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12 Jan 2021

Nora's Touch Part One

Another Naughty Nora Sexcapade


2 minute read

Everyone is becoming more relaxed and less inhibited. Wine does that to you. We have a rule that once everyone arrives, we all get naked and enjoy some wine. It gets rid of any inhibitions fairly quickly! I am watching you flirt with our guest as only you can. You have been teasing him for about 20 minutes now. A touch on his leg, a squeeze of his thigh, a hand caressing his cock, your head resting on his shoulders. You are a master flirt, and I can feel myself getting turned on and rock hard watching you in action. I get a sense that you will make a move soon. You stand up and begin a long, slow stretch, your hands over your head, your body curving, nipples raised, waiting for someone’s tongue to caress them. You move over and sit on the edge of the bed letting your eyes roam over two hard cocks, studying them, enjoying the sight- your mind racing at the possibilities. With a smile and a wink, you reach out and grab his cock in your hand pulling him in front of you and raise it to your lips, one hand slowly pumps it. Your other hand reaches out to hold onto my cock, gently stroking it. He lets out a moan as your mouth goes all the way down his shaft, your hand holding his balls, teasing them. You do this several more times. Feeling him tense, you back off and turn your attention to me. You begin to suck my tip… I can feel your tongue flicking over and around it. My imagination is racing. You try to take both cocks in your mouth at the same time, but there isn’t enough room for those throbbing monsters. Instead, you keep both in front of your lips, going back and forth between them- your mouth and tongue giving both cocks lots of personal attention. You push yourself back onto the bed and pat the bed beside you. Two very eager guys join you. Spreading your legs so that we can see your lovely-shaved pussy, you ask who has the best tongue? He pushes forward eager to show you what he can do. Quickly slipping between your thighs he begins to demonstrate his skills- his tongue seeking out your pussy. You whisper, “go for it” and turn your head towards me while he goes to work. You slip your mouth over my hard cock pumping it deep and hard while down below he is really getting into it …his tongue going deeper as it seeks to make you cum. A soft giggle escapes your lips a sure sign that he has almost hit the jackpot. Your thighs are pressed tight against his head, your fingers are digging into his shoulders, you are sucking me hard matching his tongues action. And then…… Come on Back for Part two!

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