Jun. 2, 2020

Well I had been up in Sudbury for a wedding,and ended hooking up with my girlfriend's brother breifly and it left me longing for more ,so I was seeing Mr M and when I came back from the wedding I was soooooo horny because I never got fucked up there, close though lol,

So I got home called Mr M to make sure he was home ,took a bath and headed to his place wasn't long he was fucking my little pussy ,I was so horny and do was he , wasn't long I had my first orgasm and shortly after with my load moaning and groaning I could feel the head of his cock swelling and he pumped me full of nice tasty cock juice,he kept fucking me his cum running down the crack of my ass ,felt so good ,I guess he missed me ?, afterwards he pay on top of me , hot passionate kissing,I could feel his cock getting hard inside my well lubed pussy and he started cummmmmming again I loved that about Mr M,double pumper ,more cummmm filled my pussy ,not as much as his first massive load but lots

We sucked and fucked all afternoon and into the evening, drinking red wine ,my mind would drift off thinking of my freinds brother at the wedding and how I got to suck his cock in the elevator for a little bit while he was sliding two fingers into my very wet 😳 horny 😈😈😈 pussy, thinking I was going to feel his cock in me ??????but not to happen

Two weeks passed and I got an invite to go back up for some fishing,???? fishing eh,,I fucked Mr M,s brains out and he mine for the previous two weeks,I was really horny

So I could hardly contain myself waiting for the Thursday night,took Friday off,to head back up,all these thoughts running through my head , finally got there nothing happened that night as I was staying at my girlfriend's dad's house,next day fishing ,it was a very hot day so I put on my string bikini and then a cover up

But we all got into his dad's car ,his dad and his girlfriend,my girlfriend and her hot brother and I,but to my surprise when we got there ,my freinds brother had his own agenda lol,he had a smaller fishing boat 14 footer with a 15 horse outboard and the rest of the gang got on another,the dad wasn't aware of this but it didn't bother him

So off we go heading in our own direction,found a nice secluded bay ,he got the fishing roods ready handed me one and we started fishing making small talk me wet and horny 😈😈😈 and I could tell by the buldge in his pants he was as well ,he caught me looking,but I didn't care ,sun got stronger so off came my cover-up ,top barely covering my tits and a thong bottom ,he stared at me and I just smiled ,he said it is getting warm ,he striped down to his underwear,I could see a wet spot ,I just smiled

We fished a little bit drinking and joking and laughing,but that didn't last long ,he looked at me and said holy fuck you're hot and turned the motor off and made his way over to me ,and planted a hot tonge filled kiss on me ,it made me moan with pleasure,his hand found my tits and started slowly caressing them with my top pulled to the side ,I reached for that bulge in his shorts mmmmmmmm escaped my lips his underwear was pretty wet ,I got his cock out and told him I have to suck on it,he leaned back and my mouth and lips and tongue went to work ,I cleaned up all his precummmmmm and coaxed more out mmmmmmmm,I said ,he tasted good ,lickedcand sucked his balls gently stroking his very big hard cock ,he was definitely healthy,

Wasn't that long he suggested we go to shore ,I eagerly agreed,his cock sticking out for my veiwing he sat back down at the motor and started it up ,fuck that cock was big and hard ,I had to go back and start sucking and licking it again ,mmmmmm I moaned coaxing out more cummmm

We got to shore he layed out a couple of towels and we sat down on them ,and we started kissing and fondling each other he removed my bottoms and was fingering my very very very wet pussy and I told him I was going to cummmm,I was stroking his cock but when I started to cummmm all I could do is squeeze it ,and I started vibrating,oh fuck it felt good was all I could say ,then he went down on me , fingering me and sucking on my clit and swollon pussy lips ,and I started to have another orgasm,fuck it felt good ,when I finally started to cummmm down from it I could feel his cock juice on my hand ,a lot of precummmmmm,

I worked my way down and lapped and sucked ,his cock was big ,swollen cock head ,I said you have to fuck me ,I have to feel your cock in me. Didn't have to ask twice ,I spread my legs as he positioned himself between them ,grabbed his cock and placed it at my pussys entrance,moved it up and down ,making me moan uncontrollably,then slowly worked that swollen head in ,fuck it felt good ,then he left go of his cock and slowly slide it in a little at a time pumping in and out ,then buried it to the holy squishing his balls tight as he could to my ass ,I let out such a load moan with sheer pleasure,fuck it felt soooooo good ,he held it in me and planted a another hot tonge filled kiss on me ,my hands on his nice tight ass ,he then started pulling all the way out leaving just the tip of his cock in me making me feel ,and then sliding back in squishing his balls ,I kept pulling on his ass cheeks ,he started picking up his pace ,and I told him I'm cummmmmming,I'm cummmmmming,fuck me fuck me ,it feels so good and he did ,he started pumping me with that very big hard cock , wasn't that long after I cammmmm I could feel his balls get tight and his cock head swell even bigger ,he let out a moan and I could feel his cummmmmm squirting into me did it feel good ,he kept fucking me his cummmmm running down my ass ,our juices drenched the towel,he just kept pumping me fuck I loved it ,after awhile he pace slowed and then he stopped ,cock inside me we started kissing again,I love a hot kisser and he was ,

I could feel his cock get a little softer,then a little softer ,still felt great then he pulled out and layed back on the towel resting,I leaned over and started sucking and licking all that tasty cummmm off , savoring every drop ,sucking and licking his empty ball sack,then back to his cock making him moan ,he definitely loved my talents lol,

We had to head back unfortunately,the rest of the gang were already waiting for us wondering where we went ,but my girlfriend knew ,she wanted me to hook up with her brother,she just smiled when we got into the car lol,but it didn't end there I definitely wanted more of his awesome cock ,part two cummmmmming???