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Quarantine fantasy

A crazy fantasy during this times...


1 minute read

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During this time everyone is in home, and we need to avoid the contact with others whatever imagine if we could have a encounter together, how could be this possible if nobody could go close to another people, even if we are healthy so I was thinking 🤔 that imagine you agreed we somebody else to have this moment how could be possible without nobody notice that you are let somebody get into your place? So probably you need to go and meet in a public space like a parking lot or a underground place so one person or more can get into the car of the other person and then you could go to your place and before to enter to your garage, the person can hide in the trunk or just bend and hid in the back seat of your car, in that way your neighbors can see other people with you and probably you don’t need to go inside your place you just could do whatever you want in your in car in the garage or you could go inside your house and have the fun that you want later you just need to back that person to it car and then you just make that the magic happens fantasy? Reality? What you think?

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