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"They fooled me!! Totally"

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I’d been running an ad- where I wished to meet a couple- share passion- I’d get to excite and breed her- and he might breed me— we fall asleep since all older- end of the nite!! BUT— they were sneaky,very sneaky— we were going to share as agreed— BUT— they added a twist to it- saying— OH— a male friend will be joining ,in case she needs more cock than you and hubby can give her. We are at their home- yes, initially goes as planned- I get to breed her,suckle her boobies ,making her happy— THEN- came the curveball, — after hubby deep fucked me, their friend mounts to breed me— I say— what’s happening- ? It’s supposed to be for her— they all smile and say— OH— sometimes she isn’t in the mood- like tonite— it is your job to make the men happy- help her out cuz her pussy is sore?!! What could I do? I’ll admit— It was kinda exciting- suckling her breasts while I was bred- over and over. I kinda felt sexy and sluttish- to have 2 men- hard cocks in their hands— awaiting their “ turn”—- at mounting and breeding my hole that was being flooded with cream…. Yessss


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