Jul. 10, 2015

This story was written for a female friend of mine who had a "rape sexual fantasy", it is only a fantasy and does not reflect my values..only my creativity! :)

Chapter 1: The Capture

She follows the same route home every day after class, this day no different than all the others preceding but that it is warmer than most as spring has announced its arrival with warm sun and a soft breeze. Step by step she moves towards her home but her mind is elsewhere…occupied with molecular biology, genetics and psychology as the semester nears its end and final exams close at hand. Her concentration is broken as her eyes lock onto a man riding what appears to be a mountain bike as he whizzes by her on the road…she notes his muscular legs, his fit body. Her thoughts drift for a moment, the warm spring weather and the sight of the fit man disappearing in the distance bringing that familiar tingle to between her legs…that need is back again and she knows when she gets home she will satisfy it alone in her room as she always does prior to studying . She keeps on moving, no longer thinking about genetics or other academic issues but instead thinking back on last Sunday when her boyfriend bent her over and fucked her mercilessly hard…she can’t wait to get home a relive the moment in her mind as her fingers are allowed to wander. She sighs deeply and moves along …again the man on the bike passes her, this time at a much faster pace…she wonders to herself if he is in training ..giggling to herself as she thinks she wouldn’t mind be trained by him..all that strength and stamina must be good for something...

She pauses and texts one of her roommates “Hot mountain biker in the neighborhood (smiley face)” She laughs as she gets a nearly instant text reply “you slut! (smiley face)”. Her head down she begins to reply back, her fingers typing out the word “Soooo..” but before she can finish her head jerks up at the sound of a large CRASH sound in front of her…her jaw drops as she recognizes the mountain biker in a heap on the side of the road, moaning in pain as he clutches his ankle..swearing “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck” as he rocks back and forth in obvious agony. Her instincts overtake her as she rushes to his side, “are you ok? My god do you need help?” Her head swivels around to see if anyone is around to offer aid, not a single person in sight, she asks again “are you ok?”. She watches his face as it contorts, eyes shut tight, he replies “I think I broke my fucking ankle” He takes a long breath in and mutters “fuck fuck fuck fuck” again before taking in another long deep breath and says “my training van should be here..where the fuck is it? HE is supposed to be following me that fuck!” She turns her head to see a white van coming down the street must be the training van he spoke of …sure enough it slows down as it approaches and comes to a stop “don’t worry your van is here” she states noting he his keeping his eyes clenched shut as he continues to rock back and forth on the ground. She watches as a 30 something man steps out of the open van door, fit, wearing faded jeans, white nondescript t-shit that hugs his muscular form, sunglasses and baseball cap “What the fuck happened?” he says in a concerned low tone. She replies “He crashed and he thinks he broke his ankle” She watches as he walks to the back of the van and opens the swinging doors, walking back towards her as he says “give me a hand will you?, I’ll need to get him to the hospital and have him checked out, looks like the nationals are fucking out this year”

“I’m going to put my arm around his waist and slowly try and lift him…I need you to make sure his ankle doesn’t touch the ground then I’ll need you to help me walk him to the van..are you cool with that?” She nods and watches him crouch down and gingerly begin to lift the fallen rider, she crouches down along side and hooks her arm behind the mountain bikers knee on his injured leg, making sure to lift up so his foot doesn’t touch the ground. They both lift him, more him than her but she provides enough to keep him steady as they move towards the back of the van “you stay down there while I get up in the back and slide him in..make sure you don’t let his ankle bump into anything..ok?” She gives another knowing nod and does as she is instructed..watching as the man slides the rider who appears to be floating in and out of consciousness into the back of the van. He looks up at her, smiles and says “you are doing a fine job Alanna” Her jaw drops, knowing she never volunteered her name “How did you …” ..then she feels a sharp blow on the back of her head followed by blackness….

Chapter 2: Her Plan

She awakens in blackness lying on her side, her hands bound behind her back and the feeling of cloth covering her face…her head pounding as she recalls her last thoughts..the injured mountain biker..the man in the van…the fact that he knew her name…she tries to scream but it comes out muffled as she realizes her mouth is covered. She realizes she must be in the back of the van as she feels the jarring of bumps the van must be running over. Ragged rough road ..she makes a mental note of that remembering from movies how knowing things like this sometimes help in escaping or finding the captors. Captors…her mind pauses on the word…the fact finally sinking that she is captive…what do they want? She instinctively knows what they must want as her mind turns to her darkest fears ….they are going to rape her …the only question left unanswered in her mind is what they intend to do with her afterwards. She fears the worst and does the only thing she can think of under the circumstances and begins to kick violently at the side of the van with her bound feet “Bang! Bang! Bang!” …hoping to alert the attention of anyone who might be able to help her.

Her mind panicked and confused, so many times before had she searched out such stories and videos of rape..letting her mind fantasize about what it would feel like to be taken without consent ..the lack of control, not being able to stop it….she had cum so many times dreaming about but now that she was on the doorstep of fantasy turning into reality she wasn’t excited ..she was fucking scared for her life. Her thoughts retreat as she heard a sliding sound followed by a “shut the fuck up back there Alanna! No one is going to fucking hear your pathetic attempts where we are so GIVE IT UP” She stops at the sound of her captors voice …recognizing it as the mountain bikers and not the van driver..she screams as loud as she can through whatever is covering her mouth..knowing it is only coming out weak and muffled. “Don’t worry Alanna, I know what you are thinking ..are we going to let you live after we rape you? The answer depends on your actions Alanna, play it cool and you’ll be dropped off close to your house….play it stupid…well you know..”

His words do little to calm her thoughts, her mind races through all that she has read and watched on the subject fantasy the woman gets brutalized and she likes it and gets off on it …in reality she wasn’t so sure anymore …many of the real life victims were shattered emotionally or worse ..dead. At that very moment she resolved to let them take whatever they wanted from her physically but they would not break her spirit…she knew that is it were that way if she lived she would be tormented by the memory much less. Her mind starting planning …please them…just like in the videos and stories..let them think they are in control of her..let them think she is enjoying it ….be a good little slut to them on the outside while shutting down on the inside…that was how she was going to survive…by acting like they want her to act…in every single video she had watched the men always got off on knowing she went from struggling to giving in to it and enjoying it..that was they must want… that is what they she intended to make them believe….her mind focused back on what she could recall from all her hours of watching rape porn …how to become that perfect victim they wanted..what little things she could do to make them believe in her acting….the moaning..the begging..the screaming…taking what they give her and making them believe she enjoys it…knowing she must answer when asked ..give them answers they want to hear …”yes I’m your little whore sirs”….”no I won’t tell anyone Sirs, I just want more cock sirs”…. All the possible things she must do and say to be believable raced through her head much as she tried not to..she could feel wetness and heat raising between her legs…then the van came to a stop….

Chapter 3: The reveal

She hears the doors of the van slam shut then another open in front of her, she feels the breeze and fresh clean air wash over her. She listens intently, hearing nothing but the chirping of birds off in the distance…she focuses on the sound of their song which to her seems grossly out of place given her dire circumstances. But none the less the sound oddly comforts her giving a sense of hope, to others bird song signal the coming of spring but to her, right here right now, it signals resolve to make it through alive to see another day. She will be their good little slut, obedient little slut but they will never know it will not be her will only be an act, she will be hiding deep within. She knows what they want and she will give them the appearance of giving it fully to them. That was her resolve.

Only moments pass with her listening to the bird song but it seemed to her like an eternity before the silence is broken. A deep booming laugh beside her startles and sets her hair to stand on end. “It’s go time Alanna, It’s show time slut” ..she knows the voice of the van driver, she tenses and rewinds her plan in her head. Do as they say, struggle at first…they’ll expect that…then give in …cry a little..sobs turning to moans as she creates the illusion that she is becoming their slut …giving them the sense that her fear has turned to hunger for their filthy hard cocks no matter what they do to her. Make them enjoy it. Make them think she enjoys it. Make it out alive. Over and over again she went through what might be expected of her, even as one of them lifted her up and tosses her over a strong shoulder like a useless sack of potatoes. She wondered if she would be made to take both cocks at once as she felt the rhythm of being carried…she knew it would inevitably happen..she was prepared to be fucked in the ass ..she knew it was going to always did in the videos ..she accepted it as fact …she began to relax herself in preparation ….she pictured that pressing feeling against her anus followed by the stretching and the thrust. She also knew one of both of them was going to make her take all of his cock in her mouth, maybe while the other fucked her ass …she pictured the videos she had watch..she knew better than to try and bite..that would be the end of her…she imagined one of them likely fucking her mouth hard as he either held her throat or hair. She was ready. She was resolved to make it through.

Suddenly the movement stopped, she heard another door open followed by movement again and then the shutting of the door. She felt herself unceremoniously dumped onto a chair…hands bound behind her back, ankles bound together, something over her head to prevent her from seeing and something over her mouth to prevent her from talking. Then she heard him begin to talk, the man from the van.

“Ladies and gentlemen. (pause) Welcome. (Pause) Today we bring you fresh meat. (Pause) We are pleased to present to you Alanna. She is fresh student from the University of Toronto and someday she hopes of becoming a doctor” Confused she struggles in her seat, not having any idea what is going on “Ladies and gentleman?” she thinks to herself…what the fuck is happening here? ”someday I’ll be a doctor?” she now know they follow her twitter account. My god how many are there? What more do they know about her? She feels her hood being yanked off her head…her eyes shut tight at the blinding brightness around her. She opens them in a squint and sees cameras and bright photography lights sets up all around her..what the fuck…she hears the humming of something electrical…she realizes she is in some sort of barn…all those lights..all those cameras..her eyes adjust to the light and focuses straight ahead to a table of 10 video monitors each displaying a different face…all of them looking at her …she tries to look sideways to her captors but is received with a hard stinging slap across the face “Alanna, welcome to the rape club”..her head begins to spin in realization as the faces on the monitors begin to laugh in unison….

Chapter 4: The Rules

The laughter subsides and she squirms uncomfortably in her chair trying to understand what “rape club” is. Ten monitors with ten different people appear to be watching her somehow. What is their game? Are they here to watch her get raped? What sort of sick twisted fantasy has this become? Her eyes go from left to right making note of each face on each of the monitors The first being some 30-40 something year old turban wearing middle eastern man, thick moustache, bushy beard and the whitest teeth she had ever seen. The second a good looking distinguished white man, wearing a silk yellow tie who could easily be a Wall Street banker type. The third some punk looking young male who couldn’t be more than 17 years of age, wearing a ball cap on backwards with crooked teeth but had the brightest blue piercing eyes. The fourth a woman, oriental, beautiful with high cheekbones and jet black hair draping down her shoulders. The fifth some non descript man smoking a cigar and wearing cowboy hat..she noted him as he looked back at here with a twisted smile and blew smoke back out between his yellowish teeth . The sixth a big fat black man, she could tell by his hanging jowls, his skin the colour of midnight, his eyes and teeth ivory white. The seventh man made her pause and stare, bald, his face, neck and scalp covered in ornate tattoos, she cringed and quickly moved to the next when the tattooed man stuck his tongue out and wiggled it back and forth menacingly. The eighth man made her pause as well…he was wearing the collar of a priest, grey shortly cropped hair, olive skin …her heart sank as she watched him mouth the word “whore” at her. The ninth was a breath of fresh air compared to the last two, a beautiful woman in her 40s, soft big brown eyes like a fawn, white porcelain like skin, brown hair with reddish highlights, obviously a well kept woman of wealth. The 10th and last person was turned around so only the back of his head was showing, she watched as the man slowly turned to face her…her jaw would have dropped if her mouth were not taped up…she instantly recognized him…her 4th year molecular pathology professor..she had a final to write in that course in 2 weeks….what the fuck was happening..her eyes widened in fear as he clearly looked at her through the monitor and said over some sound system that boomed through the barn “Hello Allana, we’ve been expecting you”

“Ladies and gentleman, I trust you all received the file on Ms. Alanna” The man from the van stepped forward beside her, still wearing his jeans and t-shirt but now wearing a black tuxedo jacket and top hat as if her were some sort of ring leader at a circus. She tries to digest the diverse crowd on the monitors and the fact that one of her own professors is amongst them as the man continues to speak, “I also trust you have all reviewed her file and have come to the conclusion that Ms. Alanna is not only a smart independent attractive young woman but also a shameless slut”. She watches as he pauses to open a binder which she can only assume carries the contents of “her file”. “Let me review, Alanna is an A 3rd year student at the University of Toronto, she does this will maintaining a job a Sick Kids Hospital. You have there a record of her phone texts and tweets with pertinent correspondence highlighted…quite graphic are they not? Look how she describes how she wants to be raped and taken, look how she says she has sucked and fucked over 20 cocks in her young life, look as she says how she has played with herself on a cam show live over the internet for anonymous viewers, self declaration of mastering the art of deepthroat, you can only come to one conclusion ladies and gentleman, Alanna is a slut and her cunt is needy and out of control” She hears over the sound system murmurs of approval with words like slut, whore, and cocksucker. “You also have a list of links to the porn she has watched over the last year and descriptions of each scene… can all see that our Ms. Alanna has a penchant for watching rough non consensual sex …well she is about to learn what fantasy feels like in real life isn’t she?”

“You all know the rules of Rape Club, each one of you has paid for the right to 15 minutes worth of time for “rape by proxy” , myself and my colleague are here to make certain your wishes are fulfilled ..we shall do to her what each of you instructs in your 15 minutes..but remember we will only do to her what is within the rules. This means no shitting, pissing, bone breaking, or cutting. At the end after each you has had their 15 minutes you will deliberated for “the decision” , do not take this lightly, judge her not only by your time with her but with her responses to the others.” She realizes only now the game that is being played. She must perform as they expect….they each think of here already as a slut…to survive she must show them that she is one…”Ladies and gentleman the order has been randomly selected, Mr A you are to go first, your 15 minutes starts now” She scans the monitors for a sign of who Mr A might be ..the turban wearing man begins to speak, his mouth moving as she watches the monitor and the sound of his thick accented voice filling the barn through the PA system “String her up so she can only balance on the tips of her toes, and grab the knife and the whip” ……

Chapter 5: The Arab

She watches helplessly as the two men from the van throw a rope up over one of the wooden support beams above her, then grab her roughly by her hair and force her out of the chair to her feet. “nooo!” she sobs knowing they would expect her to be scared. She then realized it was too easy to let out her sob, she was frightened beyond words and began to sob uncontrollably. Tears streamed down her face as her hands were unbound then bound again clasped together and brought over her head by the pulling on the rope slung over the rafter until she was left to balance on her toes. “Please stop, I didn’t do anything to deserve this!” She gasped out between sobs.

“Oh but you did Alanna and you do deserve what is coming” The sound of the Arab’s voice boomed all around her. “Put on Exhibit A on the big screen and make her watch” She felt the mountain bikers strong hand clasp her jaw and force her head to the side to focus her yes on a big screen. “Watch Alanna, from your file I found this degrading porn that you seemed to go to over and over again…presumably while you were fondling your wet little cunt wishing it were you and not her” Her jaw drops as she begins to watch the familiar scene on the screen (… or if the link is broken type in “tits and pain” without the quotation marks into pornhubs search tool), the woman bound much the same as she is now but naked…her cheeks blushed with heat as she went through the entire scene quickly through her mind before it unfolded …first she was toyed with using a big wand vibrator held against her cunt, her nipples clamped and weighted, then the heavy iron ball around her neck to mimic strangulation, her bodied oiled and glistening before her legs were spread and hanging over some strange apparatus where she balanced …..wand vibrator and dildo fashioned to a pole were wedged tight up against her cunt from the ground …that was the part that always pushed her over the edge..when she watched that scene..she had nowhere to go way to get the dildo or wand away from her cunt..the more she tried to move and break contact the more contact she got…until finally she couldn’t help herself anymore and came like a little bitch in heat against her will….it was that part that always made her cum..imagining it were her.. her thought was broken with the sound of the Arabs voice.

“Cut off her clothes and keep her eyes focused on the screen” The bikers strong hand kept a firm grip under her jaw to keep her face turned toward the screen…where the porn was just near the beginning.. woman was being vibrated as she stood shaking, visibly aroused…she gasped as she heard the fabric of her clothes tear and the cool touch of steel against her skin..first her blouse, then one leg of her pants then the other…she felt he blouse fall to the ground and her shredded pants follow..her eyes focused on the screen as instructed knowing she must look similar, yet she still had her bra and panties…not anymore as she felt the knife blade cut through the waistband of her panties and her bra straps…naked, strung up and vulnerable…just like the woman on the screen…the one she had masturbated to so many times before.

“Is this the type of filth you western women fantasize about? To be tied and forced? Shameless slut!” Her eyes moved to the Arab “Mr A” monitor and her eyes met his “Yes..s..Sir” she stammered out knowing he must want some sort of respect and answer. “Keep your eyes on the fucking screen western slut!” She felt the stinging of the bikers hand across her face and is horse whispered words in her ear “Do as he says” She refocused her attention the familiar porn where they were almost at the scene that pushes her over the edge …the spread legs and the wand vibrator and dildo on a pole wedged tight against her cunt…his voice booms again “Is this what makes you fucking wet western slut? To see her writhe and squirm with no where to go …her movements not aiding her escape but instead aiding her shameless forced cum?” They were at the scene now, her eyes locked on the woman squirming trying to get away from the contact but instead getting more and more …“Noo..oo Sir”

“LIAR!” His strong voice echoed through the barn “Check to see if she is wet, let me prove her a liar” Immediately she felt flush, knowing this was trouble as the van drive thrust his thick hands between her legs, finger tip dragging roughly up between her lips..she knew was trouble because she was not only wet ..she was soaked.. his thick finger probed her hard..deep..she gasped …her body shuttered…she knew as he withdrew his finger she would be proved a liar…she felt him leave her..watched as his wet glistening finger raised to camera…

“Do you know what we do with lying shameless sluts in my country Alanna?” his voice soft but full of accusation …”no….Sir…” her voice weak …..”We stone them Alanna, throw rocks at them in a public square to shame them…but you are not in my country are you Alanna?” …”no Sir” her reply was weaker than the last “Instead you shall be whipped. Be set up as she is with your legs spread, balancing with a wand vibrator and dildo on a pole…each whip will bring you pain Alanna….make your buck and contact the wand more..that will bring you pleasure with the pain Alanna…and you will cum just like the whore you fantasized about being does in the video..the question is how many lashes will it take Alanna? We will soon find out the answer to that question..set her up in position, oil her body and grab the whip”

She watches as an apparatus is rolled out on a platform, like the one in the video she is going to be straddled over it…they lift her legs, spread them and set them over each support…her hands still above her head tight by the rope around the roof beam…the biker holds her steady, hands under her ass supporting her weight, the other brings in the pole with attached dildo and vibrator…he slides it up under her..she bites her bottom lips as the dildo enters her, the vibrator off but the thick wand head pressing firmly against her swollen plump cunt…then the biker lets go and she is only supported by her hands tied above her head, legs swung over the supports and the pole apparatus pushed up against her cunt….then the hands…their strong oiled hands working over every inch of her body…up her legs, back down her thighs, caressing and oiling her tits…nipples stiffen at their touch..down her back, her shoulders her ass..she shutters and squirms as she feels one of their oily fingers brush firmly against her puckered little anus, finger tip slips in an quickly as it comes in it disappears again and like magic the wand turns on …” fu..uc..k!” she grunts out at the pulsing vibration overtakes her cunt..too strong..she begins to squirm and the dildo rocks inside her and the vibration does not cease no matter how she fact it gets stronger if she squirms..her clit makes contact..”FUCK!” she screams as the she feels the first sting of the whip lash against her back..she instinctively arches her back in response causing the wand vibrator to direct contact her clit ..a large moan escapes her lips as she readjusts only to feel the second lash come stinging across her back..the pain causes her to move again…the movement causing her cunt to get more vibration, the dildo to move inside her …the third lash comes without notice ..then the fourth..and the fifth..each one bringing a fiery pain and heat to her back and each one bringing her pleasure by her writhing on the pole…she does not want to bring them the satisfaction ..not so soon…not so easily…her conviction that her will power it strong is waning…her breathing raged and shallow…bites her bottom lips as lashes 6, 7, and 8 reign down….moaning getting louder as she squirms and bucks uncontrollably …the 9th lash puts her on the very edge… her back on fire but her pussy hotter than that…she bites her lip and holds it back as best she can ….the 10th lash pushes her over the edge and she grunts like an animal and lets loose a loud “FUUUUUUUUUCK” as her body jerks against her will and her cunt spasms hard and deep no matter how she tries and stop it…..

Chapter 6: The Business Man

Her head light and dizzy, her pussy throbbing, her body glistening in oil and sweat. Her face hung low, cheeks red in shame at how easy she had cum. Still straddling the apparatus that had now gone silent…her head was swimming as she tried to recollect the last few minutes….she had tried to resist she thought to herself, hadn’t she? She knew the wet pulsing feeling between her legs was evidence to the contrary. Her plan was already falling apart, show fear, struggle, fight, then give the false pretense of giving in. Allowing them the sense that she was being transformed from victim to willing slut with well acted fake eventual enjoyment out of whatever they do to her. That way she could maintain some semblance of inner control over the situation, keep something to herself, of herself, hidden and tucked away. It was too late now, she had had just lost all control and cum like a filthy bitch in heat in front of them all. She had to regroup and reformulate a new plan but time was running out, the van man in the black top hat was beginning to speak, “Ladies and gentlemen you have just witnessed what I believe is known as a “forced orgasm”, well done Mr. A, I think you have sent Ms. Alanna down the path of her enlightenment…but alas Mr. A your time is over and it is onto the next.” She turns her attention to the faces on the screens, knowing one o f them will be chosen next. She realizes she is less scared then before, a little more excited. Was she indeed learning something about herself? Her train of thought broken by the bellowing of “Mr. C., you may proceed.”

“Alanna, do you know who I am?” Her head swivels to the speaking face on the screen to her left, the good looking distinguished white man wearing a silk yellow tie. Her eyes reassessed him quickly, a handsome man with dark hair peppered with grey, must be mid to late 40s, well dressed, tanned and someone she would have easily taken notice of, someone who would have peeked her sexual curiosity if they met under different circumstance. Playing her planned role she takes in a deep breath while shaking in partly feigned fear and lets out a meek, “No Sir, I don’t know you .”

“Of course you don’t Alanna, how could you? Gentleman can you please cut Alanna free and allow her a robe to cover herself.” They do as instructed, unbound and off the apparatus that Mr. A employed on her so skillfully. She gratefully wrapped a warm fuzzy white bathrobe that was offered to her, the kind one would find in high end hotels, warm, soft, plush and clean smelling. “Give her a chair to sit on gentlemen, take a seat and relax Alanna”. She takes the seat, keeps her legs closed and hugs her robe and arms tight as if they were a security blanket. His words and tone were the opposite of what she had expected, instead of menacing he was comforting….maybe she had earned a reprieve? Maybe he was here to protect her the best he could in his time allotted? She smiles at him shyly and says in a soft tone “Thank you for your kindness Sir”

“You are most welcome Alanna. I understand better than most the trauma something like this situation you are in can bring to a young woman, or a woman of any age for that matter.” He smiles back warmly at her. She feels new hope well up from within her, smiles back without saying anything knowing she had best only answer questions, not ask them. “You see Alanna, I’m a defense lawyer who specializes in cases of rape. I defend the scum who do the worst imaginable things to innocent victims. I do my best to ensure they aren’t convicted if their rights have been violated but I am not unhappy when some of my clients get hauled away and are found guilty. Those fucking animals should not be roaming free in society, don’t you agree Alanna?”. “No Sir”, she stammers quickly to correct her meaning ”… I mean to say yes Sir I agree, No Sir rapists should not be roaming free”

“Is that so Alanna? You think it to be so black and white. What if the woman had a “history” of promiscuity? Should that matter Alanna?” He smiles warmly at her again, eyebrow cocked in curiosity awaiting her reply. “No Sir, rape is rape and a woman’s sexual history should not be considered” Another warm smile focused at her, “Good good, I agree Alanna a promiscuous woman has every right a virtuous woman does to be protected from such animals.” He pauses for effect then continues, “However, what if the woman entertained a rape fantasy with someone she knew? By entertained, I mean through sharing fantasy via writing or through verbal discussion. What if this man mistook or misread said communication? Took it as a “green light” that she would welcome and enjoy being raped by him without her consent? Tell me your thoughts on that Alanna.” Her mind raced as she formulated her reply, uncertain what he wanted to hear, she had no time but to provide her honest answer, “No Sir, rape is rape, she did not consent to being fucked Sir.”

“Consent to intercourse Alanna, fuck, fucked or fucking are such a vulgar terms. But I digress, again I agree with you Alanna it is rape when she does not consent. By definition of the law that is indeed what rape is. Smart girl.” Another warm smile directed at her and a pause. “However, what if she enjoyed it Alanna? What if she orgasmed to the rapist’s penis, tongue, fingers or whatever device he used? If she entertained rape fantasy communication with said individual and he misconstrued the meaning and raped her causing no bodily harm and through his actions made her orgasm, would it still be rape? Does he deserve 15 years in prison just like another rapist who bludgeons some woman he doesn’t know in a park late at night, someone who rips down the victims panties and shoves his penis inside her while she is dry, crying, and bleeding…. and as you say “fucks” her until he gets what he wants? Leaving her bleeding and crying in the park, not caring if she lives or dies? Tell me if the two deserve the same sentence Alanna, and if the former scenario is even rape.” She tries to digests his words, uncertain of how to answer, not only uncertain of what he wants to hear but uncertain what she believes in this instance.

“Please answer the question Alanna.” His calm comforting demeanor still intact, she gulps and stammers, “Same sentence Sir..I mean both are rapists Sir and both deserve the maximum of whatever the law can throw at them.” She had never deeply thought about such a scenario but she was comfortable in her conviction that rape was rape regardless if the woman entertained the fantasy or enjoyed it while it was happening. She was certain he would share her convictions.

“This is where we finally disagree on something Alanna.” Another pause for effect, another warm smile directed at her “If I were defending such a client from your accusations of rape Alanna, I would do my best to see he did not one second of time in prison. I would cast a shadow of a doubt over the judge and jury as to your apparent unwillingness Alanna. Do you know how I would start Alanna?” She shakes her head from side to side gesturing “no” without saying the words. Mr C. takes in a deep breath, “ I would enter in as exhibit A the following text messages procured from your cell phone, a conversation regarding rape. The transcript would be put up onto the screen in the court room for the judge and jury to read but I would also read it aloud for the sake of impact. This is what we got off your phone Alanna..”

“Your words Alanna”: [“I’ve never played dominatrix. I think I could do it.”]

“His reply”: [“I would let you try for fun…”]

“Your reply Alanna”: [“I’d rather be raped”]

“His words”: [“I can arrange that”]

“Your words Alanna”: [“I know you can. You and a friend kidnap me and punish me”]

“His reply”: [“You want that slut? Finger your wet pussy dreaming of being raped?”]

“Your words Alanna”: [“Yes, Please”]

“His words”: [“It won’t be gentle in the least…you are aware of that aren’t you slut?”]

“Your words Alanna”: [“I know. Tell me more”]

“His description as you requested”: [“You’ll be tied up and verbally degrading at first. You’ll be made to watch rape porn during this. Asked if your uncontrollable little cunt is getting wet watching such degradation and abuse..we’ll use scissors to cut a hole in your pants, then they’ll be torn open wide…same with your panties..hand around your throat as fingers probe you roughly for signs of excitement..telling you what a fucking whore you must be for getting excited over this…”]

“His follow up text”: [“So you want to be raped on the way home from school?....”]

“Your reply Alanna”: [“Yes please”]

She bows her head, eyes lowered to her feet, realizing Mr C and the others had more information about her then she had ever expected…she hears Mr. C laugh softly, “I would ask you if you wrote those words Alanna, if you actually texted that you wanted to be raped. What would you say Alanna? Would you deny these allegations when modern technology proves otherwise?”

“Yes I wrote those words Sir, but…” she tried to explain the texting context but was cut off abruptly by Mr. C. loud strong voice interrupting her, “Did you or did you not say you WANTED to be raped? Only answer the question asked Alanna!”

Meekly and softly she replies, “Yes Sir, I said in the text that I wanted to be raped.” She then realized the hope she had felt that Mr C was a safe haven from further harm and degradation all but vanished. The glint in Mr C. eyes made her stomach plummet. “Gentlemen, can you please bring Alanna the clothes I arranged for her to wear and help her get dressed? Then tie her to the chair, legs secured and hands tied behind her back.” She watched as the mountain biker disappeared behind her then reappeared with a bundle of clothing he unceremoniously dropped into her lap. She struggled weakly as she was first dragged to her feet, then lifted off her feet by the mountain biker. Disrobed and naked, she tried to kick at the driver of the van but he was too strong, arms and grip to powerful. She knew better than to resist further, she succumbed to letting him dress her. First the black lace panties, next the dressy wool charcoal slacks, then the white silk blouse followed lastly by the black leather strapless pumps. She felt herself forced down onto the chair, rope binding her ankles to the chair legs, hands roughly brought behind the back of the chair and wrists secured together. Her eyes lowered to the ground, then the feel of a strong hand gripping under her chin and forcing her head upwards. Her eyes now locked on Mr. C’s eyes, she shutters momentarily as he begins to speak once again.

“Comfortable Alanna? Of course you aren’t but neither should you be. If the man in the text conversation ended up accosting you coming home from school then raped you as he described, and the jury was made privy to the text conversation, how do you think they would react to your accusations of rape? Don’t answer that Alanna, I’ll tell you based on my experience as a trial lawyer. After that conversation was brought to light I would emphasize it by saying “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury you heard it from her very own mouth “I want to be raped” She invited it unto herself, asked for it, and got it.” The seed of doubt as to my client’s guilt would be firmly planted, watered, and growing in their minds. That is how they would react. They would begin to wonder what sort of person you were Alanna. Then the seed of doubt would grow and thrive when I brought in exhibit B, a list and description of all the rough porn you watch and masturbate to Alanna. IP addresses are better than finger prints these days and the information gained from your IP address would be quite eye opening in such a case. I would read aloud the descriptions of 20 of them Alanna, then I’d pause and tell the jury I could go on all day as there are 100s of examples. But I wouldn’t continue Alanna, knowing they would already be stunned both at the subject matter and the quantity of what I just described to them, I would allow them to view one sample, one scene your IP address proved you went back to again and again. Do you recognize this Alanna?…

She looks at the video on the screen starting to be played, instant recognition of one of her favourite porn scenes. The one where a woman masturbates herself hard while fantasizes about being abducted, held captive, and fucked. Abducted in a dark parking lot by men in a white van. Forced into the van and brought to some unknown location, stripped and forced to suck on 5 hard cocks as they encircle her. Then fucked from behind, her one leg held up as she was fed hard cock. Held off the ground by 4 men, legs wide and her pussy being pressed by a wand vibrator as she struggles. Told she is going to “cum like a good little whore” Put on her back and fucked one by one as the other cocks were pushed into her face, moaning and giving in, begging for cum on her face.

Like the famous Pavlov’s dogs who start to salivate before food arrives as trained response, her pussy instinctively reacts to the video, trained to recognize it she begins to get wet, and wetter yet when she hears Mr C. voice below, “Get the scissors and do what was described in the text to Alanna while she watches what she has watched and masturbated to so many times before.” She darts her eyes between the porn scene and the mountain biker between her legs with the scissors, a little hole cut the crotch of her wool slacks turn into a large hole by his strong hands. The same procedure to her panties, snip then rip. She grunts as she feels the man from the van wrap his big hand around her neck and squeezes, her hips buck at the feel of the other mans hands beginning to rub roughly on her wet exposed slit, her eyes focused on the screen. Writhing as wildly as her bindings lets her, she tries to lift her bottom of the chair as the mountain biker inserts two thick fingers into her soaked cunt, she hears and feels the wet sloppy sound of his fingers pumping in and out, the hand around her throat tightening. Moaning she feels her excitement heightening, the fingers, the choking, the porn..getting her close to the edge…then without warning everything stops ….no more fingers, no more porn, no more choking…only the sound of the van drivers voice “Mr. C. your time is at an end.” …the need between her legs at a point of desperation being so close to cumming, she says in a begging voice without thinking as she looks at Mr. C “Please Sir, pleeease let me cum”

Mr. C. laughs loud and hard before replying, “You see ladies and gentleman of the jury, what we have here is a slut”.

To be continued....