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9 Jan 2021

Fact or Fantasy #1

Is this true?


1 minute read

It is after 11PM and I am lying on the bed- naked, my cock hard and throbbing waiting for you. My mind in overdrive thinking of all the different ways to make love to you tonight. You slip into the room naked and crawl in beside me. I give you a long deep kiss and I remember that you had an extra hard rowing workout today- maybe tonight isn’t the best one for lots of hard pounding. Hmmm I have a thought. I pull you over my body so that you are kneeling, straddling my body. Looking up at your gorgeous breasts I pull you up closer and closer to my mouth until your pussy is pressed hard against my lips. My tongue slips into your pussy-searching, licking, rubbing, twisting. You are pressing your clit hard against my mouth now, softly moaning, moving your pussy in time to my tongue’s movement. Your body begins to quiver, I can taste your juices as they fill my mouth. I lick faster and harder and deeper until … Hope you enjoyed it Lovers!

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