with our fingers and tongues- she has cum 4 times


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