Aug. 23, 2017

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Which is hotter: watching your wife cheat on you with your best friend, or watching her cheat on her best friend with the friend's husband? How ‘bout both with bi action included?

My wife Julie and I were co-hosting a party with our close friends Steve and Suzie. With some of our better Lifestyle friends and some vanillas, about 32 free drinking fools. Most of the group had settled into the recreation hall for the dance, but Julie and I sat down outside for a breath of fresh air. Steve showed up, looking for us and sits down with a sigh. I looked over at Julie, and reminded her that she still owed Steve a “special” birthday present that she had promised him. She looks at Steve, smiles, and says she could give it to him now, if he might like. Well, Suzie has had some health problems and has not been her usual sexy self, so poor Steve was really horny. “Now is good” says Steve.

We head into his deluxe trailer, and he asks Julie, the couch or the bed? Julie says the bed, of course. In seconds our costumes are in piles on the floor, Steve is a bit nervous, but Julie pushes him down and starts sucking on his cock. Now Steve and I had just recently started some bi play, so I slid up beside Julie and we trade sucking and licking on Steve’s cock and balls. He is not as big as me, but she enjoys being able to really suck on him – my balls won’t take much abuse.

I stand up behind her and thrust my hard cock deep into her cunt and even with her mouth full of cock, she groans. Julie gets wet so easily and she is sopping already. Damn she feels good and I love to watch her suck cock. I pull out before I cum and give her butt a nice smack. Much to my surprise, she slides forward, straddles Steve’s hard dick and plunges it into her wet pussy.

Now, to interrupt with a bit of history, I should relate that Julie has only fucked 2 other guys bareback, ever, and this was her first fuck with Steve. Lots of licking, sucking and playing, but first fuck with my best friend, the husband of her best friend.

She rides him like a pro cowgirl and Steve is ecstatic. Some very passionate kissing and the horny boy is pumping his seed into my wife. They slow down and I ask Julie if he came inside her? “Oh yeah” says my sweet wife, "he really did.” Now this is the first time ANY man, other than me, has cum bareback inside my wife. When was the last time your wife spontaneously did something that hot?

I waited for a couple of minutes for their heat to ease, then reached between them and pulled Steve’s still hard cock backwards out of my wife's now gooey, wet, sloppy pussy and sucked his dick like the best food ever. He tasted of her pussy (which is delicious, a few guys and girls have said so) and his cum. I had never tasted another man’s cum before. This way was fantastic. After a few minutes, Julie rolls off Steve, and I start to eat her pussy. I start at the top, flicking her tingling clit with my tongue, receiving the usual warm praises for technique and enthusiasm. From there I slide down, again tasting the mix of his cum and her juices. With my tongue, I gather up a wad of this sex elixir and crawl up to share it with her. This is the first time she had tasted another man’s cum and what a way to get it. She had always said she didn’t want to have another man’s cum in her mouth, but she took this juice and sucked my tongue dry, then shared this treat with Steve, his first cum taste, too.

This was all wonderful, but I had a hard cock, too, so I plunged back into her cunt, feeling the incredible lube of another man’s cum in my wife’s cunt for the first, but not the last, time. I was fucking her hard, banging into her like a teenager and she was loving it. Steve helped by sliding up so she could also play and suck on his cock, getting it half hard again. I was getting close to coming when Julie takes Steve’s dick out of her mouth, dripping her saliva and maybe still a bit of cum, and offers it to my waiting mouth. As I take his cock in my mouth she comes and then I have an amazing orgasm.

We spent a few minutes recovering before returning to the party. Suzie takes one look at us and says ”We will talk about this tomorrow”. Yeah we misbehaved. Now, if only Julie doesn’t get knocked up . . .

Any comments will only encourage more true stories. I don't have to make this up, we are this naughty.

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