Sep. 30, 2019

My husband encouraged me to write a story of one of my hot adventures, while waiting for him to get his shit together lol.

At work I knew this guy. He worked in the same building so we chatted on the smoke pad now and then. He parked his car not far from my place, and would get in with his friend to go to work, so he asked if he could hitch a ride with me now and then and seeing as I drove by myself I agreed. This went on for a long while. Then on a nice warm summer day we were driving and out of the blue he leans over and places his hand on my breast,and one hand on my leg and slid it up to my crotch. I was wearing a nice summer blouse and sun dress, with some cleavage showing. Not much but enough he got so turned on .

My pussy got a little moist ,but I was so surprised. He then asked when were we going to get together??? I hadn't be fucked in awhile so I was long overdue. He then invited me over to his place for dinner. It was Friday so I accepted. Now my mind was reeling.

I dropped him at his car and went home and got ready to go over to his house. I was very horny thinking about how the evening was going to unfold. I was wet, very wet.

I put on a very short skirt, white top no bra no panties and a light summer coat I was sooooooo wet driving over. About a 20 minute drive. I got to his house. He greeted me and invited me in. He asked if he could take my coat. I said yes and turned slightly so he could remove it. I then turned back. His eyes fixed on my breasts with my nipples poking out. I had to look at his crotch and noticed a nice swollen package. Mmmmmmm I thought to myself. Then he looked at me and caught me staring at his crotch but I didn't care. I was so excited and horny to get fucked,

He escorted me to his kitchen bar stool and as I tried to get up on it I had to part my legs, exposing my very wet pussy, slightly I thought and caught his eyes fixed on my pussy. He was stretching his pants now as he eyeballed me. He then offered me a red wine which I really needed now and back to sit on a bar stool beside me. Our eyes casually looking at each other crotch when we thought the other person wouldn't notice, but after two or three drinks he couldn't hold back. Finally, he leaned in and gave me a slow hot passionate kiss and of course, his hands started caressing me. Mmmmmmm felt so good as he felt my tits up before his hand went down my side to my leg and eased up making me moan so loud as he touched my pussy. My hand reached for his crouch. He was sooooooo hard with a nice big wet spot. He was definitely commando as well. One finger slide into my pussy making me gasp. Fuck it felt good then two fingers, slowly started sliding in and out while we kissed. Hot tongue-filled kiss, and it wasn't long my moaning got louder and I blurted out I'm cummmming, fuck I'm cummmming. I couldn't help myself. I can get loud. I flooded his stool and floor. I was so long overdue. After a short while my awesome orgasm subsided, he pulled his soaking wet fingers out. I grabbed hold of his hand and brought it to my mouth and slowly sucked and licked them off while rubbing his crotch, fumbling with his pants trying to free his very hard leaking cock.

I so wanted to suck on it and take a look at what I know is going to be fucking me soon. Finally got his pants unbuttoned and pulled his zipper down and hungrily pulled his cock out. Fuck it was a very nice size. I slide off my stool and gently stroked it, coaxing out a nice load of precummmmm. Mmmmmmm escaping my mouth as I went to work sucking and licking. Fuck I love cock. I had him moaning and groaning as was I enjoying every slurp, my pussy juice was running down my leg. I so needed to feel that big cock inside me.

He gently got off his stool and kissed me again before leading me to the couch, laying me down. After we peeled all our clothing off, he slide on top of me. I reached for that awesome cock but to my surprise in was getting soft. He tried to get it inside me but to no avail. He muttered some curse words to himself, got up and went upstairs??? He was so upset with himself. A few minutes later I proceeded up stairs he was laying on his bed. I got in and started to kiss him while fondling his balls and cock, moaning. There was cum on his cock and balls that had leaked out. I whispered to him mmmmmmm juice don't want to waste that and my tongue and lips made their way down and proceeded to suck and lick his cock and balls and it wasn't long he was at full attention.

He rolled me over and had that awesome cock at my pussy entrance. I grabbed it and guided it in. Mmmmmmm. I started gasping as he slowly worked it in until his balls squished up tight. Holy fuck it felt so good. He slowly started to pump me and I blurted out once again I'm cummmming. Fuck yes I'm cummmming grabbing his ass, I tried to pull him as deep as his would go. He started fucking me faster and faster, let out a big moan. I felt his big cock head swell even bigger before pumping me full of cummmm. Fuck it felt so good - pump after pump after pump. He had a lot of cum for me and I loved every drop. After he finally emptied his balls, he laid on top as we kissed passionately, sucking on my horny tits then kissing some more. His semi-hard cock that was still inside me started to swell again. Holy shit this was good, really good! He got hard again and slowly started working his cock in and out. Fuck I loved it. Never happened before. I started gasping and moaning again and started to cum. I was so turned on and horny. He picked up his pace as I told him I was cummmming. His cock swelled once again as he started pumping cummmm into me. We started kissing as he emptied his second load into me. Fuck I loved every drop. I couldn't stop moaning and gasping with sheer pleasure.

After a nice long while, he rolled off, laying on his back. Both of us catching our breath. I reached down for his nice soft, juice-covered cock. Mmmmmmm. I slide down and took it in my mouth and started licking and slurping all that tasty juice he ran his fingers through my hair, both of us moaning. I sucked and licked his balls clean before making my way back up, locking into another hot passionate kiss. The start a very long sleepless night. He fucked me 5 times that night. Doggie style. I rode that awesome cock as well. He had me bent over the couch at one point, fucking me good. The drive home the next morning with nothing but beautiful thoughts going through my mind and cummmmm leaking out of my very satisfied pussy. I knew I was cummmming back here for more ,

Until my now hubby got off the fence and moved in with me, there was a couple of more guys I fucked while waiting. Maybe more than a couple if anybody wants me to write another true story?