Sep. 18, 2018

Fire lit the night sky as the pumper pulled up on the scene the 15 story building was approximately 10 years old. The fire had broken out on the ninth floor, there were reports that a woman was trapped on the eleventh floor. Rick’s captain turned to him, “Rick, eleventh floor, a woman is trapped on her balcony too much smoke for her to get through the unit. Go get her and bring her down, then you can leave I know you're tired”.

Pack on, and a buddy breather, life ropes and the hardware needed, he started up the bravo side stairwell. As he headed up the stairs, a rookie in tow, he thought of what he needed to do. High angle rescue was not his forte, but no ladder truck would reach that high, so 'baptism by fire' was the catchphrase of the day. When they reached the eleventh floor, the smoke was intense, they dropped to their knees and headed for 1109. The building was getting hot, the fire had spread to the tenth and was rising fast, time was not on their side.

When they reached the unit the door was locked, with little time to waste Rick grabbed his axe and Halligan, positioned the halligan on the door jam and Kyle, the rookie, used the axe. Seconds later they were in. Disoriented and unable to see they conducted a left-hand search. They quickly found the balcony door, they opened it and smoke poured out the door until they got it shut. The lady on the balcony began coughing, Rick immediately gave the woman his buddy breather.

They had enough air but no time to waste, the idea was to get the lady to the third floor where they could ladder her down. Kyle quickly got the ropes ready, “Ma’am what is your name?” Rick yelled through his breathing apparatus, “Genie” she replied, “I’m so sorry you had to come up here”. Rick shook his head and said “It's no problem, we are going to get into a harness together, you are going to wrap your legs around me, and we will drape you with a fire blanket. Then Kyle is going to lower us to the ladder platform. Do you think you can do that?” with a shake in her voice Genie replied, “I think so”.

They harnessed up and Rick noticed two things for the first time. First Genie was only wearing a teddy, and second, she had a really hot body. When she wrapped her legs around him he joked, “When was the last time you had your legs around a firefighter hanging on a rope?” Figuring he was trying to lighten the mood she decided to play along “It’s been a while”Genie replied.

Rick wiped his mask then hers, so they could see each other’s eyes, “Are you ready?” he asked, she nodded. They stepped on a chair and Kyle took up the slack, then they stepped over the ledge, Genie wrapped her hands around Ricks torso. Slowly they lowered down. Trying to be professional was difficult and Rick couldn’t help thinking he would like her legs around him for other reasons. Around the sixth floor, the rope dropped quickly and then abruptly stopped. When they regained their composure, Genie said, "I need a glass of wine". Rick smiled and took his shot, "When we get down from here, in going off duty, I’ll take you for a drink". She laughed, “If we get down from here, I’m buying”.

They ran out of air as they reached the truck, the smoke wasn't that bad, so it really didn't matter. As they reached the ground, Kyle was standing at the back of the truck. "Sorry guys, I lost my grip on the billet are you ok ma'am?" She stood as Rick unbuckled her last strap, "I am fine, but you guys need to take off your masks, so I know who saved me".

Kyle took his off, and Rick took his time getting out of his harness and putting it away. What he really was doing was waiting for everyone to get away before he took his mask off. Once they were alone, "I really want to thank..." Genie began and looked up at him, Rick had taken off his mask and they looked at each other, "Still want to get that drink Genie?"

She flushed red, "I most certainly do, do you still care to join me?" He smiled, “More than you can imagine”. He got the overwhelming urge to hug her, and he acted on it without another thought. "Let me go see my Captain, I was on overtime when I got here, they have this under control, you were my only task for this call, it appears today is my lucky day!"

Genie was in the back of the paramedic’s truck taking some oxygen while they went over her vitals. The medic looked at her and said, "Ok, Genie, everything checks out, you are good to go". She smiled at the young medic and thanked her. "I was cleared to go by the medics over there, and my Captain said I can do my paperwork tomorrow, do you want to blow this weenie roast?" Rick asked. "What am I going to wear?" Genie asked. "Keep the blanket, I have some things that will fit you at my place". Genie smiled, "well, aren't you confident?' Rick bantered back, "Well, we could go for a drink dressed like this, I am ok with that". Giggling Genie said, "Matchpoint, lead the way, my saviour".

Away from the scene Rick grabbed a cop and asked for a ride home, "No problem" the cop replied, "were you the lady on the balcony?" he asked. "Yes, and this is the guy that came and got me". The cop looked over his shoulder at Rick, "and we wonder why people like firefighters better". They all laughed.

Rick lived about 5 Km away and they arrived there quickly, as they went upstairs to the third floor, Rick turned and said, "So Genie, do you have a last name? She smiled, "we will get to that, just call me Genie Noble for now". Rick smiled, "Miss Noble it is then." He opened the door to a two-story loft style apartment. There were no walls, only pillars and they were rustic, unfinished beams. Paintings and other artwork hung by cables. In the far corner was a workout area, with a universal and free weights. The kitchen was a counter and an island, the cupboards and refrigerator were glass doors and everything in them was placed symmetrically.

In the loft were a king-sized bed and 80-inch plasma screen tv hanging face down over the bed. The bathroom was all open except for an enclosed stall for the toilet, the shower was 6.5-foot square, with smoked glass on the bottom half. Standing in the kitchen you had a perfect view of whoever was showering from the waist up. The whole place was lit by single 13-watt bulbs hanging like Christmas decorations. All of the furniture was top of the line, and When Rick made the voice command, "Play some jazz please" the entire condo was engulfed in delicious sound, assisted by the acoustic drapes throughout the place.

"Welcome, to my humble abode" Rick smiled as he looked at Genie looking around. "Mi casa es tu casa". He walked her into the living area and ran up to his bedroom and grabbed her some sweats and a top. She looked at him, "these are women's clothes" Rick smiled, "good thing I bought them then isn't it?" She shook her head, "Why doesn't this surprise me?" He gave a Boy Scout grin, "Always come prepared!"

"Why don't you take a shower and I will get you that glass of wine, red or white?" With her hands planted firmly on her hips, "How am I supposed to take a shower in the aquarium?" She grinned, "I promise not to peek" Rick replied. "Well you're no fun at all" she said as she headed upstairs towards the shower. A few minutes later as she stepped into the shower she realized it had 6 shower heads at varying heights, she turned on the water and it was instantly hot. Three shower heads were running, a 'rain shower' nozzle over the centre of the shower covered 75 percent of the stall and two, on 45-degree angles blasted water to both her sides.

"Seeing that I am no fun at all, I thought I might join you" before she could say yes or no, his mouth was on hers, and his hands were grabbing her ass. She groaned as she kissed him back with the same amount of earnest. When they broke away from the kiss, he hissed, "I want you", she dropped to her knees, "Don't let me stop you" she said as she took him in her mouth. He quickly became granite hard in her mouth, and she worked his cock, concentrating on the head with her tongue and lips like she was starving.

Rick leaned back and activated a water jet that was in perfect position to hit Genie right on the clit. She gasped as the water teased her clit. Pulling his cock from her mouth "Fuck, I need to get one of these showers!" Right back to sucking him off. Rick reached down and pulled her up, as fun as this is, we have a perfectly good bed over there. Let's get dried off and see what we can get up to over there.

They stepped out of the shower and Rick towelled off her body for her, kissing and licking her neck. He reached over and grabbed her wine, she looked in her glass and saw grapes, "Their frozen" he whispered, "they have many uses". He led her over to the bed and clicked a switch on the wall, the tv above the bed illuminated and he laid her down on the bed. She was looking at herself on the tv, "Are you recording this?!" Rick smiled "That is entirely up to you" shyly she nodded, "yes please".

When he returned from hitting record, she was laying wonderfully naked on the bed with her legs slightly open. He slid his hand up between her legs and was achingly close to her clit, but he didn't touch it. He heard her breath quicken, "what would you like me to do now ma'am?" He asked slyly, "Lick me please she whispered".

Rick quickly got into position opened and put one leg over each shoulder and rested her feet on his back. "You are not allowed to stop me unless you are uncomfortable, deal" She quickly agreed. Rick began by lightly blowing on her clit, what she didn't see, is him grab a couple of the grapes, still partially frozen he pushed them inside her opening. She gasped at the sensation of cold inside her, he lightly began licking her clit now. She smelled sweet and the body wash from the shower was musky quite a contrast. Genie squirmed as Rick began to get a rhythm with his tongue. Genie moved her hips to accentuate the tongue on her clit. Rick knew it was soon, the first taste of a woman when her juices really begin to flow, and it coats his tongue.

He placed his tongue at the bottom of her sex and slowly slide his tongue upwards capturing her juices in one swoop. He groaned with pleasure, the moment he had been waiting for since she agreed to buy drinks. Then like they had been there the whole time his fingers were working her g-spot, hoping beyond hope she was a squirter.

She began to thrash on the bed and moan loudly, her heels digging into his back as she moved. Two fingers on her g-spot and his tongue on her clit he worked her for five non-stop minutes. Just as his fingers began to give, she groaned loudly and let loose soaking his face and hand, the bed was wet. Rick dove back in licking feverishly at her clit, gasping and panting she pushed him away, "WAIT WAIT!!" She screeched. He slowed down moved away from her pussy and crawled up the bed. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head over, instinctively she opened her mouth and he slid his cock back where it was 20 minutes ago. He spun and straddled her head and dropped into a 69 position.

Genie had never tried this before, but she wasn't saying no, given how good she felt this far. He slid is cock into her mouth just until there was resistance as he began his oral assault on her pussy again. "Get my cock all wet" he whispered, and she dutifully complied. He then slid his cock down her throat, at first, she gagged, but as she relaxed she was able to get him right down her throat. "There’s a naughty girl" he moaned they each began to thrash due to the oral pleasure they were receiving. Before he blew his load, Rick pulled out of her mouth.

He wanted to kiss her, and he made love to her, he slid into missionary position and easily entered her dripping pussy. He kissed her deeply and said, "I hope you don't mind a little fire inside you" She smiled at the pun and groaned an equally cheesy line "give me your hose big boy". They each began to pick up the tempo and worked into a good beat together. Before you knew it, Rick was slamming into her, this was no longer making love, they were fucking and hard at it.

Knowing he was going to lose his composure he pulled out and emptied himself all over her tummy and breasts. Collapsing beside her, panting and sated they cuddled for a few minutes. Then he got up and licked his cum off her tummy and fed it to her in a cum filled kiss. He then went back down on her wonderful pussy and got her off one more time before he realized how hungry he was for food.

He asked her to stay for dinner when she tried to say no, he would have none of it. "I will tie you up if I have to". She grinned, "ok I will stick around for being tied up, I guess I can eat while I wait". He made them steak and 'not so good for you' vegetables on the BBQ. They chatted and got to know each other, kind of backwards, but it worked. She even told him her last name!