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The first thrust…..

"“ oh fu k”"
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Author's Notes

"Would love to hear from people. Tell me what you would like to read about. What you like in the moments of passion. I’ll write about it. Gladly."

Your legs in my arms.  Just around about the knees by my elbows.   Our faces inches from eachother.  My hard throbbing member laying on your pussy.   I slowly gyrate my hips.  Sliding my cock over your clit.  The ridge of my cock teasing your clit.  You grab my head up pull me close.  We kiss.  Passionately.  Our tongues exploring each other’s mouths.   I continue to thrust my cock over your clit.   Slowly sliding past your swollen clit my tip traces your swollen lips.  You moan into my mouth.  My cock finds your wet entrance.   I push my tip firmer into you.  And pull back.  You gasp.  You are like where you going.  Get back in there.  You grab my ass and pull me hard into you.  My cock sliding effortlessly into your wanting entrance.   You barely get our breath out and the only thing I hear is you “oh fuck”.  As I disappeared into your warmth ............

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