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2 Sep 2020

At the Office

Working late but caught by surprise by my wife


5 minute read

I sat finishing the last profiles for the term. I leaned back in my chair and glanced up at the clock on the wall. I had lost track of how late it had gotten and noticed the streetlights were on outside. I ruffle through the folders thinking to myself. I could start planning for next term but with everything in flux that really didn't make sense at this point of the game. I rested my elbows on the desk in front of me and placed my chin comfortably in my hands. My eyes closed...then I heard a quiet knock at the door. "Isabella, this is quite the surprise," as I got up from my chair. "That was the intention," you smile playfully. You had this most beautiful smile on your face. You are clothed in a light summer dress that falls just above your knee. I love the way it accents your curves. "The janitor let me in as he was leaving. He said he'll be back in an hour. Something about going to the branch office for more floor wax." "Oh, I see. I guess that means we are completely alone for an hour," I stroll up to you and place my arms around your hips. You step back with a smile and reply, "And what about your coworkers?" "It’s Friday! You kidding? They are gone like the wind," I stroll up to you again and wrap my arms around your waist yet again. You attempt to step back again but this time I hold you tight. You tap my chin playfully, "And why aren't you gone?" I smile, “I needed to finish these profiles. This way I don’t have to worry about them, and I can happily enjoy my weekend." "Oh," you smile, and I feel your body relax. I lean in and kiss you teasingly on the lips, tasting but not overwhelming. "What if someone comes back?" "The door is locked. They think I am gone as well," I kiss behind your ears as I begin to push you backwards. "Pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?" you tap my nose tip. "Maybe," as I push you backwards against my desk brushing aside the folders onto my chair. "Maybe you didn't account for everything," you whisper seductively. I pause and look into your eyes searching for a clue to your statement. All I get back is that killer smile and sexy brown eyes. "And what would that be?" I take the bait. You lean back against the desk and sit up on the edge without taking your eyes off me. You then bring up your two legs so that your feet rest on the edge of the table as well and slowly part your thighs...exposing between your legs. I look in awe as you display your bare, smooth pussy which was evidently wet already. "Surprised?" you purr. I can only nod. I lean in and begin to kiss you on the lips more passionately but this time my hand reaches down between your thighs. My fingers discover your wetness and begin to caress and tease your swelling clit. You moan softly as our tongues dance playfully and my fingers roll your clit gently back and forth. I break away from the taste of your mouth and kneel adoringly between your legs. I take my warm hands and spread your thighs a little more as I move my mouth closer. My tongue flicks across your clit provocatively. My finger rubs up and down your lips getting coated with your escaping juices. My tongue dives in for another attack as it double flicks across your now swollen clit. My finger continues tantalizing your pussy with little hints that I might penetrate deeper into you. But as your mind drifts to what my finger may do, you don’t see me suddenly move completely forward and take your whole clit into my warm, moist mouth. I swirl it around my mouth and suck gently…then repeat all over. You reach back and put your hands on the desk to brace yourself. You can feel yourself building up to an explosive moment. My tongue encircles and flicks across your clit mercilessly. I then begin to pull back but continue my hold on your clit with my lips pulling on it, applying mounting pressure. You thrust your head back as waves of pleasure is rapidly flooding your pelvic area. You thrust your clit up to relieve and prolong the pleasurable feeling. But without warning you are met with another stimulus as my finger finally slips into your wetness. It slides in so easy and finds your G-spot effortlessly. My finger massages your pleasure spot as my mouth, tongue continue to delight your clit. You cannot hold it back anymore and squeal with unabridged pleasure as your orgasm sweeps through you violently. I release your clit and slide my finger out abruptly only to grasp you tightly around the waist…pulling you tight into me as you shake with the wake of your pleasure. I run my fingers through your hair softly as the last of it subsides. I kiss you deeply as my hand rests on the side of your head. I pull away tenderly and look into your eyes. I caress your cheek feeling your soft skin beneath my touch. “Yes, surprised but I am pretty good at improvising,” I smile. You laugh and reach out to tap the tip of my nose, “Ah, but you haven’t seen all of my surprises, Smarty Pants!” I should have known.

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