Jun. 2, 2020

It was definitely a wet ride back to the apartment,cum was ozzzzzzzzing out of my well lubed pussy,we were sitting beside each other in the back seat,my freind ,his sister was beside me ,I was in the middle,I leaned over and whispered in his ear ,,,,,,,,your cum is leaking out and smiled at him ,,,he smiled back and said I have more ,I just replied,,,,,I want more

We got back and we kinda let everyone else go ahead up while we held back ,then after a little time passed we made our way but after we locked into a nice hot kiss hands straying a little,I had to reach down and carresse his package through his pants , making me moan as I felt it growing,he slide his hand between my legs rubing my pussy ,then we headed in grabbed the elevator,I so wanted to pull his cock out and suck on it again mmmmmm

We got to the apartment went in and joined everyone got a glass of wine sipping on it my mind still reeling from my afternoon delight

After a long while my girlfriend left to go meet her new hubby,then after a little while after the dad and his girlfriend left to go do something,not sure what and then there was just the two of us , unexpected but to my delight ,we stopped our drinks but not for long we locked into another long kiss feeling each other up moaning with every touch,I had his pants unbuttoned stroking his very hard cock once again,he had me down to my thong fingering my cum soaked pussy sliding two fingers in and out and had me orgasming once again gasping as I came as soon as I started cummmmmming down he stood up to peel his pants and underwear off freeing his awesome cock ,so I'm sitting on the couch his standing in front of me well I grabbed his cock leaking precummmmmm as he pulled his t-shirt off and started sucking and licking his long shaft sliding my lips and tongue up and down carressing his balls, mmmmmmmm kept escaping my mouth coaxing out more tasty precummmmmm,fuck I was do horny 😈😈😈 I told him you have to fuck me again I want to feel your cock in me again,he peeled my thongs off ,I payed back on the couch spreading my legs for him ,I grabbed his cock as soon as it got close pulling it to my throbbing pussy lips ,as soon as his cock head parted them I reached for his ass and pulled him in as deep as I possibly could letting out a loud moan I thought the neighbors would hear and he started working his cock in and out slow at first but wasn't long before he was pounding my little pussy fuck his cock felt so good,

He fucked me for a nice while before he moved me into doggie style grabbed my ass with both hands and started fucking me nice and deep , slowing down to reach around and carresse my tits as I reached back fondling his balls and cock as he slowly moved it in and out and then grabbing my ass again with both hands and kept a nice steady pace so I could continue to play with his nice balls wasn't long his ball sack started to get hard and I knew it wasn't going to be long before I would feel him filling up again,and he did he started pumping,and pumping full ,my little pussy loved it ,I didn't think he would empty,pussy and cock juice all over the couch ,good thing it was leather,,mmmmmmmm

After he emptied every last drop he stopped keeping his cock in me catching his breath for a minute before his cock slipped out ,I turned and grabbed hold of it and slowly started licking and sucking all that tasty juice off ,sucking on his balls working back up to his soft cock ,cum leaking out of my welllllllll lubed pussy ,after I was satisfied I got every drop ,I looked up and said that was great he smiled and said fuck yes ,and we kissed for a bit then he went and got paper towel to clean off our nice mess ,then we headed for a shower ,he let me go first ,while he had a drink or two lol,

We both got all freshened up and we're sitting at the table sipping drinks his hand nicely between my legs ,up my short skirt with no panties on,me rubbing his cock through his shorts ,then his dad and girlfriend got back ,we after inocent lol, chatting away ,but we weren't done with each other yet ,I definitely still wanted some more cock and I knew he wanted some more pussy

Part three to cummmm