Oct. 25, 2019

All our posts are from events we have hosted. They are written from the male partner D, in this couple. Ellen is the female partner. Enjoy our adventures.

We welcomed a few newcomers to our little soirée group for a midsummer’s eve frolic. A couple Nancy and Dale, who have been in the lifestyle for a number of years but not ever to a bi event, along with Janet, a lady who was also experienced in swinging but not bi play were greeted by Ellen and I along with an old friend Gabe, who had not played with us for over two years.

It was a Slow and easy start to the evening as there was lots of talk and banter getting to know each other and find out where each person was in their sexual journeys. We found connections to previous experiences at a number of straight swing clubs and explored the new arrivals’ experience with bi adventures. Everyone was enthusiastic and open to exjoying new sensations.

I invited everyone to get naked So we could move from discussion to action. As clothes were shed, first eyes then fingers and mouths roamed over the hard cocks and wet pussies that were revealed. Freed from our garments, our inhibitions also fell away with each of us exploring the other’s charms. We danced around each other, touching, tasting, fondling, groping our exposed organs finding delights in each one.

Sometimes two different hands found themselves wrapped around a stiff cock, our sharing the exploration of wet cunts. Bobbing up and down as we dropped to our knees to engulf a rigid member with our mouths or push aside cunt lips with our tongues, we were enraptured by the lust building in our loins. There were mummers of enticement, sighs of pleasure, laughter at the enjoyment of our revelry.

Janet and I had played together previously in a D/s role, and she had said in accepting the invitation to join the soirée she needed some kinky play. I lead her to the bed, my fingers pulling her by the nipples, one of her favourites. Once spread on her back on the bed, I vigorously started to ram her dripping cunt with my fingers, forcing her to open wide to take them all in. She is bucking drinking her cunt onto my hand to get more as she starts a mantra of oh fuck, fuck,fuck me. The others move to join us on the bed.

I have replaced my fingers with my mouth on Janet’s pussy, forcing her hips wide and spreading her cunt lips with my fingers so I can assault her clit. First swirling my tongue around it, flipping its hood to get at the hard nub and then nibbling, sucking it stretching her clit pulling it with my lips and then my teeth as she flips into fit of thrashing and more of her fuck fuck me mantra.

I feel my bottom being stoked and then Ellen’s magic finger probing, seeking my nether hole that she knows so well. I spread myself anticipating the delight of her finger penetrating my inner sanctum. Her voice in my ear husky with lust encourages me to take her thrusting digit as she stirs up my lust. I give a shudder as my first assgasm courses through my body.

Releasing me, Ellen goes to join Gabe and Dale at the end of the bed as they stoke and suck each other. She drops to her knees to alternate between their stiff rods. As she is Sucking Gabe And Dale, they are both fingering Nancy as she leans against the end of the bed.

I climb up to pin Janet sitting on her tits and my legs holding down her arms so I can slide my cock into her mouth. She eagerly gobbles my stiff manhood and then starts to face fuck me bouncing her head up and down on the bed. I motion to Nancy to climb onto the bed and spread her cunt so I can lick her naked muff. As Nancy grinds her twat into my face, I am being devoured by Janet and Gabe has buried his face between her legs.

Again Ellen’s finger finds my hidden pleasure hole. She has mounted Dale beside us and as she rides his hard rod, she is whipping my ass into another frenzied assgasm.

We break apart to get a drink. Meanwhile Gabe is stuffing his rampant dick into Nancy’s dripping pussy. As he batters her cunt she is growling with lust urging him onward. We take voyeuristc delight in watching them pumping each other.

I go to suck Dale’s thick member, teasing the corona with my tongue and plying is balls with my mouth. I ask if he would like to fuck me and as Nancy lubes us and sheaths his cock, I slide down to try to ride him. His cock head is nudging my tight hole but neither of us can get it to slide past into my ass. We are both ready but it is not to be this time. I swing back to pump his rigid member with my hand feeling his precum oozing out of hiim coating my fingers with is stickiness.

We gather by the table to refresh ourselves engaged in prurient conversation about past adventures and experiences. There is much laughter and enjoyment in hearing of each other’s exploits. As we chat, our hands are stroking and fondling each other, keeping the glow of smouldering passions in our bodies as much as in our words.

I lead Janet to the sex swing room where I put her in the swing and restrain her spread wide for my enjoyment. I spank her clit as she relishes the sensations again evoking her mantra of fuck fuck fuck me as she strains to give access to her quivering clit. The others come to watch, attracted by the sounds of my hand slapping her twat and her cries of delight. They watch wide eyed as I continue to flick her hard nub. I asked if anyone else would like to give her what she wants. Gabe steps up and gives her cunt a few slaps to add to its crimson hue.

Nancy kneels in front of Janet and slithers her tongue across Janet’s swollen clit. I stand behind the swing so I can reach Janet’s nipples, squeezing and pulling them and whispering in her ear. Telling her what a wanton slut she is, what a lovely cunt she has and then telling her to cum for Nancy. As I repeat cum cum cum she explodes in Nancy’s mouth. As they part, both of their eyes are glistening with a wicked gleam as the look at each other.

We return to the bedroom where Gabe and Ellen are stroking each other and I join them to suck on his firm cock. As I lick my way past her luscious cunt lips to find the hidden treasures, Gabe goes to pull Janet onto the bed to mirror us. Both pussys are getting a tongue lashing as they moan and cry with the exquisite vibrations we are creating on their clits.

The other two come to join us attracted by the sounds of pleasure spewing from Ellen and Janet. Ellen turns her attention to Dale’s cock as she stuffs it into her mouth.

Nancy swallows me standing beside the bed and then we move to sprawl across it in a classic 69 position. Our legs wrapped around each other’s heads pining us together, both our mouths devour each other. I am lost in the folds of her twat as it oozes sweet juices lathering my face with her fragrance. She is swirling her tongue around the tip of my glands. Such wonderful agony, then she plunges her mouth over the entirety of my cock. She slides her finger down the crevice between my cheeks seeking my rosebud. Finding it, she teases and tantalizes me before pushing her finger into my pucker hole to tickle my p-spot. Her brown star is in my eyes as I glaze up from her dripping pussy. It too is pulsating and I move my finger to penetrate her ass.

Our fingers in our asses stir up our debauchery. Our hips are grinding in spasms as we both face fuck the other. The added sensations from our finger fucking driving our lust as we pummel each other. I am hurtling towards the edge and I cry out that I am about to explode, asking Nancy if she wants my cream. She replies by swallowing me to the hilt and increasing the frenzy of her finger fucking. I erupt in a massive orgasm that goes on forever. My cries of extasy burst from the back of my throat. I am racked in total body tremors ricocheting across me from my cock and my ass as Nancy continues to plunder me. Her body is enfolde around mine holding me prisoner to her desires as she sends me over the edge into the abyss of total depravity where I surrender completely to my bodies wanton lusts. The others have also been captivated by our performance and encouraging our demonstration of debauchery.

Eileen has been seized by Dale who bends her over the side of the bed so he can pump her. Their energetic humping is also creating more erotic sounds emanating from her lust. Dale pushes her up onto the bed as he grinds his sturdy cock into her as she is gripped by multiple orgasms. He is relentless as he continues to drive her over the brink again and again. She has her legs wrapped around his buttocks as she doesn’t want the stream of climaxes to end either. We watch them covort across the bed lost in their world of bliss.

Back at table I am finger fucking Janet as while we talk more about our devious pasts and our prurient interests. Eyes are wide as our ears are filled with naughty tales. We laugh at our previous antics and the joy of sharing our lusty pursuits. Our sexy banter continues as as we wrap up the evening gradually getting dressed with more fondling and kisses as we bid each other’s departure with the promise of next time.