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Hard days work means she gets to enjoy the steam

Hard worker comes home and pleases wife


3 minute read

Note: I write sex stories from time to time, this is my first time posting. Let me know what you think. I get home after a long day at work, back is sore, feet hurt and have a headache. All I wanna do is go have a beer and a nap. I turn the key to the lock and hear you singing away in the kitchen, I decide to be quiet so you can enjoy your time. As I sneak up the stairs and peak around the corner, that’s when I see you, hair down and waving, smile on your face and wearing nothing but a anime crop top and jet black panties. My mind goes from wanting to relax to wanting make you cum by any means necessary. I slowly creep in behind you, I kiss your neck and whisper in your ear in a low soothing voice “I love the smell of what you’re making” as I slide my hands down your sides to your hips I continue, “ I would much rather the taste of you” I trust you into me. I chuckle as you ask “oh and what exactly do you have planned for me?”. I slide my hand over your pussy and say “what ever it takes for you to have the best orgasm of your life”. I slowly start rubbing my hand up and down, putting light pressure on my middle finger, you feel your pussy twitching, your breasts betting perkier, your heart start to race, your breathing getting heavier. Then you suddenly feel my hand push up onto your your left breast. You hear me say” are you ready my dear?”, as you try to get your words out as I slowly push your panties to the side and you feel my finger slowly slide inside your tight wet pussy. You feel your knees get weak, you don’t want to show me how much you’re enjoying this because you want me to do more but you can’t take how good my finger feels as it rubs against the roof of your pussy. You begin to fall as the pleasure you are feeling is so erotic. You feel my strong arms lift you back up, I turn you around. “Good, now that the forplay is done let’s get to some good stuff”. You look deep Into my blue eyes, wondering what exactly am I planning on doing. Then you smile as I grab your firm butt checks and raise you up and set you on the counter. You ask in a light soft voice “what exactly is the good stuff”. You can’t help but bite you lip as I say lowing myself down “I did say I rather the taste of you”. You feel my hands sliding down your back and stopping behind your pelvis, you let out a small sound as I pull your wet pussy closer to me. You feel my tongue slowly putting pressure on your pussy. You feel it curl up at the end, and you can’t help but moan as I love my tongue around your pussy faster and faster. Then you feel my finger slide in underneath my mouth you can’t hold back. You put your hands behind my head, moaning louder and louder. As I finger you faster and go deeper in your pussy. You know you can’t last much longer, you try to keep your voice down knowing that you will scream as you cum hard. Right as you cum you scream out my name, grab my hair and pull me close and pinning me against your pussy with your legs as you cum all over my face.

Tags: arousal, boyfriend, eating, husband, pussy

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