Written by bottomverse

Mar. 31, 2018

how does this sound

I knock on your door

when you open it your smile matches mine

as the door closes behind and locks us inside

we embrace and kiss, tounges exploreing the other

slowly I kneel and as I do I undo and pull down your pants and shorts

I kiss and lick your cock as it starts to harden

licking the length of its shaft

taking its head into my mouth

slowly I let it slide over my lips

deeper and deeper into my waiting throat

until my nose bumps your belly

now you are hard as rock

not wanting you to cum

just yet I slowly withdraw you from my mouth

and stand

embraceing you once again

tongues searching for the other

as you had already removed your shirt

and I was overdressed you help me remove mine

still standing in your doorway

you slowly statr to kneel

stopping for a brief instant to lick and nibble my nipples

youo take hold of my now hard cock

strokeing it with your hands

guideing it to your mouth

licking the tip kissing it with your soft lips

you take it in engulfing it

stroking pumping it deep into you throat

feeling that Im about to cum

you slowly remove me

you stand and wrap your hand around my cock

kissing me only for a second

and lead me to youe bed

embraceing once again

we fall onto the bed

fondleing and feeling each others body

we move into a 69

each taking the other as deep as we can

rolling each on top each on the bottom

while on the bottom I rim and penetrate your ass

with my tongue

like a mini cock I enter you and pump

causeing a moan to escape fro you

in treturn you rim and pump my ass with your tongue

sensing that we are close we again throat the other

I feel your body tense an start to shiver

your cock throbs and pulses

ai pull you even deeper

as it releases its cum

feeling your teeth on me

I cannot hold back any longer

I raise my hips pushing as deep as I can

as I shoot my cum into your waiting throat

exhausted we embrace again

our tongues searching and exploreint hte others mouth

tasting our own cum on the other