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Hairy pleasures?

"Never had hairy- furry pleasure before."

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Previous story of mine re; pleasure with a CD— well after the ectasy with her- decided to keep the room for another nite. Took a walk down to the ymca on burr and st in Vancouver. Had a coffee to watch people in the swimming pool- and do a little bit of “ ogling” ladies. But no sexy ones were there- a big husky man about 5’10” with a rounded tummy looking also. I’ve never seen a man with such heavy hair- from eyebrows to arms and chest with his open neck. Looking at that- kinda made me weak in the knees. I started a talk with him- just in from Ft. st,John for workers comp treatments. I said- must be tough being away from your wife since you’re younger (55 or so). He said yes- but I got to have light massage and some checkups. Well you’re a nice looking guy- guess you can get ladies to join you- he said- I’m afraid they get possessive and couldn’t afford wife to find out. He truly was a “ nice” man- not pushy— but a “ man’s man” whose presence was strong. We liked each other. I said- then if you like- I’m just a mile from here in the sandman- join me for a couple drinks- and tho I’m mot a masseur- maybe I can massage your chest to ease the pain. Sure- his immediate reply. I poured us a couple strong gin and orange- the said- get comfy and after I was up will join you. Well ,what a surprise- damn- I literally went weak in the knees- feeling totally submissive to a truly nice man— he wasn’t hairy- he was furry except for his cock and balls- hands and feet. I was going to start the massage- he said- no fair- you can’t be dressed when I’m nude— I complied. Sitting over him I started to massage his sore shoulder- but even hus hairy legs were exciting the insides of mine as I sat over him. It was a weak massage- but by this time- he was hard as a rock— ands balls- I’ve never seen such big low hanging ones— almost as big as a baseball- I felt them— sooo full- I commented- wow- your balls are soo full. I haven’t cum in a week- they hurt at times. What could I do? But offer— since your wife can’t help- can I? He didn’t force- but I was over 2 pillows in under my butt- lubing me up- he entered- I hardly needed lube- cuz feeling his hairy chest had me quivering to be “ bred”. I was soooo happy- being” used’ - he truly “ bred” me— it felt like an ounce of hot cream totally flooded me,after he pulled out,I kinda laid under him, locking my legs around him- in nothing flat- again- I was being “ bred”. After he pumped another load he said- sorry- but I was sooo horny- I needed that. I said- I’m flattered- it was my privilege. Then a surprise- this masculine hairy man kissed me— saying- I’ve got something for you.- pulling me down to the foot of the bed- putting pillows under my ass and legs over his shoulders- he said this time your going to be my surrogate wife since she’s not here. Wow, He pumped into me deeply lovingly- saying- your pussyass is like areal pussy— then he unloaded. We shared another drink- cuz he had to be in his room when his wife phoned. I was in heaven- his seed didn’t ooze out of me- it gushed- there was sooo much. With that hairy manly chest- I faced— I had becomes his obedient loving slut.


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