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Bottomed for 2?

"Long time fantasy- to share with 2 top gentlemen?"

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Ran an ad in “ curious to try” in bi section…. Married male bottom would love to meet 2 married men- maybe golfing buddies- “ regular happily married men”. — Open to talk. Guess what? I got a reply from Reg and Bruce— just regular guys in their late 50 s - tall- good looks and clean—who occasionally travelled and enjoyed extra action. . We talked over coffee- they asked what I had in mind- they knowingly looked at each other and smiled. We can ad to your life they chimed. We went to my motel- cuz they were totally trustworthy- and gentlemen. I had a shower- came out- what a sight- 2 men standing- to guide me onto the bed- they knew I’m not into oral- so they said - we flipped a coin- Reg is first- lying on my back- heels over his shoulders at the foot of the bed- he lubed me then started sliding his hard slim 7” cock inside— I moaned- it felt soo good- he stopped a minute to rest- so I surprised him- squeeeezing his cock so hard with my tite inside muscles, wow he hiterally pounded ind drove into me til I heard him moan- feeling my insides being flooded with hot cream WOW- as he pulled out Bruce with a thick 7 in her was squeezing into my flooded pussyass- as I moaned and enjoyed- he was moaning too— soo hot- I was on my belly- but over my shoulder I could see reg was hard again- “ waiting his turn”— a huge blast- like he hadn’t cum in days— as he pulled out- I could feel the excess cream ooozing out of my flooded cuntass- but Reg was back inside- for another “ piece”. Sooo hot— I felt sooo slutty- with 2 hot horny men- breeding me— over and over— AND - me moaning and loving it. With each breeding- thru glazed eyes-seeing the other man waiting his “ turn”. Again and again. They each “ had” my cuntass 3 times— I was exhausted- totally. drenched in seed. They said on leaving- we will call again- I laid in bed resting,with cream oozing out of me and rested- a short nap before going home to my wife and life. Yes,I’ll write to them— it felt so hot to be “ wanted” and “wanted”


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