First Time
Jan. 6, 2020

I can remember it well. My friend and I were hanging out at my grandparents place helping them out doing odd chores for a bit of extra money during the summer holidays!

Murray, my friend, had never shown any physical/sexual interest in me. We played pick-up ball together in his backyard. Would go for bike rides together. Road hockey, you know, all normal stuff.

All that changed one Saturday afternoon in July!

He was always right next to me. Brushing against one another as we passed through a doorway. He'd rub the back of his hand up against me. I thought nothing of it! After an hour of innocent, accidentally on purpose contact, I began to wonder. Was this just a series of ,"Ooops, sorry" contact or was he starting to come on to me?

An hour later I got my answer. I had started to carry a somewhat heavy desk in from the summer kitchen into the house. I called out to Murray if he'd come over and hold open the door for me. The desk was more awkward than heavy but it was going to be a tight fit! Then I felt his hand.

It was a hot day so shorts were the choice dress for both of us. I felt his hand on my bare leg. "Hey Murray, "I said, "Knock it off". But he didn't. His hand kept moving slowly higher, "STOP IT", I said in a raised voice. But Murray never listened. Without warning he quickly reached up and cupped my cock and balls and gently massaged them . The asshole was feeling my balls and rubbing my cock. "Cut it out"!! I placed the desk down, and shoved him away.

Back to the desk I went and back Murray came and went back at me. "For God's Sake, stop it, " I yelled! But to no avail, as Murray was on a mission. Murray instead of staying on top slid his hand all the way up my bare leg to my boxers and explored me with abandon. Boxers are thin. There was nothing left to his imagination. What was worse, his constant touching was getting me hard.

He must have take my growing erection as a sign for him to go further and faster. He searched for the leg hole but it was slow going. Then he looked for the slit in the front of my underwear. "Oh Jesus" was all that came out of my mouth. Murray pinned me up against the door jam as he continued his assault. This guy was working my bare cock, and he was working it good and hard.

I was unsure what to do or say so I sought a compromise. "IF your promise to stop, I'll let you grope me for 15 minutes, on bare skin". My offer was instantly accepted. We moved the desk into the kitchen, and then he led me to the storage room above the garage. I was asked to stand still as he became more focused as he meticulously explored my junk. My shorts went to the floor, followed shortly thereafter by my boxers. He was lovin it, I had to admit that I was liking it too.

So this was the beginning of a four year intimate friendship with another male, We'd spend nights in a tent together out in the back yard. He'd come to the cottage for a week or two each time.

Then about three years into our special friendship I thought I'd take the initiative. I'd be the Boss! We were at the cottage. My parents and sister had gone into the city and would not be returning for several hours. This was my chance I'd been waiting for. On to the bed, on to his back and off with his clothes.

Up until this point we'd play with one another for 15 - 20 minutes! Then off we'd go to our respective homes to JERK OFF, over and over again.

Today, this would be different for Murray! I worked his cock like never before! But when I got him rock hard, I'd back off and let him go soft. Then I'd go back at him again. I'd keep edging him closer and closer but never letting him cum! I new he was getting close. He'd beg me, "Please don't, please stop". So I did, for at least a few more times!

Then I decided to take him over the top. I stroked him nice and slow while massaging his balls. I would slow down then speed up. Ok Murray, here you go. There was no stopping now. His pleas were ignored. He reached out and grabbed my arm. He was beginning to thrust his pelvis. He was pleading with me to stop. I just smiled!

Then he came, came harder than I could have ever imagined. Not one or two streams but four or five squirting 4 or 5 feet from the head of his cock. OMG Murray!

Soon he lay still, breathing heavily, as the last few drops of his thick, warm cum oozed out of him!

Since that day we played a few more times but never anything close to that day,

I replayed those images in my mind over and over again for decades.

Today, at my age, I want to fulfill those unfilled fantasies from long ago. What would it be like to have a man naked in front of me! What would it feel like to have him slide into my mouth. And then the excitement and anticipation mounts as he begins to grunt. Grabbing the back of my head he thrusts hard and deep as he fills my mouth. And I swallow and swallow some more until all of his cum is where it should be, in my stomach! My cravings are so great that one man will not be enough. In fact I want to be used by many men, filling my mouth with multiple loads, multiple times. Be disease free and promise to do me good. When I resist and beg you to stop, ignore my cries.

Later on, it's time for some face down loving. Give it to me Rough and HARD! Stretch me open, go in deep and drain your balls. Make me your Cum Slut! I'm ready and willing NOW! I hope to hear from you soon. Use me well and often.

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