Nov. 5, 2019

Well I am happy to say I finally did it! I was finally DP'd (double penetrated)! And it felt wonderful!

Last evening a young cub of mine dropped by for a few hours of fun. We were playing in bed while hubby sat by the side of the room watching us with a huge hard on. My young lover is very attentive and takes good care to please this fierce cougar. His rock hard young body was so smooth I could not help but dig my claws into his skin, leaving marks I did not intend on leaving behind....hi hi...oops! But I could not help myself as his lips and tongue trailed my body, him tasting me and me tasting him as I nibbled my way down his body. Taking his youthful precum dripping cock deep into my mouth as he throat fucked me...I was gagging with pleasure, he is so young but so damn good at being dominating and aggressive. His fingers entering me and bringing me to such heights of pleasure, over and over, as I moaned into his ear while pulling on his hair. So hot! So naughty!

Then I invite hubby to join us on the bed, I am sooooooo ready to get fucked hard by now! I climb on top of hubby and insert his throbbing cock inside my pussy as my boy toy positions himself behind me and slides into my well lubed ass. Holy Fuck! I experience a euphoric feeling as I feel these two cocks filling both holes. The three of us are rocking back and forth, in and out, up and down until we all climax and are out of energy...so worth the wait...can't wait until we can do it again.

To be continued... ;)