Written by bottomverse

Mar. 31, 2018

we haven't even gotten to the fun parts yet

I recover my senses

as you lay on your stomach

I start to massage your ass cheeks

kissing and caressing

llicking and nibbeling eack side

holding them as wide as I can I start to rim you

and again my tongue like a mini cock penetraits you

as I pump as deep as I can

you raise your hips to meet my tongue thrusts

ass wet with saliva and some cum from my mouth I raise up

behind you

useing only the head of my cock

I run up and down the crack of your ass

you push back impaleing yourself on me

not careing that I have no condom on

you push back taking all of me

you ask me to pump

I resist

begging you push back

I grab your hips and as demande I start to pump

deeply and slowly you pushing back matching my thrusts

I cannot take any more

I pull you further onto my cock as I send another gush of cum into you

panting I roll off onto my back

You now fully errect and hard

move between my leggs

somehow you slide a pillow under my ass

as I wrap my leggs aroun your waist

with one thrust

you penetrait my ass to your hilt

gasping and moaning I tighten my grip on your waist

you lift my leggs over your shoulders and lean in for a kiss

you cock still embedded deep in my ass

you start to pump

slowly at first

the pace and depth increasing with each thrust

neithe rcareing that no condom was used

my leggs flopping over your shoulders

I beg you to cum

to fill me ,

with your own ass full of cum

seeping out as you pump

your breath quickens

our eyes lock as you make one final push

you hold you r breath as you shake

youe cock puslse as it releases your seed deep in my ass

slowly you withdraw and collapse beside me

I take you in my mouth

you look in my eyes

I smile

round 2