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The surprise - part 2

Husband surprises wife - part 2


4 minute read

Previous story in series The surprise...

With your ass cheeks spread for the stranger, the heat from between your thighs, turn the stranger on even further than before. The scent of your wetness drives him to slowly help further pull your ass cheeks apart, to start light sensual kisses to your wonderfully sculpted ass. As you lay helpless to the strangers touch, while leaned over the bed, completely in a relaxed state, your new lovers lips continue kissing closer to your inner cheeks. The scent of your body drives him wild, where he starts licking you, rimming your asshole, lightly applying pressure from moment to moment. As his hands continue finding their way around to your front, where your wet pussy awaits to be touched and fondled. You continue breathing heavy, from the exhilarating feelings happening to your lower body. You hear your husband step around to the bed to face you, he reaches out to find your hands to hold, as your stretched out over the bed… to let you know how much this is turning him on and that you are also creating a fantasy he never knew would be so appealing. As the stranger continues rimming your asshole, his fingers reach your moist pussy for the first time. He slides a finger slowly inside you, while slowly exploring the side walls to find new, unexplored areas that might further turn you on…your new lover hits an area within your pussy, where you let out a wonderful whimper. This then triggers your husband to slowly step back to the chair he has waiting, to further enjoy the show about to transpire before his eyes for the first time. Your lover continues exploring with his tongue from behind you, and continues past your asshole to find your dripping pussy from exploration of his fingers, and starts licking your pussy. He starts using his tongue in ways you’ve never felt, where his tongue licked up one side and then down the other, bringing you to countless heaving breaths and whimpers of pleasure. When all of a sudden, you feel his tongue slide inside you. You drive your hips back to meet his probing tongue as you start clawing and grabbing the sheets with anticipation of the pleasure your experiencing. You hear your husband unzip his pants as you hear his pleasure through heavy breathing as well… This starts exciting you even further. Now completely in a trance, you lift one knee up onto the edge of the bed, allowing better access for your lover to dive deeper and further explore your pussy. You hear your husbands clothes drop to the floor…not knowing fully what was about to transpire during this evenings events, except from the discussions of adding another male to the bedroom… Your lover uses one hand to continue grabbing and sensually paw at your ass cheeks, while continuing to lick your pussy in ways you’ve never experienced before. You start moaning and driving your hips back with more motion. Driving faster to meet your lovers finger movements and probing tongue. You take one last deep breath, with sheets pulled into your tight grasp, as you cum, and cum hard. Your lover doesn’t stop as you continue to cum on his pleasing tongue. He then uses both hands to quickly pull your ass cheeks apart to continue pleasing you. This time, your lover slowly stands up behind your completely naked body. He leans over to have his upper body rest over your back, as he starts to lightly nibble on your upper neck/back, while continuing to probe you with his fingers from behind. He has you in a state of sensual immobility at this point and starts to finger you faster and deeper, Your lover, completely experienced in this area of lovemaking, hears your moans even louder, turning him on in ways he never thought to happen with another woman at this point. Within seconds of all that was happening to you, you begin to experience a feeling like no other you have experienced before. Not knowing what was happening to your body, you open your senses to it’s fullest, and begin squirting. Squirting all over your lovers fingers, as he continued probing your hot, wet pussy. With your loud moans and whimpers of ecstasy happening to you while laying naked on your bed, You hear your husband let out a deep groan of equal measure, matching your moans…as he cums hard with what he is witnessing to his sexy, beautiful wife…

Tags: erotic, firsttime, mfm, sensual, Threesome

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