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The making of a sex slave...


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After some fun foreplay for about an hour under our table and in one of the hotel's main floor washrooms, I've now gone up to the suite. I text Kate to come up first so her and I can set the stage. Josh, her husband, has ordered another martini as the restaurant's getting crowed. It is now 6:10 pm. Dinner time in Canada. She has gone up and left her red panties for tip on the crispy white tablecloth. She knocks, I open the door. We both mischievously smurk at eachother like two criminals who are about to share their loot. That was hot Jay! you've got me so wet...she says. I stare at her and reply: the pleasure's all mine Kate. And smurk once again. I go sit on the living room's sofa and dive into my spotify playlists to find some enticing music while she grabs a tote-bag from the room and heads to the bathroom. She refreshes and fixes herself up (red hot lipstick, ponytail and an intoxicating body mist) and dresses for the night. A beautifully crafted white French lace lingerie set with garters and stockings and a pair of heeled open sandals. Kate was a 5'7, 29 years old, green eyed fetching brunette with a gorgeous toned figure. She epitomized the hot young milf. Her and Josh (35) were both of Scandinavian descent and lawyers in Toronto. I had been introduced to them by a friend in the lifestyle. Scene 1 I blindfold her, park her on the sofa and text Josh to come up. Once he arrives. I ask him to take a seat. I then instruct her to assume various slave positions kneeling, standing and on the ground. As this goes on, I'm examining her body, spreading her out and spanking her with my leather paddles when deemed necessary. Several weeks prior to our date night, I had shared training materials with Kate so she could familiarize herself with procedures and memorize each command and position. Of course, Josh, had seen none of this. He wasn't allowed to as our voyeur guest. As this goes on for our viewing pleasure, Josh and I take lots of pictures in multiple angles while our cocks are quickly filling up with blood again. Scene 2 I add a gag, lift her up, put her on my shoulder and take her to the bedroom. For 45 minutes, I'm exploring all her body in multiple positions. Some as acrobatic as the kind of stuff you'd see in a contortion show. I fondle each one of her fourteen erogenous zones and violate her three holes with my hands, fingers, tongue, lips and toys. Josh's taking pics and filming the action as she's moaning and her body is arching and writhing in the wake of unstoppable orgasms.. Once she's soaking wet and gushes, Josh is instructed to lay down on the bed fully-dressed. I cuff him, extend his arms, tie them behind his head and gag him. I then free her from the duct tape and blindfold and put on a collar and leash. I ask her to first gently run and rub her pussy up and down his face and have him clean up all her gushing fluids. She's then told to slowly undress him but to leave his boxers on. Then I tell her to fondle and play with his ears, neck, mouth, nipples, perineum and cock using her breast, hands, lips and tongue. As this goes on, I'm moving around the bed holding her leash in my left hand and taking pictures with my right. My rod's constricted in my pants and could also use a hand.. She finishes off by riding him in reverse cowgirl. Josh is breathing so heavily he sounds like a hostage who's next line for slow slicing torture. All he can do for now is piss precum in his sky blue boxers. Scene 3 Josh is untied and gets back behind the camera. I ask Kate to take his place and lay on the bed with her head hanging freely at the edge. I gently insert my cock in her mouth and starts thrusting slowy as her hot red lips wraps around it. Meanwhile, I'm holding her tits and rubbing her nipples while she's caressing my bums with each hand. Soon enough she's deepthroating with no gag reflexes and rimming me like a good obedient slave. I now reach to her pussy and finger her. She's all wet again. Ready to be used and bound to be stretched... I turn her around and lift her up. She puts her arms around my neck, legs over my forearms and I start swinging her up and down my cock. I'm walking around carrying her from one end of the suite to the other as we go at it. After a senseless session pounding eachother, I put her down. My cock can't get enough of her tight tame pussy... She's upside down, hands flat on the floor, i'm holding her legs in the air on each side around my waist, we are now fucking in wheel-barrel. As she moans for several minutes, I put her down on the fur rug and continue to pound her on her hands and knees for another 35 minutes. Pulling her hair, calling her names, spanking her ass cheeks, pinning her head down and her arms on her back. But a doggie fuck is imcomplete without my fetish 3-point stance head stomp... So...I half-squat over her ass sideways, bend over at waist, left hand fingers and foot are anchored to the floor, right hand inserts my cock in her pussy and my right foot gently sits on her face as I'm thrusting. As this rodeo goes on, Josh comes very close to us to take POV and close-ups pictures from multiple angles. It's a hot 38°C summer night. We are now both heavily sweating. I get up and drag her to the shower with me.. Josh of course follows us with the camera to capture every piece of the action. The cool shower feels amazing on our skins. Tits, hands and left cheek pressed against the tempered glass door, I tilt her hips up, slide in my cock and begin to thrust again. The splashing noises we make during each stroke is astoundingly erotic.. She has cummed several times already but I haven't yet. Not once. Yes...I'm here to use her and push this couple's limits... Kate is Josh's beautiful hotwife who I have turned into my sex slave. I turn down the shower's intensity so we can rince off. While doing so, she stares at me, leans in and french kisses me passionately. Then drops on her knees, grabs my cock and start sucking it for 6 long minutes. I'm hard as fuck.. We go back to the bedroom, hydrate and eat some dry fruits. The smells in the room are orgiastic.. Scene 4 Josh joins us. There will be no camera man this time around. The GoPro will be the only witness to the devil's threesome that's about to take place. I lay down, she sits on my cock and I pull her towards me pressing her body against mine. I stick 2 fingers in her anus. It is well dilated. The anal plug I had inserted a few hours ago downstairs has served well. Josh slides in 3 fingers with some lube and shortely after slowly inserts his 9 inch rod in her anus and starts thrusting. She's screaming as i'm also thrusting upwards.. We double penetrate her switching places for more than half an hour. She's in heaven... I then put her on her back. Each leg sitting on a shoulder, wrapped them in my arms and starts plowing her. Meanwhile, Josh's facing me and throat fucking her like a rabbit. Every time she tries to pull away to take a breather, he pulls her head right back in.. Cock slurping Kate is panting so loudly that we hardly can hear the background music coming from the living room. It's now time to take turns on her... I tie her up, arms extended behind her head, spread her legs apart and pin each knees to the bed with my hands. I then squat on top of her pussy and slide in my cock. For another 45 minutes, Josh and I pound her alternating every 5 minutes. Suddenly! Josh yells fuuck..i'm gonna cum! He mounts her and groans deeply as he shoots multiple loads over her belly and terrific perky tits. As I start pounding her again, I finally feel it coming. I'm ready to climax. So I quickly mount her, grab her wet messy hair with my left hand and slam my cock in her mouth with my right. I wank for a few seconds and explode! She swallows every drop of my cum and eyes shut, smiles broadly.. It is now 11:35 pm. We started our evening in the hotel's restaurant around 4 pm. We all need a rest but i'm eager and mentally ready to use my slave again. After all, check-out is at noon... _______________________________________________ The major civilizing force in the world is not religion, it is sex. - Hughes Hefner

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