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Hot bi times

"Met two nice older gentleman-who filled my secret wish and me."

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White rock beach viewing old car displays at west beach. Two tall gentlemen- Tom and Walter were together with a car from the 50’s - I commented how I always wanted a 57 Cadillac but never got one. Both married,good friends for years said- maybe if you like- we can take you for a nice pleasure ride next week. That would be great. They gave me a email address to write them ( didn’t realize at the time that there was a double meaning to “ ride”. In a week we connected- great company and talk got around to sex. I admitted that I had a couple experiences and enjoyed. They couldn’t host but would enjoy a non comittal visit fora couple drinks in my motel. Sure I said- why not.We talked- they both admitted that their wives weren’t I to it much- so often were extra horny. My mind was wondering- starting to fantasize. We are all passionate me Tom says- why don’t we enjoy the day inthe nude? I was nervous but said- sure - why not? Soon we were in the buff- both were about 7” with large sacs- looking like they needed draining. I said so- - they smiled- are you willing? I’d be flattered I said- but I’m not into oral. No problem— then things happened sppp quickly- on my belly over a pillow- I was being deeply “ bred”— beside us Walter was standing cock jutting out- waiting his “ turn” — I felt sooo sexy and sluttish— being the object of their passion. They each bred me twice,,so when it was time to leave- seed was oozing out of my once tight hole- but I felt fulfilled with my long time fantasy. We will have to meet again— I heartily agreed. Poured a drink falling asleep- ecstatic with extra cream oozing out onto my balls and ass cheeks .. “ heavenly” since wife and I no longer share sex.


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