Sep 7, 2019

Mrs. D and I were out having coffee and dessert one night. As we sipped on our coffee and enjoyed our cake we discussed our latest visit to the beach which lead to tropical nudist destinations that we would like to visit. We were talking discreetly but didn't notice that the guy a couple of tables over could hear us as it wasn't very busy. Mrs. D giggled a little as the look on his face was priceless.

Mrs. D looked over at him and asked if he was there by himself. She invited him to join us and we could keep him company instead of sitting alone. We introduced ourselves and he introduced himself as Chris. Turns out Chris was supposed to meet a friend but they cancelled at the last second so he decided to still go. We talked about the weather, jobs, and hobbies. Chris turned out to be a great guy, very friendly and polite. He sure had Mrs. D's attention..

This is when Chris politely asked he had heard us correctly when we were chatting about the nude beach and other spots. I told him that we enjoy going to the nude beach and have been planing on a nudist vacation. Chris looked me and asked "How do you not... you know...*looking awkward* get hard?". I stated "It's not a sexual atmosphere so it's not that difficult especially once you see for yourself that it's not a big orgy like porn depicts". Chris had so many questions about the lifestyle and we were more than happy to answer. Mrs. D asked Chris if he would like to try being nude around us to see what his body's reaction would be in a non sexual atmosphere. Chris sheepishly accepted and offered his home as it was close by.

We arrived at Chris' home and he walked around closing all the blinds. When he returned to the living room Mrs. D and I were both nude already. Chris was shocked as he wasn't expecting us to be nude so soon. His eyes were glued to Mrs. D' large breasts.

"See Chris, that right there you can't do, or at least you shouldn't" I told him while snickering. We invited him to remove his clothes. He first excused himself to make some coffee and get us some towels to sit on as he remembered that from our conversation. When Chris returned he was completely nude and holding the towels in front of himself. He handed us our towels and returned to the kitchen all while keeping himself covered with his towel. Calling me from the kitchen Chis asked "Mr. J, could you come help me carry these coffee's in". Before I could say anything Mrs. D got up and said she would give him a hand.

All of a sudden I could hear her quietly exclaim "Oh my". Turns out Chris was expecting me to walk in and had his towel on the counter. He didn't want to offend Mrs. D by walking into the living room with a very large well endowed erection. She walked right in to seeing it in all of it's glory. Chris apologized and she told him not to worry about it and that it was perfectly fine... "so damn fine" she muttered to herself.

We were enjoying our coffees when we noticed that Chris was still not, how should I put it... deflating. In fact he may have even gotten harder and now leaking lots of pre-cum. It was running down the entire length of his long hard thick cock. I noticed that Mrs. D had a hard time not looking at it herself which may have contributed to Chris' state. Chris excused himself to go clean it up and get another coffee. While he was gone I asked Mrs. D if he was making her wet. I reached between her legs touching jet pussy, it was so wet. The towel under her was soaked but she didn't want to ask for another towel as Chris may take her excitement the wrong way, especially after all the talk about it being non sexual atmosphere.

Chris came back and apologized to Mrs. D. Turns out he ran out of cream for her coffee. I offered to run to the corner store to get more. I tossed on my clothes and headed out the door. I got about halfway down the block and forgot that my wallet was in my coat pocket. I turned around to get it. As I walked up the steps I could see through a sight opening in the blinds. Mrs. D was on her knees sucking on Chris' hard cock. It was a magical moment, catching her in the act of doing something behind my back. I've always fantasized about walking in on her with another guy and now it's happening.

It was dark out and his front entrance was treed in so no one was able to see me there. I pulled out my cock and started stroking it I got hard seeing her this way. She was trying to deep throat his cock but could only get about halfway down. my gawd it was a fantastic cock. It looked like Chris was having a hard time holding it together. Mrs. D then pushed him back onto the couch and straddled him. She lined that big throbbing head of his with her pussy and slid down on it letting out a gasping moan that I was able to just hear through the closed window. She wasn't able to take all of him in no matter how hard she tried. She slid up and down a few times and that was all it took. Chris had exploded in her hot wet pussy, I could see it running out as she spasmed from her own orgasm. I was so horny from watching my beloved wife cheat on me but I held off on cumming myself. I wanted to further torture myself until I could take it all out on her. I quickly put my cock away and went inside to get my wallet.

"Figures I get all the way to the store and I forgot my wallet" I said as I walked in. "you guys look warm, maybe we should switch to cooler drinks" playing all coy with them. "Chris, it finally went down, you must be past the nervous stage" grinning the whole time knowing why it did.

The rest of the night was very pleasant.. When we got home Mrs. D was all over me practically ripping my clothes off. She was very aggressive that night.

I think more nudist training with Chris may be in order...