Jan. 31, 2016

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Getting there, the music is on a little louder than usual. My wife knocks on the door. To our stunning surprise, his cousin answer wearing only a bra and pant of a pajama. She's dancing, the lights are kind of dim, the mood feels sexy. We were very surprised because she's not a shy girl, but walking around in a bra is not her usual herself. And we know she had a crush on me since this past summer. We get in with our drinks as she keeps on dancing in a very sexy strippers way. Our neighbor is relaxing on the couch. My wife and his cousin wake him up. He's very happy to see us gets up and greets us. We talk for a little while as we watch his cousin dancing. She's turning me and him on. Joking with her, I put my beer bottle into her bra taking a peek at her nice nipples. She laughs and keeps dancing. I just say ask her why isn't she dancing without her bra. She just smile and laughs. The mood is getting sexier with every minute going by. The cousin is so hot as she says, that she takes her pajama pant off, dancing in pantie and bra. She turns me on. I walk behind her hugging her and untie the bra. Small titties with very hard nipples appear. Laughing she ties it back on. I guess her cousin was aroused by the view. He walked towards his cousin and took or bra off. Immediately after that, he turned around and took my wife's pajama shirt off. Since she had no bra, she was dancing with that younger lady half nude. Playing and joking, we were bugging each other. At one point, we wanted the woman to be nude. He pulled on his cousin's pantie as she was still dancing, exposing her nice pussy. I complimented her on a nice pussy and gave her a hug. Pulling her pantie back on, I was caressing her nice ass and kissing her. Turning, I can see him taking the rest of my wife's pajama off. My wife isn't of the shy kind, so she helped him and was happy being all nude. His cousin seeing that, took her pantie off. The ladies were dancing and teasing us. Me and the neighbor started to get excited. We still had our pajama on, but the ladies could see that our cocks were getting hard. Sitting on the couch with the young lady and my wife, I had that beautiful young lady against me and was caressing her small breast. I was now really hard. While my wife was kissing and sucking on those titties, I put her hand on my cock over my pajama. I guess she was surprised of the size of my erection. She just said to her cousin, he's fucking hard now!

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To be continued...